Friday, November 6, 2015

Lush Life: Sakura Bath Bomb

This Lush Sakura Bath Bomb was a sweet gift from my friend Ashley. It provided such a calming and sweetly peaceful bath experience. None of the flash, colors, twirling or bubbling took place but a lovely milky pink hue slowly fizzed from the bomb and let loose a flowery SweetTart candy scent that had me sinking into the depths with a sigh. 


  1. I just used mine this morning!!! and the checked your blog... ha! great minds! did yours clunk right to the bottom instead of floating? this was a beast of a bomb!! lol
    this definitely ranked as one of my favorites.. I'll have to stock up the next time I see it!

    1. Yes! It dropped to the bottom like an anvil. Kind of shocked me. But I ended up loving it! Thank you so much for gifting it to me. Funny we used ours so close together lol!