Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Color By Amber

These bracelets were given free by Lisa Crichton for an honest review.

Color by Amber is a direct sales company much like Scentsy or Lularoe or Thirty-One. Normally, I am not much of a fan of these types of businesses but there are a few I do enjoy given the quality of product and sometimes the ethics behind the company. Scentsy and Lularoe I enjoy for their products. With Color by Amber, not only do they have a nice product but the giving heart behind them is kind of neat too. 

My friend Lisa sent me a couple bracelets, one for me and one child bracelet that Scarlette claimed (Savanna is not much into jewelry unless it is a Time Turner or Pokemon necklace). I was worried when I first saw these as I really don't care for stiff bangles but these are actually a flexible plastic (40% recycled ecoresin) with colorful fabric or materials sandwiched within. 

The interlayers are crafted by women in developing areas all over the world. According to Color by Amber, "great care is taken to ensure Artisan groups are ethically managed and materials are purchased at fair trade wages." My woven copper bracelet originated in Indonesia and runs about $13 I believe.

Here is a link to Lisa's Color by Amber site. If you choose use it, there is no gain for me. Lisa is a sweet member of the wax community and is very active on the Candles From the Keeping Room Facebook Group. Her goal for the month is to donate a portion of proceeds from any party to the hostess' charity of choice. 

Have you heard of Color by Amber? 

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