Tuesday, April 17, 2018

CBe Ceramics

I have been following Cate Be on IG for a while now. She creates sincere pieces of art with her rustic pottery that has charm and love pressed into each shape and line. I kept wanting to pick up a mug here and there but when she released her cute fat bellied planters I found myself tucking one into my cart and hauling fanny. She operates out of Etsy, here, but also has a website, here, where you can sign up for a newsletter (I highly recommend). In fact, her newsletter is where I discovered that she was planning on opening up for customs on April 1st. I am so very happy that I made it in time and she accepted my request to do a custom mushrooms in the night planter. I just know it will be amazing. 

This blue glazed and sandy textured planter is about 4 inches tall and sits on three adorable legs. It has a red glazed heart and the words "love grows here" etched into the back. There is a small drain hole in the bottom. The planter arrived packaged with love and care. Cate included a tea bag, a bundle of beautifully dried lavender tied with a strip of teal cotton fabric and two breathtaking rough citrine crystals in the box. It made for a lovely unboxing. 

Savanna and I hunted around Walmart in the garden center for just the perfect wee plantling to put in here to live. We stumbled upon this "Sweat Plant" which we quickly changed the name to Hobbit Fern. It is fluffy and green and now quite content. I am looking forward to my next CBe addition. Cate makes some excellent Studio Ghibli creations as well. 

If you commissioned a custom planter what would you have on it? I think I might ask for a No Face or Totoro planter in October when she opens up for customs again. 

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