Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Candles From The Keeping Room: January 27th Order

I am a slacker. I have been sitting on this gorgeous Candles From The Keeping Room order since February 1st. I opened them. Smelled them. Gifted some. But with the chaos of Savanna's birthday, camping, packed weekends and uterine mayhem I just have not gotten around to properly showcasing my order and talking about some new to me scents. And you know what? This still really won't be proper as I am not including scents I have bought time and time again. I will mention those repurchases at the end. This order was from January 27th. I love Carol's cart hold. Because if you can be quick enough to fit it in there, it is yours. And I did a Super Market Sweep this opening.

Strawberry Noel Fluff- A sweet creamy blend of Fresh Picked Strawberries, Vanilla Bean Noel and toasted marshmallow. The strawberry is the strongest. I just love this scent, strawberries and a little creaminess. 

Jill's Strawberry Cream Filled Jelly Roll- One of my favorite strawberry and bakery blends ever. Fresh Picked Strawberry, sweet jelly donuts and whipped cream. For my nose it is a true strawberries and cream aroma. A hint of cakey vanilla donuts are added to the bliss and perfection is born.

Strawberry Parfait- I believe Carol's parfaits are ice cream and cake desserts. This one tastes, I mean smells, like a more tart and sweet version of the original Fresh Picked Strawberry. This reminds me of the macerated strawberries and syrup I make to pour over pound cake and top with whipped cream this time of year. Here in central Florida it is strawberry season. This scent overall is a more candied and tart version of FPS to my nose.

Molasses Cookie- Cookies with ginger, butter, orange zest, cinnamon sticks, cloves, walnuts, maple, molasses, vanilla and sea salt. That is quite the listing of notes! This is a rich, spicy cookie where the molasses comes across as a little bit almond and anise. Amazing.

Cinnamon Broom- A fantastic cinnamon. Fiery hot and zingy with just a hint of that wooden broomstick. Steals my heart. And these shapes are so cute.

Sugar Cookie Corn Pudding- Mmmmmm! This one is hearty. Sugar cookie with caramelized sweet corn and cream. It has been far too long since I had a good sugar corn pudding tart. This one will hit the spot.

Maple Cashmere- Maple, woods, musk and vanilla. The slight green note stands out among the sweet softness and kind of throws me off. It is an interesting blend but probably not one I would buy again. 

Maple Buttercream Sugar Cookie- However, this maple one I would. By the truckload. Maple, caramel and vanilla merge in a vanilla heavy sugar cookie that is covered in buttercream frosting. A splendid cookie! 

Apple Sage- Green apple, pine, eucalyptus, sage and musk. The eucalyptus is strange for me in this one. It melted strong and threw those sweetly tart Granny Smith apples and that little tang of eucalyptus through the house. It is a well done scent, but not my jive.

Beach House- Lime, eucalyptus and coconut. This is a dupe of an Avon scent according to the CFTKR website. I quite like it. It does a wonderful job of bringing to mind our vacations on Anna Maria Island. I miss those. The coconut and lime pair wonderfully and the eucalyptus adds subtle herbal greenery. 

Balance and Glow- Not sure what all is in this one but it smells lovely. A cotton candy sweet fruity floral. It has a soft island girl lean to the cotton candy. I loved the sample I got of this and knew I would want more. It smells like it would be a dupe of some type of BBW or VS perfume.

Mediterranean Garden Spa- Smells just like it sounds. A muted herbal spa blend that highlights violet, lavender, rosemary and bergamot. Beautiful for spring.

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins- A blend of vanilla, buttercream, coconut and heliotrope. Sometimes this scent has a touch of mint to it but I don't detect that in this one. I love Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins oil. There is a slight plastic note but it does melt off to reveal a wonderful coconut vanilla dessert-like creaminess with a medium-strong throw.

I Want Cake- This is a dupe of the Tokyo Milk Let Them Eat Cake perfume I think. Heavy on coconut and vanilla with a trail of sweet musk and orchids floating behind. I am not sure why it took me so long to finally buy this one. I love it. 

Three Wishes Tea- This is a fabulous fragrance of rooibos tea infused with peach and light florals, rose and marigold to be exact. Overall it has a slight holiday feel to it with the fruits and tea and slight spice of the flowers. But that is probably just me. 

Mulled Wine- This one without a doubt does smell like holidays! Apple cinnamon wine? Yes, please. I melted this one over Christmas and it was strong throwing with spicy fruit and richness from the wine. A Christmas sangria.

Bogeyman- Geranium, bergamot, Indian spices, amber, woods and musk comprise this spooky fella. He can jump out from under my bed any night. The Indian spices have a masala vibe and the amber and musk and woods come together to create a spiced amber high end candle aroma. This is a fast favorite.

Free Samples:

Lavender Berry Fluff- Herbal lavender and muted mixed berries. 

Spun Rainbow Sherbet- Tart citrus and candied raspberries.

Bamboo Type- Beautiful smooth green woods. Refreshing and meditative.

Cashmere Forest- Blonde woods and musk. Love it.

Spearmint Eucalyptus- A relaxing blend that brings to mind Bath & Body Works Stress Relief blend. 

