Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Bathing Garden: Valentine's Box of Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day! What better day to showcase this lovely beauty? This is the large Valentine's Box of Hearts bundle that The Bathing Garden has for sale. It includes about 19.5 ounces of wax for $30.00 plus $13.50 shipping (as it does come in a medium flat rate box) with a couple samples tucked in for good measure. It really is perfect for gifting. Shannon also has a smaller box for $10; you can see the number in stock remaining by clicking on the item.

After unwrapping the red tulle that was garnished with a white paper rose, a sleek silver box with an enchanting label is revealed.

Upon opening the box, a quaint poem greets you:

"roses are red
violets are blue

but no flower in this world
is as beautiful as you"

It also states- 
Foil Wrapped Tarts: Blueberry Truffle
Tulle Wrapped Tart: Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet

Baby pink tissue paper is sealed with a silver heart.

>insert angels thrumming harps<

Most of these scents I have reviewed in the past or recently, so I will only really discuss the new-to-me scents. Feel free to search for The Bathing Garden to read further reviews on these other scents. 

This is the heart that was wrapped in ballerina pink tulle, Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet. It is lovely and pretty big, about the size of the palm of my hand.

The two foil wrapped tarts in Blueberry Truffle look and smell whimsically decadent. The chocolate and blueberries have an almost cherry or raspberry cordial sweetness to them. I actually got a box of chocolate blueberry cordials for Christmas this year (I have only had the Queen Anne Cordial Cherries before) but the blueberry ones weren't half bad. This smells just like those with added cherry and raspberry. 

Lips in Kiss Me Silly (this one melts strong!) and Cupid and hearts in a new Easter scent of Bunny Whiskers. Bunny Whiskers features cherries rolled in confectioners sugar, marshmallow cream and tonka bean taffy. At first sniff I mainly pick up candy sweet maraschino cherries but then a little of the tonka bean velvety sweetness pulls though. Very sweet. A little tart. Mostly cherries candied to high heaven. A fun scent for Easter. 

Scarlet Cinnamon rose (mmmmm... Red Hot love) and two sparkling ivory hearts, one in Cinderella Would Be Jealous (a Lush dupe of Snowcake that I promptly gave my sister- plastic almond putty to my nose, pure bliss to hers) and one in Coconut Crystal Cake. I have a healthy love for Coconut Crystal Cake from a parfait I bought last year, but this is my first time smelling it in wax. It is a rich, buttery caramel coconut cake with vanilla buttercream icing and a very slight lean to beachy coconut palms. Sounds weird but it works and I still love it. Looking forward to melting this one. 

Heart trio in: The Sweetest Thing (not for me- too powdery sweet, reminds me of Lush Snow Fairy), Guava Berry Gelato (seriously amazing scent- authentic to its name), and Lacquered Lollipops. Lacquered Lollipops is one of those typical Bathing Garden scents that overflows with notes and complexity. It is sweet and and floral for sure, my nose interprets this one as licorice and violets. 

The large heart is Ooh La La, the small rose is Ringmaster's Paramour (a Shirley Temple made with grenadine and gingered lemon lime soda- YUM) and the pink heart is Raspberry Hearts (sweet raspberry goodness- you need to try this one). Ooh La La smells incredible. If this scent was offered as a tart to buy separately I would pounce on it in a heart beat. It reminds me exactly of Lush Vanilliary. A fluttering heart full of vanilla bean pods soaked in booze and infused with tonka beans. Shannon... if by any chance you are reading this... please... for the sake of all things holy and vanillic... please offer this.

Just take a moment and look at this beauty. If it was a dessert, I would be all over this. This is Strawberry Hearts and it features strawberry cotton candy layered with marshmallows and drizzled with milk chocolate. On cold, the strawberry cotton candy is a tad plastic but it did mellow out upon melting. Not my favorite strawberry but a nice scent in the home, creamy and sweet. The chocolate  is not overly Tootsie Roll and adds depth to the scent. It threw medium to medium-strong when I melted half the heart in the kitchen and the other half in the living area. 

This vintage beauty, Frolic, holds citrus tones within its sparkling lacy self. It is another Lush dupe I believe. It smells eerily similar to my absolute favorite perfume solid... Karma, a patchouli and orange dream boat. I do wonder if it has a little but of that citrus brightness of Celebrate/Golden Wonder? It may, after all it is named Frolic. Regardless, my brain goes right to Karma when I smell it. 

Free sample in Sweet Green, look how beautiful! It smells amazing. Like sweet honey mint green tea. In love. 

I think this Valentine's box was executed brilliantly. So many heart throbbing fragrances and shapes to gift or keep. I have no regrets. I hope The Bathing Garden puts out more unique collections and gift giving items like this one. Did you grab a Valentine's box to gift or for yourself?

I hope you have a beautiful day full of love. <3


  1. Wow, I really enjoyed reading and seeing that Valentine's Goody box. Did you say Karma? Oh it is my absolutely favorite as well. I hope she makes Frolic into a clam. Thank you again. I always appreciate your reviews.

    1. Thank you! Glad you stopped by Cheryl! <3 I swear it reminds me of Karma, I love that scent too. But it could be a dupe for Celebrate, but more richer. Dupes can be funny sometimes. Either way, I hope she makes more Frolic for spring so I can buy some more. I hope you had a great day!

  2. Positively stunning! And gorgeous presentation �� Enjoy!

    1. Hi Amber! Isn't her wax simply amazing?! Works of art. I love the shimmery glitter pools her wax leaves too. Subtle but lovely. Thank you for stopping by. Come back soon!

  3. I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED THIS BOX! Your pictures are so beautiful Julie! Everything is stunning and has to be just wonderfully scented.

    1. There were like 15 boxes left when I finished this post last night but "poof" gone like the dew in the morning. I was debating getting a small one to give away but the small ones are gone too. Maybe she will do something like this again.

  4. Too much cherry and berries for me. As I get older and more curmudgeonly, I can't seem to handle the syrupy sweetness. Some of these are such eye candy, what a master of the craft Shannon is. Melts that perked my ears are Coconut crystal cake, Sweet green and Ooh la la, I'm gonna need to try to find a vanillary scent. That's one I never tire of. Happy (galentine's) day, you beauty:)

    1. There are a lot of fruits for sure. I have to be in the mood for those types of scents, but with summer coming I am starting to want them every now and then. I think you would love the ones you mentioned. They are truly lovely. I never tire of Vanillary either. I used to have it in the solid stick and wore it to down to nothing. Happy Galentine's to you too, sweet friend!!! Cheers! <3 xoxox

  5. This is gorgeous!!! She really goes above and beyond with her presentation.

    1. She does! I am thrilled she is doing cute little mini releases like this. And I am excited to get the Blackberry Fudge in the little egg carton. How cute is that?!

  6. Replies
    1. You did too?! Isn't it amazing? I am so happy with it. I love using her mini shapes in my bathroom wall plug-in warmer. Which scents were your favorite in the box?