Thursday, July 17, 2014

Itty Bitty Bubbles & Co.

Itty Bitty Bubbles & Co has been floating in and out of my attention for a wee bit now. What really snagged me was an Instagram photo Laura posted of her bubble bars all lined up in saturated colors like a psychedelic rainbow. I moseyed over to her site and low and behold... Lush dupes! The siren sang a tune I could not resist.

I chose sample sized bubble bars all in Lush dupes. Top row: Jungle and Flying Fox. Bottom Row: Fever, American Cream (obsessed I tell ya), and Karma.

Jungle is a verdant scent full of velvety soft herbs, and a pinch of fertile soil. If you ever tried The Bathing Garden's  Magic Green Soup scrub then you know exactly what this smells like. I am head over heels with the scent. It is truly a beautiful and unique take on a green scent.

Flying Fox is not for the feint of heart. It is an uber strong honey and jasmine scent. It is a great duplication of the Lush body gel I use and love.

Fever is jasmine, rose and sandalwood. I have never smelled Fever from Lush, so I cannot attest to the similarity as a dupe. Out of the bunch this was my least favorite scent. When I eat or use products I am a "save-the-best-for-last" kinda gal. I crumbled the entire scent shot of Fever under hot running water. The texture was similar to Play-Doh, in fact my littlest wanted to play with it. Bubbles were emitted instantly and in copious amounts. The scent was more pleasant once released into the air and water. It lost some of that strange earthy undertone. I opened up my current book (World Without End is so good y'all!) and read for about 30-45 minutes. When it was time to conclude my bath ritual, there were still plenty of bubbles left on the surface of the water. There was a very small amount of tiny, sand like bits on the bottom of the tub that did not dissolve but they did not bother me and went easily enough down the drain. The bubble bar did not leave my skin dry but it was not moisturizing either, but I do not expect bubble bars to be moisturizing, as those ingredients usually diminish bubbling action.

American Cream dead on. Exactly like the Lush conditioner and Up the Creeks' wax dupe. Gorgeous musky amber filled strawberry, oranges, and vanilla. Mm! Must have mass quantities.

Karma is one of my favorite Lush perfume solids. Uplifting orange and grounding patchouli. This duplication is good but, it has the same strange undertone that Fever has. Thankfully again, as I used it the undertone dissipated. I used this bubble shot and enjoyed the same plethora of bubbles. This one dissolved completely without the sandy grains.

These 2 oz cups of bubble bars cost $1.25 each. An 8 oz bubble bar loaf in the scent of your choice is $7.00. These prices are pretty phenomenal compared to Lush and the bubble action is just as good, if not better. Itty Bitty Bubbles & Co. has a great selection of scents and packages her product well. Each scent shot was also encased in a ziptop bag. I appreciate that the scent names are clear (Lush dupes are named after the actual product scents). I hope you give Itty Bitty Bubbles a shot. There are some cute gift ideas on her Store Envy site. I know I am headed back in for a loaf of American Cream... hee hee hee...

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