Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Melting Basket 52: Thanksgiving Scents

Wax tarts from the last basket I would buy again include: RG Frosted Spearmint Snow Taffy, SMT Peggy's Blueberry Noel/Pumpkin Ice Cream/Ice Cream Cake Batter, CFTKR Serendipity Noel.

The Candle Lab- Pumpkin Spice & Coconut
The Candle Lab- Clove & Chai Tea
Scoopable Tart Wax (RG)- Streuselkuchen Noel
Scoopable Tart Wax (RG)- Cinnamon Broom
Lasting Scent Candles- Pumpkin Tea Bread
Lasting Scent Candles- Pumpkin Mallow Grahams
Lasting Scent Candles- Fall Fest
CFTKR- Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Type
Long Cane Primitives- Fall Leaves & Warm Cider
Rosegirls- Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Fluff Puffs
Olde Primitive Treasures- Marshmallow Fireside/Leaves blend
House of Usher Wax Museum- Warm Vanilla Nutmeg

If you would like any of these reviewed please let me know in the comments. This is my cornucopia of waxy Thanksgiving scents. An abundance of bakery as well as spice. I will keep my Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Coconut candle lit as well this week. 

The turkey is out thawing, the chopping, mincing, and prepping has begun. I am one of the strange who loves spending two to three days cooking and baking and pouring all my effort into cooking for Thanksgiving. I enjoy the homemade goodness. The loved ones gathering in fellowship and laughter. And yes, even the burnt fingers, the midnight jaunt to Sephora with bleary eyes and slap-happy goofiness, and the delirious crash into bed next to my husband with the turkey still warming my full belly in the wee hours of the morning. 

Will you be cooking? Shopping? Decorating? I think my Christmas stuff will come out of the attic Friday morning. What scents will you melt at Thanksgiving?


  1. I will be cooking. I prefer the traditional meal and keep it the same each year. We're not hosting a big gathering, only having hubby's parents over.

    I will not be shopping. I'm one of the supporters of No Shopping On Thanksgiving. After midnight Black Friday chaos is okay but I don't participate. hehe

    I'll probably be melting BH&G A Thankful Harvest, and Country Lane Keepsakes' Cranberry Preserves all day Thursday. And then yes, the decorations and the Christmas scents come out bright and early Friday morning! =)


    1. My mom likes the traditional meal too. She hates when I try to make anything fancy or different. I totally understand the no shopping policy for Thanksgiving day.

      Mmmm!!! Your home will be smelling festive and lovely! I didn't get many cranberries this year. Maybe I will melt my cranberry muffin blend Sunnee made today.

      I cannot wait to get down the Christmas stuff!!!

  2. Your melting basket for this week looks absolutely dreamy. Pumpkins and cinnamon and spices, heck yes! I will be hosting 15 and cooking, as you know! So excited to start new traditions this year. Final grocery trip for all fresh, floral and dairy items today and then I'll be done! I'm most nervous at this point that the turkey won't be defrosted in time! No Black Friday shopping for me, after working in retail many years I am scarred for life lol. Instead, Thanksgiving night one of my best girlfriends is in town and we will spend the night around a huge bonfire at her parents' house. Then finally seeing Mockingjay on Friday!

    Oh! And I'll be burning BBW Spiced Autumn Wreath (aka the elusive Welcome scent lol). I love the way pine scents smell with food roasting in the oven!

    1. The bonfire sounds dreamy. We did one the other night. Mockingjay was fabulous! It followed the book exactly, which I totally appreciated.

      Pine and food do meld well together. Enjoy your feast tomorrow Jacqui!

  3. I am actually cooking for a pot luck with friends this year!! We're bringing our traditional waffles, and then Smithfield ham & banana pudding.. you know, to seem semi normal! lol
    our Black Friday ads are seriously lacking... but I will be braving the chilly weather (& insane people) to go as moral support for a friend who wants a few things. I plan on saving my money for the New Years "Lucky Bags".
    chosing a smell has been hard lately... everything smells off. So I might just play it safe with a favorite vs something new from the stash.
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend!!!

    1. Sounds like you have a nice Thanksgiving planned <3 I hope your friend finds some deals. Lucky Bags!!!!!! So cool. Well I am sending you some wax in your Christmas box so if any smell horrible either toss or re-gift to someone who needs to become addicted to wax. ;-) Happy Thanksgiving Ashley!!!! Xoxo