Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tatcha Skin Care

I have read about Tatcha for a few years now on various beauty blogs. A combination of my recent foray into Asian beauty and following calicotown on IG led to this purchase. There was a Tatcha special going on where any purchase included a travel size of The Essence. Plus when I went to the website I saw that my first order would receive a travel sized tub of Polished Rice Enzyme Powder.  I placed two orders to to take advantage of the offers and was able to pick out 3 free samples per order on top of that. When the boxes arrived, the items floated on a purple cloud of tissue paper and there was an elegantly typed letter detailing my order along with a hand written note, all on beautiful creamy mulberry paper.

These were the two items I purchased, the Luminous Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Mask ($12) and the Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen in the travel size ($15).

The girls and I have been using the sunscreen with great results. It smells lovely, blends easily, protects the skin again sun burn (we wore it while staying out in the sun all day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in the Sunshine State). It didn't sting the eyes either. I do the mom slather on squirming kids so some is always bound to end up there. 

The eye mask consists of two fat Nike swoop shapes that curve from the outer corner of the eye to the under eye area and taper as they point to the inner eye and nose area. They are gel biocellulose material rather than cotton and soaked in a red algae and peony extract solution. The mask felt cooling while wearing and did leave that delicate under eye area hydrated and more awake appearing. There was enough serum left in the packet to apply it again without the mask part the next day. As much as I enjoyed the experience, the cost is rather prohibitive for regular use, where any real results would be seen. I would buy this again as a rare treat though.

Here are the freebies that nudged me to place my first Tatcha order, The Polished Rice Enzyme Powder and The Essence.

I have fallen pretty hard for the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powders. Between this Polished one and the two I picked as samples below, I love them. It is a powder that gets mixed with a little water to form a paste that you then massage into your face for about 10-20 seconds. It tingles a little but nothing outrageous. After I rinse the concoction off my skin feels silky smooth and looks healthier.

The Essence is a nice serum, much like the SK-II Essence. It is watery and applies a veil of moisture to the face and is created to resurface, plump, smooth and offer anti-aging properties. I liked it a lot and would consider adding it to my skin care routine. 

Free samples:
Indigo Rice Powder- purple powder that mixes with water, offers an acidic type exfoliation, left my skin smooth and silky.
Balanced Water Gel Moisturizer- thin with a golden hue, stung a little but maybe that was because I applied it after using the rice powder. Left skin supple and nourished.
Pure Camellia Cleansing Oil- use dry, rub into face, rinse with water. Removed my mascara easily.
Luminous Firming Serum- used before bed, felt nice on the skin but should use at least two weeks to notice results so I won't comment on that.
Those are the ones I used. I still have a moisturizer in the pod and another rice powder to use. 

Have you used any Tatcha products? Do you have any favorites? What skin care are you enjoying at the moment?


  1. Thank you for this review! I've wondered about their products for years. Maybe next time they do a special, I will get the sunscreen. I need to wear it every day, and usually use MyChelle for my daily face protection.

    1. I was curious too for a long time but didn't bite until I saw the offers. A good promo will get me every time. LOL! I am definitely going back for a full size of the sunscreen. I quite like it. Especially for days I am not wearing my SPF tinted moisturizer. I still need to try MyChelle!

  2. Ooh, those all look quite lovely, especially the sunscreen - always in the market for a good sunscreen, especially one for the face.

    1. Me too. I tried Coppertone, Neutrogena and a a few others but this one is my favorite so far. Definitely going back for a full size.

  3. I'm so happy you reviewed this. Like you, I've wondered about Tatcha products for years but never knew anyone that used it, now I do. I love the background story, but cost has been an obstacle. With sensitive facial skin, weird flare-ups, especially when I'm stressed, I'm at the point I need to find some beauty regimen that works. I know the enzyme powders are the big guns, but I may have to bite the bullet if it actually works.

    1. The cost is a little pricy but they do run some good offers and promos pretty regularly. Join their newsletter. In my older age I am now hit with fine lines AND acne. Totally not fair. So like you, I am really into delving into skin care. I am a huge fan of the rice enzyme powders and will be buying the full sized. Just trying the different ones to see what version I like best. So far between Indigo and Deep, I like Indigo best but now I need to try the Polished. You could always buy something really cheap and tiny and pick the free samples as the enzyme powders. :-)