Saturday, April 14, 2018

Verdant Faerie: Butterfly Perfume

This perfume was sent as a gift from my friend Doreen at the Verdant Faerie.

My friend Doreen at the Verdant Faerie is not only a kind hearted beautiful soul, but she is also a magical writer and a talented all natural perfumer. I have reviewed some of her fragrances in the past that can be read here. I highly recommend reading Doreen's blog which can be found here or linked on my blog roll on the right-hand side bar. 

Doreen recently went abroad and brought back some copal resin, which she generously shared with me along with this new perfume of hers called Butterly. Butterly is an aromatherapy blend that lifts the spirits and soothes the senses. It works to alleviate jet lag, assist during long distance car rides and may even help with studying. 

Butterfly- Notes: Refreshing pink grapefruit, mint and rosemary to uplift, lavender, geranium and clary sage to balance and calm, and patchouli for grounding. 8ml oil based $23 rollerball

As Butterfly alights onto the skin a cool sweet peppermint ushers in feelings of serenity. The minty sweetness is an ephemeral top note, though the impression of coolness lingers and the peppermint transforms into garden mint. Soon a vivacious grapefruit pith shimmers like scales on a butterfly's wing and imbues its delicate citrusy tartness to the aroma. It is a felicitous compliment to the minty green springs of rosemary. Halcyon thoughts of spring renewal and tranquility settle over me as I inhale. And inhale deep. With each new breath, the fragrance grows a touch more green. The verdant greenness of the geranium, the pine green hues in the lavender, the dusty moss shaded sage. The herbaceous notes are seamless and perfectly blended into a mellow base of patchouli. These all harmonize effortlessly like the flora and fauna in the fields. The light and shadow play upon each other, the magic and nature go hand in hand. This is truly a scent for quietness and repose of the mind, body and heart.

This aromatherapy is portable magic, indeed. 

Do you have any all natural favorites? In what situation could you use a perfume like this?

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  1. Hi Julie! Thank you so much for this lovely review! It is so kind of you on many levels and I always adore your writing! It is such an honor! These pics are absolutely gorgeous too!!! xoxoxoxox