Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ebb & Flow: February 2017

The highs and lows of the month.

Malle En Passant

Handmande in Florida Patchouli Oudh

Skin Care:
Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder exfoliant

Bath and Body Works Spiced Gingerbread 

Candles From The Keeping Room Ultimate Sugar Cookie

GT's Kombucha in Lavender Love

fresh picked strawberries

Diana Gabaldon's Written In My Own Heart's Blood

"Ronja" on Amazon Prime
Guardians of the Galaxy

Jimmy Buffet's Box Set

Looking forward to attending the NEEDTOBREATHE concert at the Strawberry Festival in March and Spring Break too, of course. Hoping to have a beach day, a reading day, and maybe a quilting day and sadly, a cleaning day.

Shaving, having to see donuts at work and trying to turn them down, mosquitoes, and cleaning up my side of the room. All super petty. All very true.

Lush Sleepy hand and body cream. Have I mentioned that already? I just used it all up and I am bummed I have no more to swipe on before bedtime.

Hanaka Callus Removal Foot Pack- was supposed to cause my feet to peel off the tough layers... it did nothing. 

There was a rough patch where we were all ill in some way. Scarlette had the flu and a double ear infection, Savanna was hacking and under the weather, Adam has been struggling with an unknown allergy, getting rashes all over since this summer (after testing it has been narrowed down to either eggs, black pepper or garlic and let me tell you... pretty much everything has one of those three things in it), and I am forced to endure the wrath of my uterus every month and it gets worse and worse it seems. I am very thankful that overall we are pretty healthy right now though.

Getting to ride the Hogwarts Express from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade was amazingly spectacular. I also got to enjoy a couple of hiking outings and lunch with a friend. Other highs include laying in bed reading when I got the odd chance, creating a few crafty items, and propagating some succulents successfully. 


  1. Riding the Hogwarts Express and just going back to the HP place should have cancelled out every down thing for the month. Man oh man, how awesome it is that you can go there!!

    My February has been chaotic but not necessarily bad. I'm hoping for a slower pace in March. LOL


    1. Riding the Hogwarts Express totally cancelled out my whiny mini complaints. It was so much fun. And a cried. Of course. LOL! You need to come down. We will go together.

      Your February has been full of changes. Hoping your March is more calm and the coming spring lets you guys tinker around with your new tractor. Any of your bulbs show signs up popping up??

  2. I love your ebb & flow posts! I saw your strawberry picking photos; looked to be both fun and delicious! I too am dreading shaving regularly, lol. I shaved like twice in the last 4 months and it clogged my razor so badly that I had to make a second pass, haha!
    I hope your husband is able to get help with his rashes; mystery rashes sound like no fun at all. As for your time o' the month issue, have you seen your Dr. about it? My MIL had increasingly heavy flow and super painful cramps so much so that she chose to have a hysterectomy and felt sooo much better. They found an unusual growth on the uterus that couldn't have been seen otherwise.
    I hope your March is even more wonderful than your February! I look forward to reading about your adventures.

    1. Thank you, Amanda! It was so nice to get out in the sunshine and pick some berries. They are going fast though LOL! I am loving eating them with yogurt. I totally feel you on having to make multiple passes. My hair grows so fast and coarse. Yuck.

      Thank you. It is not fun. He has to keep applying topical steroids and taking new meds. Hoping we can pin point the allergy soon. I have not seen the doctor yet but I am going to set up an appointment this summer so I can maybe get some answers. She knows I have been suffering for a long time with it.

      I hope your March is great too. I am thinking about you. <3

  3. Hog-warts, Hog-warts, Hog-warts! We need to hear more about Harry Potter day (P.S. Pardon my crass, but you're going to crap a brick when you hear that my next choice of book for your challenge (theme: magic) is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince because...(giant breath for strength)...I'VE NEVER READ IT. Or the Deathly Hallows. You may take away my nerd cred now, I'm unworthy.) :( But I'd still love to hear about your trip.

    1. HALF BLOOD PRINCE!!!! That was my favorite book in the series!!! I love Deathly Hallows too but HBP was my jam. I hope you read it and love it!!!! And please review it or at least tell me what you thought about it even if you end up thinking it sucks (which you won't, cuz it doesn't). You keep your nerd cred. My nerd shame is that I have never really watched.... Star Wars. Only snips and bits. I feel like a major loser when I can't join in on the Star Wars chatter and excitement. I blogged about Diagon Alley and Hogwarts separately in the past so I didn't even bring my camera with us this last time, but you can search the travel tab and they should pull up. You need to come down so we can go together.

    2. Oh, I definitely don't think it sucks - I actually read the first few chapters a couple of years ago, and I remember really loving the opening where the Muggle PM is meeting the Minister of Magic. Great start. :)

      Oh dude, I want to go to the Wizarding World so, so SO badly, it almost has a taste (it kind of tastes like that pyro butane smell that's all across the parks.) We'd do that place up right! Paint the town red (or yellow, because although I haven't actually ever been sorted, I feel in my heart of muggle hearts that I'm a Hufflepuff. Which house are you?)

    3. Totally get that butane taste/smell. Especially when the dragon breathes fire on top of Gringott's. According to Pottermore (which is the real deal for house sorting LOL!) I am a Hufflepuff!! I am loyal and I find things. We are kindred souls.