Wedding Cake- Like Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins, this is one of those vanilla heavy scents that blooms when melted rather than on cold.

Winter Ambrosia- I pick up cherries and a little spice. More fruity than spicy though. Bright and cheery.

Yum Yum Buttery Rum- Mmmmmm, Butter Rum Lifesavers and a dash of extra boozy rum, maybe just a pinch of coconut. Need more. Reminds me of Butter Beer and it is magical.

Patchouli Chocolate- A velvety gorgeous blend of dark, rich patchouli and roasted cocoa beans. It puts me in the frame of mind of Serge Lutens Borneo 1834. I would love to have more of this one. Desperately.

Ginger Patchouli- Muted ginger with a touch of earth. There is something a little cloying in it that I cannot quite put my finger on. I think I find it hard to enjoy ginger scents in wax.

Kashmir Archipelago Type- A powdery musk with soft florals. Very pretty.

Monster Jam- Mixed berries, white sugar and a dash of creaminess. 

Sun Kissed Sugarcane- Guava, citrus and tropical nectar. I have no idea if that is what is in here but that is the vibe it gives me. I love this. So much. It is the perfect blend for this Florida gal. Especially for summer. 

Some others I purchased but did not feature here (but that I love so much I buy them again, over and over again in some cases): Fresh Picked Strawberry, Amish Quilt, White Cedar Forest, Ultimate Sugar Cookie, Blue Cedar Lavender, Moroccan Mint, Baked Apple and Serendipity Marshmallow Delight. I did buy Angelica for the first time but gifted it to my mom who I knew would love it and I bought Cashmere and Silk but gifted it to my step-mom. There are also a few samples missing here that I gifted to my sisters. 

I love my order, as usual. Bags run $5.50 and hold 6 ounces of wax. I prefer to use her UPS shipping option. The turn around time is lightening fast, only a few days. Have you tried any new scents from Candles From The Keeping Room? Any samples you are loving right now?


  1. Great review! I've been wanting to try this brand for the longest time but always miss the openings. Does she announce when she will open ahead of time?

    1. Hey IndieScent!! Carol has been making tarts for ages and really has it down pat. It makes me a bad blogger because all I really want to do is just buy her tarts LOL! That doesn't make for varied reading. She can be a tricksy one to buy from if you aren't on FB. She announces her openings there. I think the next one is March 5th? She give an hour window and then posts again when she is actually open. If you aren't on FB, give me your email address or number and I can text you when I see her open if you would like. Or if you are on IG I can DM you. I saw you did a HoG Imp review (I kept your blog on my sidebar) but when I went to click it, your blog was gone :-( Are you done blogging? Sorry for putting your blog on my sidebar without asking. I hope I didn't cause a ruckus. Love your reviews. Have a great day!

    2. Is it a Facebook group? I'll have to mark that day down on my calendar.

      No ruckus at all! I didn't even see it on your sidebar, so thank you for that <3 Long story short, I changed the name and URL which I wanted to do for a while now, but I've now learned that it isn't that simple lol. The older posts still have the old URL so the link is broken. I *think* I fixed it by doing a redirect to the homepage but am waiting to see if it will update. If not then I guess I need to pay for a domain to transfer all the older posts over? Ugh, internetting is confusing!

      Anyway, here's the new link. Hopefully it works

      Thank you Julie, have a good one!

    3. It is a Facebook group and it may be secret?? Or at least closed. I can add you if you have a hard time finding it. Search Candles From the Keeping Room and message me if you can't find it.

      Oh ok! Yeah, I ended up buying my domain name about a year or two ago from Google. It was only $12 and I pay it yearly. Worth it to me. I will relink you to my blog roll. <3

      Have a nice week!

  2. The bunnies are back! They're so dang cute.

    A couple of these look like they're up my alley, like Mulled Wine and the butter rum one. It's been forever since I've ordered from there. Wish it wasn't so dang hard!


    1. They are!!! I agree! I love her bunnies though they are hard to melt.

      Mulled Wine is my jam. And that butter rum made me think of you. You know if there is ever anything you want... just tell me! I will pop it into my cart for you. Silly Goose.

    2. I want Mulled Wine and the butter rum one. =P
      Seriously though, not everything is available every opening, right? Is the scent list at least available to browse when the shop is not open? I'm not familiar enough with any of her scents to be able to tell you what to grab for me.


    3. Yes! All her current stock is up on the website right now. You can see how much of each will be offered. I do not know if she will add more but she may. I saw 9 packs of mulled wine but I don't see the butter rum yet. I will ask if she will stock it. <3

  3. Adorable, as always. Those shapes just slay me, they're so darn cute. I was really impressed with the little Citrus and Balsam sun face dude you gave me at Christmas. I used just a third of a piece and it threw hard in my admittedly not huge apartment. Lurvely. :)

    1. If you ever get a hankering to try anything I buy from Carol, just let me know. Her bags have 6 tarts in them, so they are perfect for sharing. There are some duds in there once in a blue moon, but for the most part I find her tarts pretty reliable on throw. It is hard for me to behave during her openings.