Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Candle Lab: Soy Wax Tarts & Room Spray

These products were sent to me from The Candle Lab in exchange for an honest review.

Here are some custom blends with the wax tarts, as well as a room spray, that was sent to me by The Candle Lab.  Custom blending can be done both in store and via phone orders. That option is not set up online as of yet, but they hinted that it may happen in the future. That is not a problem for me, as my phone is always handy. When initally contacted I was given the option of picking two blends. I chose Spiced Pumpkin and Coconut (you totally know where I was going with that) and Clove and Frankincense. Lindsay, who worked with me also added her personal favorite: Cranberry and First Snow. These clamshells are HUGE. A generous 6 ounces of wax, with each cube being 1 ounce. They sell for $12.00 which is about the going rate of $2 per ounce. The throw is consistently great, with only a slightly lighter one in the bunch.

Pine Needles & Incense started as a Head Shop heavy incense with a dusty patchouli note that bloomed with pine resins once warmed. It threw strong in my bedroom for several hours. I enjoyed the peaceful blend of herbs and evergreen scenting my room. I do wonder how different their frankincense is from their incense. 

Cranberry & First Snow has cool clean tones without being minty. The cranberries bounce shiny red and realistic: tart, no sweetness, and slightly woody. The ozonic snow notes figure prominently while the cranberries appear as an accent. A refreshing clean winter scent. The throw on this one was a medium to medium-light. My sister, Lindsey enjoyed the scent of this one.

Clove & Chai Tea smells fabulous. This threw a solid medium-strong all around the kitchen and living room. Chai's spices of pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves swirl around a cup of hot black tea. The extra dose of cloves just adds to the coziness. 

Coconut & Pumpkin Spice threw strong and for several hours. Do note that anything you blend coconut with, the coconut will triumph. This is the second or third coconut blend I have tried from them and it stands tall so pair it with shouty scents. It has more of a tropical lean, than bakery; almost like coconut milk. Paired with the Spiced Pumpkin it smells rich and multidimensional. The pumpkin does pull through the creamy haze nicely, although it smells heavy.

The Room/Linen Spray in Balsam Fir hung out with me all week. I sprayed it in my car, in my office and in my bathroom. The balsam captures the essence of a Douglas Fir Christmas tree beautifully. Only a smidgen of more sweetness than a tree would emit. I love it. I find I enjoy it most in my car and office, only because I melt in my home we rarely need bathroom spray. I do wish it had a touch more lasting power. It lingers for a couple of hours then fades away. But I suppose room sprays really do not need eons of longevity. The room sprays are 2 ounces and cost $11.00 a bottle.

Remember to use the code mermaid20 through the month of November to get 20% off you orders. Free shipping over $40. Plus custom blending allowed in store and over the phone (614) 433-9900. I highly anticipate placing my order soon. I get great results from their wax. I do wish their website included scent notes with the name. It would help me better determine what exactly I want to order, but I suppose most of their customers go in store and smell what they wish to buy and blend. Drop me a line and let me know if you order and what you get! Cheers!


  1. Wow, I love your beautifully worded descriptions! These sound like excellent, high quality products. I think I'd absolutely love Clove & Chai Tea and Coconut & Pumpkin. I'm a huge Chai fan and you know how much I love my BBW Pumpkin Coconut! I have to be careful with chai though because the hubby has a sensitivity to some cinnamon/spice notes. He doesn't like SS Chai Tea and I love it. :( The only thing that would make me hesitate to order from The Candle Lab is the price; so it's nice that your readers get a discount this month. (If there's any more slots for reviewers, I'm available, haha!)
    Have you tried the new BBW Cup of Warmth scent yet? It's a lovely Chai scent that I've reviewed on my blog along with several other new scents. Also reviewed a Toasted Vanilla Coconut handsoap that is TDF!

    1. Thank you Amanda! I am glad you enjoyed the post. I know price and value vary from person to person but $2/ounce is really on par with other vendors for this quality of wax (plus the discount like you mentioned!). The Chai and Clove and Pine and Incense were my favorite. Such great blends. I hope you have a great week! <3

  2. These blends are on point J!! So glad they turned out well. Lots of fall and winter scents for you! Pumpkin and coconut sounds, their coconut is one of my favorites from the Lab! Pine needles and incense, genius! Clove and chai sounds like another awesome blend, very warm and cozy for the season! My nose has become crazy sensitive since my concussion for some reason, maybe because I'm more prone to headaches? Either way, I had not really planned on a trip down to sniff and play with the holiday scents because I haven't even melted in about a month. Well, of course now I have to! I wonder if the code is good in the store too?

    1. Lol! Yay!!! Stupid Blogger. My sister says she can never comment. I wish I knew if it wasp merging I could fix.

      I am sorry to hear you are not getting along with scents. Does this include perfume too? I hope as you heal that your love of smells will kick back in. I a simply head over heels for Pine Needles and Incense and Chai and Cloves. I am having a hard time narrowing my order down. I do know I am getting my mom a gardenia candle. I don't see why the code wouldn't work in store. It should!

    2. I am always fairly sensitive to fragrance at this time of year anyways, my sinuses don't like the cold weather. The concussion just made my nose even more sensitive! I have the nose of a pregnant person basically lol. I can smell EVERYTHING. It's definitely getting a little better though! Yesterday I burned a BBW candle and didn't get a migraine so that was exciting!

      I remember their gardenia being really nice!! I bet your mom would love it!

      Pine Needles and Incense sounds so wonderful! I definitely do wish that they sold smaller clamshell sizes so I could try more scents I'm unsure about or wouldn't melt as often. That blend would be a prime candidate for sonething I would want in a small size!

      I'm already cooking up blend ideas, of course. Pine Needles, Orange Pomander and Mulled Cider is one I'm throwing around. Santa's Pipe and Dad's Den with a drop of two of Leather oil. Also Gingerbread, Roasted Chestnuts and Sugar Cookie is another. Trying not to plan too much because I always change my mind once I smell everything!

    3. Glad to hear you could at least enjoy a candle for a bit. Your pine, pomander and cider blend is making jingle bells dance around my head. And Santa's Pipe, Dad's Den and Leather?! Oh my. Sexy times. One day I will make it there.