Monday, November 16, 2015

Olde Primitive Treasures

Olde Primitive Treasures has come across my path a couple times in various Round Robins (man, it has been over a year since I have done one of those...). I enjoyed what I melted but never really looked them up. Until Mrs. Rie posted her amazing, awesome, super great order on Instagram. All the cool shapes, great scents and blending sure grabbed my attention real quick. I mean... LOOK AT THOSE SNOWMEN. 

So, one thing led to another. I joined the group. Then saw a code posted for 10% off... and saw some dirty snow humor and knew I had to order right away. I placed this order in the car while Adam was driving and we were dropping the girls off for a sleepover. I didn't research and agonize over the scent list like I usually do. This was a down and dirty, quick order. 

Autumn Day in Pumpkin Medallions, 8 to a pack, for $4.00. I thought Autumn Day was a dupe for the Bath & Body Works candle of that same name, but it was not. Similar but more of an herbal green and ozone sharpness than the golden amber smoothness of the BBW version. Still very much a nice scent, but not for me. It threw strong in the kitchen and living area.

Absinthe is lovely. Woody, exotic and a touch of anise. 

Queen of Misrule in Primitive Jack O' Lanterns, 5 for $4.50. This dupe of Lush's Lord of Misrule is stellar. Soft vanilla spices and patchouli work in a soothing symphony of scent. That punkin' face.

Marshmallow Fireside Sugar Skulls, 9 for $5.95. One skull threw medium-strong in my bedroom. A great dupe for Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside. And I am super picky about my Marshmallow Fireside dupes. I will absolutely reorder this one again.

Leaves/Marshmallow Fireside custom blend in 4 grubby cake tarts for $5.00. Up to three scents are allowed for blending. I was desperately trying to find the drool worthy blend Rie created but could not, so I opted for this. I love it. The Leaves flings out scent strong and festive with glimpses of fall, paired with the smokey marshmallows, I just want to throw on a scarf and strut outside until I realize it is 90 degrees. So I will. In. My. Mind. In my mind.

Rosewood & Musk YES! This is my beloved Amber and Rosewood from TDC!!! I lamented the fact that I probably would not be able to get my hands on this scent again. But forsooth! It is here! Four Mason jars are $4.50. OPT will be my new Rosewood supplier. Huzzah!

Frosted Marshmallows in Holiday Winter Mittens, 4 for $4.50. This minty crisp vanilla scent is wonderful. One mitten threw medium to medium-light in my bedroom. Next time I am using two mittens. 

Loganberry Wreath is one I am on the fence with. There is a fruity berry aroma, but it is muffled and there seems to be a play-dough note to it. I ended up gifting this to my sister since her stash was running dangerously low (i.e. you could see the bottom of the hat box she keeps her wax in).

Tobacco Caramel, this is another one TDC carries. Unfortunately, I did not care for it too much from there either. What I thought would be a vanilla suede, caramel gooey sweet tobacco, has more bite from the oak. It is a nice scent but not what I expected. This is what I get for not taking the time to read the scent description in my haste. It went to my sister as well, who greatly enjoys it!

Why do I torture myself with the cuteness of these fellas? I will need some pumping up and a pep talk to melt these snow guys.

Christmas in New England holds cinnamon and treasures and evergreen in a tidy package of holiday bliss. A truly festive scent that rings sleigh bells in my nose.

Peppermint pure and icy. True love.

Cozy Christmas Cabin is an incredible dupe of Bath and Body Work's Winter. One of my favorite scents for wintertime. 

Generous free samples were included:

Boo Bites is the fruity bubbly scent of Bite Me. Hawaiian Punch and Sprite.

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins, I always forget how much I LOVE this scent! It is basically vanilla frosting but with a tiny bit of freshness.

Amish Quilts- Great collection of bakery spices. Threw strong and cozy in my bedroom.

Crisp Morning Air- A surprise favorite! More sweet floral than ozone and aquatic. 

Sweater Weather- A surprise disappointment. Not on OPT's side, it is a good dupe, but I must have fallen out of love with Sweater Weather. For shame! Someone knock some sense into me.

Peppermint Swizzle Sticks- MMMM! Candy canes! Sadly I melted these two in my bedroom and the throw was pretty light. But it happens from time to time and no sweat. Just not one I would re-order.

Lara sent a note saying she was testing out some shampoo bars for her shop, how exciting! Fortuitously, I have been running low on shampoo, so I quickly put these to use. She did warn if one has hard water they may not lather much. I was able to get a nice foam going with these guys. They are very moisturizing. But in general I prefer liquid shampoo. These were still fun to try out. 

Blackberry Sugar Plum Shampoo Bar- I love the lemony zest of this fruity fragrance.

OMG! Olive! Low Suds Shampoo Bar- A dead on dupe for Lush's Olive Branch.

Have you ordered from Olde Primitive Treasures? What are your must-have scents? Shapes? Did you score any Snow Folk?


  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad that you liked your order!! I def need to try to place a holiday order before she closes up shop for a bit!

    And the Pumpkin Autumn Bliss blend is:

    Leaves Type
    Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Type
    Bonfire Bliss overpour 💗💗

    1. I LOVE my order!!! Thank you for posting the blend. I amdefinitely going back and ordering it. She is closing up for the holidays? I will need to find out when.

  2. I don't think I could melt the snowmen. How adorable. I love the scents for the day of the dead.

    1. It will e super hard for me to melt them. The sugar skull tarts are so cute. Do you like marshmallow fireside??? Love and miss you!!! Xoxo

  3. All the waxy things are so cute, but the snowmen are adorable!! I would have a hard time melting them too! :)

    1. Oh I will definitely have a hard time melting those guys. But if I can cut the cat I can cut the snowmen.

  4. How fun! Ohmygosh, I think I'd just set those snowmen out as air fresheners. Too freakin' cute!


    1. I know!!! I should have gotten them in scents I didn't like so I could just set them out. This is as close as I get to a real snowman. :-/ lol!