Monday, July 28, 2014

Melting Basket 8

Basket 7 drug out longer than usual thanks to taking a few breaks to burn some older Bath & Body Works candles I had on hand. Winter and Cranberry Pear Bellini finally reached the end of their wicks after over a year in storage. Wax tarts I would repurchase from the last basket include: UTC- American Cream, SMT- Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake, RG- Wonders of the World this one was fantastic! Strong sweet caramel goodness that had serious depth.... this wasn't Kraft caramel cubes, more on par with something Paula Deen would whip up. It had lasting power too. It started at 8am and I finally called it quits at 8pm, though it could have lasted longer. RG- Earth Angel

Bubble & Geek- Mr. & Mrs. Pond
Beezy- Blonde Moment
Beezy- Lavender Coconut Milk
Streetman- Honeysuckle Jasmine a favorite that I was able to score more of in a destash <3
Streetman- Surfer Girl
Streetman- Bee in Your Bonnet
Up the Creek Scents- Coffee Ice Cream
Up the Creek Scents- Zucchini Cookie Bakery
Rosegirls- Macintosh Madness Rosegirls' Garden
Rosegirls- Berry Crumble
Rosegirls- Fairy Woods
Sniff My Tarts- Zucchini Bread/Blueberry Cobbler/Pink Sticky Marshmallow
Enchanted Candle Co- Fields of Summer

Wax orders I have pending include: Sniff My Tarts, Rosegirls, iheartwax, Make Scents, Super Tarts, Frostbeard and Missouri River Soap, oh and now Book Scents. This time around Sniff My Tarts is going to be taking longer than the last opening to push orders out, is my hunch. I was almost last to order in November and received my order in April (5 month TAT). This time I am close to last again and it has already been four months but with slower processing of orders. Long TATs do not bother me but I am excited and ready to see more movement on current orders being processed. My orders have been small but frequent but I am melting faster than I can replenish at the moment. I am ready for my big orders to fill up my wax drawers! Thankfully, iheartwax, Frostbeard and Missouri River wax should be coming in soon. Do you have an exciting pending orders?


  1. i am anxiously awaiting my order from Book Scents Candles!!! ^_^ If i'm super lucky, they'll be here friday... APO shipping times drive me bonkers!!
    What did you order from Frostbeard? I was looking at them too.

    1. Book Scents!!!!! This excites me so much!! I hope it knocks your socks off. That is a super fast turn around time though. I see she has Outlander premier samplers. Gah! Adam was being super sweet and said I could place a wax order so I picked Frostbeard. I wanted ALL THE CLAMS! But I was good. I got: Dumbledore's Office, Sassenach, The Shire, Winterfell, Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey, and Slytherin. The bearded wise on man on their label tickles my funny bone. Love it!

    2. I am sooo tempted to order the Outlander premier sampler!! i just dont know which candle i would chose as the big one... decisions, decisions... and then theres factoring in shipping so close to packing house.. *sigh*

    3. She only has 4 left I think she said on FB. You are in a pickle with an impending move! But I am still so excited for you.

  2. You ordered from makes scents!!! WOOHOO!! Excited to see what you'll get. You probably will receive all your orders and even make some more before you get your SMT order. :P Their TAT doesn't bug me because I love their stuff (generally). I'm only waiting for our RG order since receiving my HHS one. I like this basket o'melts, it looks like a good one. I want to know how you like Beezy's blonde moment!

    1. I did!! I did!! It is a small order but lots if serendipity and peppermint and pink. My staples. Rosegirls! Muffin club! Party time! Excellent!! >air guitar solo< really, though. I am excited :-D I will let you know about blonde moment, but I have a good hunch it will be fabulous!