Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pure Smile: Green Tea and Red Wine Sheet Masks

These Pure Smile masks are brilliant and very affordable to boot. These were given to me by Ashley but they can be purchased at iMomoko for $1.50 each. 

Red Wine Essence Mask contains Vitamin E, collagen, Hyaluronic acid and arbutin. The serum had a slightly artificial grape scent but it dissipated after a little bit. 

Green Tea Essence Mask did not have any discernible scent other than general lotion aroma. Instead of arbutin, this one contained ceramide 3. 

- Excellent mask fit and softness
- Ample serum amount
-Soothing liquid gel-like texture to the serum
- Leaves skin feeling cool and hydrated
- Serum absorbed into the skin readily, leaving no stickiness

- Scent can be mildly off putting
- Minimal noticeable improvement of fine lines or problem spots

I would certainly buy this brand of masks again. I have used the following essences in the Pure Smile line: Cherry Blossom, Moonstone, Horse Oil, Bee Venom, Cobra Venom, and Pearl. The Pure Smile lip masks rock too. I will post about those later. How do you feel about this price point? Too cheap or just right or still too spendy? I can't get over how much some sheet masks cost at Sephora, so this price point pretty much rocks for me. $2 or less is my happy place, though I will spend a little more if I am interested in one. 


  1. I'm going to be in for a rude surprise when my go to masks start costing me more than about 50¢ per. The most expensive masks I've bought were the Pok√©mon ones at about $1 per while they were on sale. There are sales often so I can stock up when they're about 20¢ per when they normally go for around $2.
    I can see below $2 being a good price point. I guess it depends on how often one plans to use a face mask. I aim for every other day and $2 would only put me out about $15 a month.

    1. Wow!!!! 20 and 50 cents?! I am in awe. I agree. I was thinking $2 per month too. I try to wear a mask fairy often too. It kind of ticks me off how freaking expensive masks are at Sephora. You can't hardly touch one for less than $6 or $8. And to know how nice and affordable the Korean and Japanese ones are makes it a tough pill to swallow. If you are ever up for me to send you money for a mask shopping spree let me know :-)