Sunday, July 20, 2014

Up the Creek Scents 2

Hats off to Up the Creek. Shannon's Lush dupe of American Cream is phenomenal. And even better, it melts just as beautifully. I love American Cream like Hagrid loves magical beasts.

Of course I did not want American Cream to be lonesome on its journey to Florida, so I picked a few interesting sounding fellows as traveling mates. Left to Right: Zucchini Cookie Bakery, Coffee Ice Cream, American Cream x 3, chunk in Caramel Apple Cool Whip, and free samples in Blueberry Zucchini Crunch and Pink Strawberry Cookies.

Zucchini and I have a love/hate thing going on. I burnt myself out on them several months ago (the whole "let's blend everything with Granma's Crack bread thing") only to slowly crave zucchini's scent once again. Zucchini Cookie Bakery is surprisingly mild. Not weak in scent, just not the harsh zucchini note I normally encounter. Perhaps it is the cookie mellowing it out but I do enjoy this. Coffee Ice Cream does have a slightly bitter black coffee note. I was hoping the ice cream would make it smooth and vanillic but on cold sniff it is still a bit "black coffee."

American Cream yes, I am obsessed. According to the Lush scent description you would assume it is all sweet strawberry and orange flavored milkshakes. But it is not. There is a definite perfume note in this. It is almost a sweet vanilla musk laced amber accord that is the foundation of this scent. Maybe even some white delicate florals. I melted a sample in this scent from my last order in the bedroom. My littlest walked in and said "Mom it smells so pretty in here." And it did. I could see this as a princess scent. All lace, pearls, fluffy taffeta dresses and innocence. The throw was amazing and the duration was about 6 hours. But I left it in much longer, not knowing when I would be able to smell it again. There were 7 in stock when I ordered. I tried to be nice and not swipe them all. Lauren talked me down from ordering a few more 4 packs. Thank you friend. Sharing is caring.

The chunk in Caramel Apple Cool Whip is very pleasant. On cold it is not the strongest but not weak either. I think the cool whip tones down the caramel apple, it is a unique fall scent. The cool whip reminds me of Hagen Daaz Vanilla Bean ice cream. Top it with a bit of caramel apple chunks and you have quite an edible smell. Blueberry Zucchini Crunch is heavy on the blueberries. These blueberries are in a heavy syrup from a pie filling can. I can barely detect a bit of sugar cookie. Not much zucchini on cold. But bakery notes tend to emerge when melted. I like this one. Pink Strawberry Cookies has Pink Sugar as its main note, strawberry is a back up singer and this particular one reminds me of Strawberry Passion. The candied strawberry. The cookie note is very very slight on cold. Again, this may change when warmed.
I am enjoying my recent order from Up the Creek Scents. Have you tried this vendor? What is your favorite Up the Creek Scent?


  1. I have tried a couple Up The Creek tarts through the generosity of others but have not ordered for myself yet. I'm itching to though! That's funny, seeing all those American Creams. At least it's not zucpukey piled up. =P


    1. Nope! Can't do that much zucchini yet. Those tart towers were being difficult! They kept slipping and sliding. But they smelled great while being testy so I forgive them. I am really digging UTC and hope you decide to order. I am curious as to what you would get :-)