Friday, April 10, 2020

Vapid Wax: Peeps Sampler

This sampler was given gratis from Vapid Wax for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

How cute are these wee fellas?! This is the Peeps Sampler available at Vapid Wax right now. It is called "Hangin' with my Peeps" and runs $10 for 10 various peep blends in these rabbit molds. They come individually packaged in ziptop bags and are labeled with their respective scent.

Peep! Peep!- Notes: Sweet marshmallow fluff, butter creme', and vanilla bean topped with sugar. 
This is the peep base that all the others are blended with. I appreciate that the base was included so that a feel could be had for the "peep" scent in general. Turns out I like this version of Peeps, it smells along the same vein as Vanilla Bean Noel, which I enjoy. It doesn't smell anything like an actual marshmallow peep candy but I am quite -ok- with that. This one is a nice smooth and toothsome blend of vanilla with a touch of buttery depth. It melted strong in my bedroom, making for a pleasant bedtime aroma. 

Wild Watermelon Peep
The watermelon is juicy and sweet and a touch tart, like watermelon flavored AirHeads. There is that creamy sweetness in the background and it begins to remind me of a Rosegirls Muffin Club muffin that Deb blended with watermelon, marshmallow smoothie and peppermint I think. It was a creamy watermelon and it worked really well. This one does too. 

For Peeps Cake!- Notes: Rich blueberries and creamy NY cheesecake mixed with marshmallow fluff, butter creme', and vanilla bean topped with sugar.
A cheerful and bright blueberry candy scent with creamy vanilla to round it out.

Very Strawberry Peep
A nice taffy smelling strawberry scent. It leans a touch Strawberry Shortcake doll, making it a cheerful scent. 

Toffee Peep- Notes: Sticky Vermont maple syrup, butter, creamy vanilla and toffee blended with Peeps base.
This one has a salted caramel and dense bakery aroma to it. Perhaps like salted caramel pancakes with syrup and butter. Very rich. Very strong.

Cotton Candy Peeps
I very much enjoyed melting this one in the bedroom. It is a cotton candy frosting aroma with sugary candy floss blending with vanilla fluff. Very yummy. Threw strong. Lasted 3-4 hours.

Sweet Heart Peep- Notes: Tart yet sweet treats blended with the Peeps base.
Definitely like SweetTarts. Not getting much of the creamy vanilla marshmallow Peeps but the tart and fruity crunchy candies are there.

Jelly Bean Peep- Notes: Signature, sweet wild cherry blended with spiced fruits of strawberry and peach, along with the Peeps base.
The cherry pulls through the strongest. It is a vibrant scent that I know my friend Ashley will love since she is a huge cherry fan and alas, I am not. 

Fruity Loops Peeps
Good gravy it has been a hot moment since I last had a Fruit Loop scented wax tart on hand. Citrusy cereal and cream that hints at milk. Nice combo!

Cherry Crush Peep
Strong blending of Maraschino cherries and touch of vanilla to smooth it out. Not like Serendipity, which is creamier with the coconut. This one is cherry slushy. Cherry lollipops. Cherry bomb. 

These were fun scents with nice throw and cheery blending. Once I get some more blog time this weekend I cannot wait to show you guys the scent shots I bought from Vapid Wax. 

Do you like vanilla as a home fragrance? I forgot how much I missed a really good, simple vanilla. Yum!!

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