Friday, November 20, 2015

Book(ish) Box: November

My November Book(ish) Box arrived recently, themed: Fantasy. 

The box runs about $30 plus shipping (mine is around $34 since I buy a 2XL in the shirt). I have one more coming for December then I am done for a wee bit. Saving for some couches from IKEA in the new year. Woot!

The box is packaged wonderfully, with a card detailing items, stores and theme.

These Game of Thrones inspired cookies came from Songbird Sweets. They had a nice shortbread crunch with a strong vanilla note. The frosted top gave a nice sweet addition. There was a teeny tiny bit of an aftertaste but I think it may have been from the food color spray.

This. Guy. I am head over heels for it. Two Trees Botanicals included a mini terrarium based on A Court of Thorns and Roses which is a book I need to read. I also want to buy one of their super cool metallic dinosaur planters. 

Rings from The Geeky Cauldron and Appraising Pages (who owns the Boo(ish) Box) were in the uber stylish aqua chevron paper envelope. The bronze crown is like a size 3 and won't even go on my pinky's first knuckle so I gave it to Scarlette, but the silvered antler ring fits the first joint of my pointer finger and I quite like it. 

An Alice in Wonderland print from Skahfree Studios. Very cool.

The shirt says "Pure and piercing certainty, Shorn of mystery and shadow, There is no end to our story" which I believe are three excerpt quotes from the books in the Grisha Trilogy (which I need to read): Shadow and BoneSiege and Storm, Ruin and Rising. I like the colors and such but won't wear it until I read the series. For December's box I did a lace 3/4 sleeve upgrade, so I hope it goes well with whatever the shirt has printed on it. My ultimate favorite in the box this month is the terrarium with the shirt in second. I think I need to catch up on my fantasy reading. For some reason I imagined more medieval type of books, but the antler thing rocks. What do you think about this box?

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