Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Sihaya & Company: Spring Box

This box was sent free in exchange for photographs, all opinions are my own.

Christina at Sihaya & Company continues to roll out one of my very favorite curated indie maker seasonal boxes. I love how she not only includes bath and body but all tasty treats, home fragrance and more with a very cohesive feel. This spring her box was called: The Mystic's Dream.

Christina crafts some of my favorite candles. I love to burn them on my nightstand and on my desk. They throw nicely and look lovely with her shimmering glitter overspray. 

The Mystic's Dream- Notes: A blend for those seeking adventure and wonder behind the veil of slumber. Spicy cardamom, Bulgarian rose, soft cedar, warm vanilla, and a touch of pistachio under a swirl of smoke. 9 oz $13

A lovely gourmand rose. A dusting of cardamom and vanilla tinted pistachio graces the rounded fullness of dark roses. It smells like browsing a quaint French bakery where vases of homegrown roses mingle with the meltingly tasty scents emanating from the display cases.  I look forward to burning this one right after I finish up Amber Woods from Sihaya & Co. that is on my nightstand.

Sihaya & Co. moisturizing lip color in Oneroi- A sheer wash of lavender tinted mauve with delicate purple sparkles and lavender caramel flavor. $6.50
A very flattering shade of plummy dark pink on my lips. The shimmer adds a touch of sheen and the flavor is very mild. I love the cushiony slip of the lip color. It feels light and easy on the lips as well as moisturizing. I enjoy wearing these for an easy pop of color. 

Leccare Lollipops on Etsy in Honey Cardamom, Peppered Plum and Blood Orange Ginger. $4.05 for three.
I love tiny gourmet lollipops. I sampled the Honey Cardamom and it was divine. The cardamom was peppery and bright and paired with the sweet mellow honey it made for a tastebud tingling treat. I look forward to the plum on next. 

Deconstructing Eden perfume in Dream- Notes: Tonka bean butter, Bulgarian lavender, lavender maillette, chamomile, and helichrysum. 9ml for $15.50
I have been meaning to sample Deconstructing Eden for a while now but the samples I picked up ages ago ended up languishing too long and then I misplaced them somewhere. I love that is a lavender based perfume. The lavender is floaty and supple, smells just like the lavender growing in my garden. It is braced with buttery shortbread cookies. I know that is not in the notes but that is what comes to my nose. The delicate feathery chamomile petals come into the background reminding me of sleepy tea. This is a wonderful scent to wear for calming and for sheer joy to those lavender lovers like myself.

Nui Cobalt Pathworking Bath Potion- Notes: Angelica, frankincense, copal, calendula, and a gentle touch of jasmine in a homespun infusion of mugwort. 20g is about $5 (4 oz is $22)
I don't have a bath in which to pour this beautiful bath potion but I did rub some on my skin kind of like an exfoliant and it was heavenly. The frankincense and jasmine are a match made in heaven. The oils in this potion left my skin soft and lightly scented. If I could buy this in a large amount and bathe in it I would be one happy camper.  

Paintbox Soapworks soap in The Distant Stars and the Violet Flame- Notes: Purple incense, crystalline violet, amber, and sweet blackberry. $7
I used to poo poo glycerine soaps but between Paintbox Soapworks and Moonalisa, I amend my ways. Paintbox Soapworks' luxury glycerin soaps are just that, a luxury. They bubble and froth in copious clouds of suds and they smell amazing. Plus the ease of cleaning and rinsing is pretty sweet too. I admit I do fall into a semi-state of mesmerism when I gaze into the mica swirls that look like galaxies of stardust inside these bars of soap. I put this bar in my shower along with my Future Primitive soaps so add a fruity balance to the mints. This bar smells of dark, sweet blackberries and a sigh of violet incense. It is truly a lovely fragrance. The berries come forward most prominently for sure. 

Luvmilk sugar scrub in Dream Walker- Notes: Sun ripened apricot, creamy coconut milk, oak, cedar, moss and a squeeze of citron. (Not sure of cost as their website is down.)
I enjoy the consistency of the Luvmilk scrub. It is like a slurry of sugary scrubbiness. The scent in the jar smells of bready coconut and I am not a huge fan of it, but once I slather it on in the shower it does bloom into a peaches and cream. I think the milk component and the apricots combine to initially make a strange melange of yeasty scent but then it does mellow and the apricots plump up into their fuzzy, peachy, juicy form. The creaminess smooths out into something more yummy. I don't ever really get the oak, moss and cedar though.
 I noticed when trying to locate the cost on these that the Luvmilk owner is going through a rough patch with a loss of a loved one and some massive COVID-19 shipping delays on supplies. My condolences, my thoughts are with you. 

I love this box! It is dreamy and lush. So much magic to behold! This box ran $60 shipped and the product value exceeds that amount given an estimate on the scrub. Christina's next box will come out in May and you should treat yourself to it. <3


  1. I was going to comment that that box sounds truly like a dream! Oh my, it sounds heavenly! (Those curated boxes always sound divine as all get out, though). ;D
    The lip color product sounds so lovely and those dang lollies!! Yum yum!
    I've been *this close* to placing a Sihaya order for candles, but candles aren't a "necessity" currently.. someday, it'll happen and I'll wonder why I didn't pull the trigger earlier. Haha
    I'm the same- for some reason I kinda looked down on glycerin based soaps, but after using some from indie vendors, I'm a fan!!

    1. Christina does such a great job curating this boxes. She makes everything so cohesive. Her lip balms and colors are nice.

      I enjoy her candles. Some are best in smaller areas like bedrooms and such but they are in smaller tins so it makes sense.

      Those cold process soaps are so creamy and take such passion to create, I always gravitated towards them. :-)

      I am at a place where I should be shifting through the needs versus the wants. I have enough wax. I have enough candles. And perfume? Whew. I still have stuff to review and talk about but I need to turn my attention to using what I have on hand once again. I fear I sound like a broken record but these are currently the grooves and paths I am running along.

    2. I love your reviews and opinions so much. <3
      I'd definitely be buying the candles for bedroom ambience during my relaxation me time- away from the baby childrens. lol
      I was eyeing up, I think, My Summer Home candle blend, something to that effect and I was curious if the Lavender, Peppermint, Patchouli candle option was from your suggestion?? ;)

    3. My Summer Home does sound good. I enjoyed many of those scents that folks dreamed up. Yeah, I bought several tins of the peppermint, lavender, patch and had her mix it up. It was a nice blend but not what I had imagined. The lavender vanilla reminded me of the Bath & Body Works version and that is not my favorite. I burned them and gifted a few away. :-) I guess I like my lavender, peppermint, patch more earthy, herbal and sharp/cooling.

    4. Yeah, I would've been wanting the blend leaning more that way as well. Darn!!