Saturday, February 25, 2017

Melting Basket 87

Tarts from the last basket I would purchase again are CFTKR FPS, Pink Sugared Strawberries, Rosy Strawberry, White Cedar Forest, and SMT Dragon's Blood, Cinnamon Sticks, Butter Brickle (that blend knocked my socks off).

Strawberry Key Lime Smoothie
Boo Berry
Harvest Bake Sale
Cranberry Apple Pie
Vanilla Ice Cream
Celtic Moonspice
Caramel Butterbrickle Mac Maddness
Vanilla Crunch Donuts
Mac Madness Swizzle Sticks
FKLP Serendipity Vanilla Ice Cream
Koopa Troopa Assult
Lake Providence Lodge- Strawberry Fluff
LSC- Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

This basket is all comprised of gifted wax I got from a lovely friend recently. I cannot wait to dive into all that RG goodness. If you would like a review on any of these scents, let me know below.

Some type of buggy larva or nymph in a wee creek.
 Some random updates: Boopers had a respiratory infection and a bad case of mites, but he is all healed up and healthy again after some oral antibiotics and Ivomec treatments. Giving a snake oral liquid medications is interesting but it proved just how sweet he is, he never struck me but in all rights should have done so.

I am still happily doing my reading challenge but I am currently reading a beef treat of a book, well over 800 pages, so it will take up a good chunk of time. Thankfully though, it is the latest book in the Outlander series so it is a welcome distraction. 

I am burning a Bath & Body Works Gingerbread candle and it is pretty awesome. Great throw, burns perfectly, would buy again. 

How is the end of your February going? Any good news? 


  1. I'm curious to hear how the Rosegirls stuff performs.

    I had to chuckle at the idea of giving a snake medicine. I'm seeing all sorts of scenarios in my head. lol

    Good news? Well, Casey is moving out and hubby is getting a tractor. Those could also be bad news items because, well, my baby is finally flying the coop, and the tractor puts us back in debt. *sigh* I'm hanging in there though!


    1. Ok! I will try to report on them. So far the Celtic Moonspice was amazing, the FKLP blends are throwing nice too.

      It was not fun. I had to hold his little head and pinch the corners of his mouth to get him to open then try to inject the meds far enough in for him to swallow. He was trying to squeeze my fingers off using his constrictor skills.

      Those are both good news/bad news scenarios. But we will look at the good side! It will be fun.

  2. Hoo, what a haul! Looks like you got your hands on some more Koopa Troopa - it's so, so yummy.

    I'm also making my way through a monster book - actually, a compendium of the first 48 issues of The Walking Dead (for the second theme of an art book, a comic, a graphic novel...) It's GIGANTIC! I think it weighs nine pounds. I have to sit at a table to read it because I can barely hold it up. My forearms are so going to be the size of my head by the time I'm done.

    1. I did! Cannot wait to melt it!

      Your forearms will be zombie apocalypse ready. Adam and I were heavy into TWD for the first four seasons then we died off of it. Got a little hokey with the Governor's daughter and all that. Though we did like seeing the Governor/Copy Cat Doctor Who guy. Enjoy your book!! It should count as like 2-3 books.

    2. Funny you should mention the fourth season, as that's where I decided to part ways with TWD in both the show and then just yesterday with the book(s). I can't say I liked the Governor of the show, but he was a pretty decent bad guy, quietly menacing. The Governor of the books cuts off Rick's hand and rapes Michonne twice within about the first hour of meeting them. It was such a departure from what I know, but more than that, the whole book just took a hard, hard turn into total sadism, and I just despise that. If I have a hard and fast rule regarding what I watch or read, it's no rape or torture (and hoo boy, there's lots of that, as Michonne ultimately gets her revenge and then a lot more.) Invoke either one of those two things and I'm out, out, out. It's lazy clutch writing, and it really wasn't that compelling to begin with. So TWD: The Book/Doorstop and I are parting ways. Glad I branched out and tried a totally new genre, but I didn't care for the subject matter at all, even knowing the world of TWD as well as I already do.

    3. It was gratuitously violent for sure with all the zombie fights and stuff. We just got turned off. Sounds like the books are even more rancid. I did read the GoT series and Outlander series (still am, on the most recent book) and there are rapes and torture and it is hard to read sometimes. My mind will gloss over those parts and I tend to skip read ahead if it bothers me. Hoping you can cleanse your book palate with a new great book.