Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lush Life: Hanami Scrub

This was a gift from my friend Ashley, given to me when I visited her in Japan this summer. The Lush Hanami Scrub smells like floral seaweed. The half-sphere shape makes for easy gripping in the palm of my hand, while I rub the flat side onto my skin. The particulate feels fine and sandy, scrubbing nicely. There is a thin silky film left behind on the skin in the wake of the scrub. I enjoy using this, but would like to see it offered in different scents too. 

Have you tried a Lush solid scrub like this?


  1. This sounds wonderful. I'm not much of a scrub girl myself but I could get down with a little scrub like this. I've recently rediscovered my love for Lush (YOG NOG!) but I always stick with the same things: bath bombs, soaps and perfume. I need to branch out! The face products scare me a bit though as I have such sensitive skin. What are some of your must have products from Lish?

    1. Yog Nog. I want to bite into it like a fat Tootsie Roll. So yummy. I love Vanilla Delite lotion, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (when wearing rose perfumes especially), Dark Angel's face mask/cleanser, Tea Tree Water face spray, Midnight massage bar as lotion, and their shampoo bars work pretty well. I have acne prone skin that is oily and not usually sensitive. I also enjoyed their henna hair dye and they will do it for you in store, free of charge.