Monday, July 14, 2014

Beezy Tarts

Beezy flew under the radar for a long while in my life, until Sunnee opened my eyes to his quality and specifically, Strip & Go Naked. During his most recent opening I threw a few things into the cart:

Strawberry White Cake very sweet Strawberry Shortcake doll type of scent. Almost a touch powdery.

Blonde Moment is an iced cranberry and raspberry champagne but this one is a touch less bubbly than some I have smelled. I wonder if it will become more effervescent warmed.

Marshmallow Sugar Cookie is a bready crunchy cookie with extra vanilla sweetness. I love how strong and long lasting this scent is when melting.

Lavender Coconut Milk is a soft sweet, slightly fabric softener type of lavender. I do not smell much coconut milk.

Narcisco Rodriguez (For Her) not exactly like the perfume to my nose, but perfume is even more strange than wax in that it can change from person to person based on skin chemistry alone, much less the difference in other's noses. On my skin NR is a skin scent with a touch of orange blossom. Here, it is very powdery. I can detect a bit of orange blossom but it is more artificial than natural. I bet it will be strong though! Looking forward to melting it.

Serendipity it is a staple, what can I say? And I had not an ounce of serendipity left. Beezy's is nice and sweet with not weird undertones it can sometimes have. Equal cherry to coconut ratio for me.

Strip & Go Naked is first and foremost a citrus scent. While looking it up from the FO vendor I am assuming Beezy uses (he has the same pictures on his labels that the vendor uses in the scent descriptions) I found that it is their version of Fruit Loops. S&GN has no cereal note, it is really a strong citrus with a burst of berry sweetness that screams summer fruit punch rather than breakfast cereal. Good thing they changed the name.

Pink Toasty Marshmallows yum... yum yum yum. Let me roll around in a mountain of this. Please. This bad boy is even better when melted. Equal parts Pink Sugar and Marshmallow gooeyness throwing strong up in yer space.

I do enjoy Beezy tarts. My freebie was a donut shaped Orange Sherbet but I gave it to my mom, as she appreciates a good orange. The generous bag of candies he always gives was shared among my girls and hubby. I might have taken the Twizzlers...

Have you tried Beezy? Have a favorite scent from him? Hope your week is going great!


  1. Swoon!
    Fruit Loops in S&GN? No way Josie! I don't get that at all.
    Beautiful pictures of one of my favorite vendors <3

    1. Good Morning Sunnee! I know it was weird to read. Here is the link:*1614e3c9aa8e41c20649b35ef4&ss_parm=A11ce134a0c10545e823cdcf0f7fb5377 Thank you for sharing one of your favorite scents with me. I loved it!

  2. Beezy! YEAH!!! <3

    Blonde Moment is such a great scent, the fact that this is a little less effervescent smelling on cold sniff makes me wonder if it'll be even stronger while sounds weird, but champagne scents tend to overwhelm everything else in some blends! His Serendipity is one I've never tried by itself, I think! I had the peppermint serendipity which was just sort of weird. His cookie scent is fannnntastic! Have a good day! <3

  3. Lauren!!!! <3 hope you have a good day too! Just took the girls to watch The Lego movie. I had to bust out my book it was do boring. Boooooo.
    Yes! Champagne usually us very strong and grapey. RG is just do strong in the fizz note, that that is what I am used to.