Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bubble & Geek

Bubble & Geek is an Etsy vendor I have stalked for quite a bit now. My fandoms are many and very much loved. I get a kick out of anything related to my fandoms: shirts, make up, coffee mugs, and jewelry. Combine fandoms and wax and I am in. For my first ever Bubble & Geek order I chose five scents (L to R): Mr. & Mrs. Pond Doctor Who, Your Father Smelt of Elderberries Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Yule Ball Harry Potter, Mermaid well yeah, and King in the North Game of Thrones. The clamshells are $4.50 each plus $2.50 shipping for the first and an additional $0.75 per each additional clamshell.

When my package arrived I was as giddy as a Whovian on August 23rd. It came in a bubble mailer, wrapped in eco-friendly bubble wrap and cardboard boning. The tarts inside were wrapped in aqua tissue paper with a stylish Bubble & Geek sticker fastener. I was so excited I did not photograph the wrappings. Oops. Once I started pulling the clamshells out I became concerned. I noticed a chalky white film on the wax. As I went to "pop" the tart out to smell it, the cubes crumbled and refused to come out as one piece. I tried not to despair and quickly melted my Elderberry clamshell. *Let me explain why I was concerned. In the past I have had about 3-4 clamshells/tarts that were chalky and crumbly. They all were from various local craft fair vendors. When melted they emitted no scent. There were no exceptions.* Thankfully, I did get some throw from these.

 Mr. & Mrs. Pond-  A fresh blend of driftwood, ginger, white tea, bergamot, lemon and lavender.
All the notes above create an overall refreshing and uplifting scent. Great for guests or cleaning days or just to watch endless reruns of Doctor Who. Rory and Amy must be one great smelling couple. <3

Your Father Smelt of Elderberries- A delicious sweet berry scent, reminiscent of mulberries.
I put this one in first since it had the most oomph on cold. The throw was medium for 3-4 hours. It is a mulberry but there was a touch of a medicinal syrup that kept me from loving it. I am just wiping the sweat off my forehead in relief that it was fragrant. Even if you do farrrt in my general direction. >claps coconut shells together and gallops off to the next tart<

Yule Ball- This fragrance is of a festive evergreen wreath made of shimmering pine and crisp greens, accented with hints of cedar, citrus and spices (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg).
The Yule Ball is foremost- a dance, and this wax is foremost Christmas in a clamshell. This scent is more sweet and round (the oranges?) than camphorous and sharp. Hefty dose of cinnamon. I love scents like these. It has to be saved until after Thanksgiving. Preferably during the Christmas Harry Potter marathon on ABC. I cannot help it. >Awww... look at Neville grin in the background, he is too cute<

Mermaid- A beachy blend of sea mineral springs with nuances of water moss and lotus blossom.
Lovely seafaring scent. Aquatic floral with definite mineral qualities. Reminds me of the old Aquatanica line Bath & Body Works used to carry. Two cubes melted in the large living area/kitchen with a strong throw, creating a clean spa atmosphere.

King in the North- An herbaceous blend of weirwood forest and oak moss, with a hint of frosty mint.
Minty woods?! Yes please. I melted two cubes in the bedroom and it gave off a relaxing throw. I would have liked it a tad stronger. And these are not just any woods, this is weirwood. I hope this weirwood was sustainably harvested... I wouldn't want any of the Old Gods to curse me for melting it. Can Bran see me while I melt this?? Is Robb Stark offended at my King of the North meme? IS JON SNOW GOING TO DIE?! >Huffing mint to clear my head of nargles, oops default fandom kicked in<


  1. I have been wondering about Bubble & Geek ever since I stumbled upon it but reviews were scarce and I held off ordering. Seems a little expensive too. Ack, I am sorry they broke apart like that but at least it's throwing well, I might have to relook them.

    1. Yes, I am a bit torn. For the price I would like better quality wax. Some scents threw well and some did not, I realize that is normal but I still feel like either the wax is old or just not the best formula. The potential is amazing. The branding, the blends, the packaging. I will try them again in the fall and see. I am interested in what you think if you do try them Michelle.

  2. I've ordered from Bubble & Geek once and while I did enjoy it for that geek factor, I wasn't impressed enough to go back for more. The scents were not strong enough, and the prices were high. I did love the Khaleesi scent though. I think it's now called Stormborn Queen or something like that.


    1. I will try them again but will tread with caution and just stick with a few. Stormborn Queen did look good in your review.