Sunday, July 13, 2014

Melting Basket 6

Good Morning! Back from a lovely vacation and diving into the normal routine. I will be editing photos from the vacation and posting them soon. My beautiful mom and sisters were there when we pulled in and gave me the best gift ever. A clean home to walk into. My cup runneth over. I *might* have had a few boxes of waxy soapy goodness waiting too.  <3

From the Mountain Box of Wax I would reorder: RG Snowflake, RG Soothing Lavender Dreams, RG Pecan Waffle Fluff Puffs, RG Cheltic Moonspice/Ooey Gooey Caramel/Marshmallow Smoothie, FP Christmas Memories these grubbies filled the cabin for two days straight... the most excellent Douglas Fir scent, FP Loopy Cream Cupcakes,  Streetman Bonfire on the Beach lovely bonfire scent that mingled well with the Bath and Body Works Winter candles I brought, Streetman Summer Lovin', Streetman Bomb Pop and Fruit Spritzer I melted both of these at the same time in separate warmers but they mingled so well I could not get a handle on which I liked best or distinguishing features. I will reorder and melt individually next time. Overall, strong fruity and bright scent. Not syrupy or cloying. Beezy Marshmallow Sugar Cookie grabbed one more in his latest restock, strong. iheartwax Vanilla Mint Flip Flops very mellow minty vanilla with a touch of coconut. Very calming and nice background scent.

Rosegirls Melon Mayhem last chunk, wonderfully sweet slightly floral melon, mostly watermelon to my nose
Rosegirls Apple Cider Donuts
Rosegirls Juicy J
Rosegirls Alice in Wonderland
Rosegirls Satsuma/Gilligan's Brew/Coconut Lime Verbena
Front Porch Patchouli Nag Champa/Patchouli Teakwood/Lavender Patchouli
Daphne's Elf Sweat
Daphne's Sweater Weather
Candles From the Keeping Room Glazed Cinnamon Donut
Two Timing Tart Time Warp
Sniff My Tarts Fresh Strawberry/Pink Sweet Cream
Sniff My Tarts Sticky Marshmallow/Coconut Cream Pie/Peppermint
Sniff My Tarts Pina Colada/Serendipity/Blueberry
Sniff My Tarts Vanilla Sugar/Pomagranate/Fresh Strawberry

If you have any questions about any of the melts in this or previous baskets, please ask! Summer break is halfway over, only a month left before back-to-school, back to work excitement begins. How is your summer coming along?


  1. A few soapies came my way too. I took a slice of Herne to test, and my bathroom smelled like a bag of cinnamon scented pinecones for most of yesterday. Whew....I will be better about sticking to the September rule.

    1. Nice!!! Cinnamon pinecones sound yum! Soapy packages are nice aren't they?

  2. Christmas Memories is intriguing! Quite! Also, the combo of Streetman Bomb Pop and Fruit Spritzer sounds so delicious and juicy...mmmmm, bomb pop...I am glad you're back, it's cool that they gave you a clean home to walk into! How sweet of them! :)

    1. Front Porch has great holiday scents! These were from last year but still did really well. A little Christmas in July. Yes, I am very thankful for their gift. Sometimes I get a bit of post vacation blues but that helped ease it. :-)

  3. Welcome Home! Your vacation instagram pics look amazing!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed BP & FS from Streetman. I'm going to melt the summer lovin' scent shot you gave me this weekend.
    What a great idea to gift someone with a clean house when they return from vacation! I might have to do that for a friend or family member sometime <3

    1. Thank you Sunnee! I think I will post our vacay pics this morning.
      I didn't swoon over BP and FS on cold but melted they just really bloomed! So yummy and fruity, I could see what the fuss was about :-)
      I hope you like summer lovin'.
      If you do decide to gift someone a clean home post-vacation, they will kiss the ground you walk on! Lol!