Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cosmic Cleanse Scent Sations: First Order, March Pre-Order

Cosmic Cleanse's fan base has exploded in the past year and its owner and creator, Heidi, is busting her tail getting out product to all her clamoring customers. The playful unicorn mascot, vibrant scents and her CBD (cannabidiol) infused body care all merge to generate mass appeal. My interest was piqued several months ago in Heidi's wares but I never quite made the jump until her most recent March pre-order. I initially had it in mind to pick up only a couple things but in the end I made 4 separate orders. Even though it is flat rate $10 shipping, Heidi generously combines orders and refunds shipping. I love that. I suggest joining her Facebook group to keep up to date on pre-orders and openings.

These mini (2 oz) Miracle Budders run $3.75 each. I bought five in infused unscented to use on Savanna's growing pains, Adam's neck pains and my lower back pains. The CBD is touted by many in the group, and from various websites I have read, to help ease pain. I gave one to my mom and rubbed it into her neck, shoulders and upper back. She was amazed and thankful to feel the pain ease as that is where she carries all her stress. I have not had cause yet to test the efficacy on my own skin but will report back when that arises.The consistency is thick and buttery but light and silky. It absorbs lightening fast and leaves the skin like velvet. A brilliant summer lotion for my needs.

I also picked up four other scents in the Mini Infused Miracle Butters.

Hoochie's Palace- Lavender, Pink Sugar and peppermint.
The herbal lavender and cooling peppermint come in dominate while the Pink Sugar softly sweetens in whispers. I love it. Perfect for bedtime and relaxing. 

Kirin- Blackberry birthday cake.
On initial application the blackberries are vibrantly sweet and syrupy with a touch of strawberry and raspberry candies included. The cake comes off more as a vanilla centric aroma, rather than bakery on my skin, but really this is all about blackberry syrup. I will enjoy this for summer. 

Dracula's Drink- Blood orange champagne fizz.
Orange Crush fizzy pop and soapy squeaky clean champagne bubbles bloom on the skin when I apply this budder. Unique and refreshing, this will keep me smelling fresh and clean and slightly citrusy this summer too. 

Poolside Enjoy Mint- Cucumber, blueberry, mint mojito.
Whoa. This one. The cucumber and blueberries marry blissfully. The mint offers some cooling and crispness. I freaking love this one. 

I need to mention at this point at how far a little bit of the budder stretches.

These are the full size Miracle Budders for $12 each. I picked Hoochie's Palace (hello?! lavender, pink, peppermint? yessssss) and Janine's Pink Cupcakes. Now, Janine's Pink Cupcakes is infused, but the Hoochie's Palace was not, though I did ask in the comments if I could get it infused. I see it has a heart sticker on top so I am thinking that means it is not infused but that is alright. I will just use it as I would any body butter.

Janine's Pink Cupcakes- Peppermint and birthday cake.
Just like is says, sweet candy cane peppermint crushed into a fluffy vanilla birthday cake. Dreamy.

I picked up both the whipped sugar scrubs and the original sugar scrub. 

A full sized 6 ounce ($12) Infused Whipped Sugar Scrub in We All Float Down Here blends fresh ocean, shaving cream and sea salt. Love the scent of this one. It is fresh and oceanic without being too clean or artificial. The whipped scrub feels more sticky and like a solid soap with exfoliant built in rather than a traditional sugar scrub. I hear some ladies in the FB group like to use it as shampoo so I gave it a whirl. It didn't quite work as a shampoo for me, personally, but I loved it as a whipped soap. *** EDIT- they were raving about the WHIPPED SOAP, not the whipped scrub.... doh. Sorry guys. *** It lathered well and smelled amazing. It rinsed clean but did leave that little extra clean skip to the skin. 

I also picked up a 2oz travel size of the Infused Whipped Sugar Scrub in Hoochie's Palace ($4.25).

The Infused Original Sugar Scrub travel size that I chose is in Janine's Pink Cupcakes ($4.25). This is more like the traditional exfoliating sugar scrub. It is less dense and thick than The bathing Garden's but still full of scrubby fine grain sugar and overflowing with nourishing oils. It left my skin beading with water and feeling smooth and lush.

I found my favorite way to use the whipped sugar scrub is as a soap and then follow up with the original sugar scrub as an exfoliating moisturizing treatment. 

I *almost* went this opening without trying the Unicorn Ashes or Massage Oil. Thankfully I rectified that with my very last order I placed. I purchased the 8oz size ($12) of the Unicorn Ashes in the scent Hoochie's Palace (feeling like an Original Hoochie with all the Hoochie's Palace products I bought). 

The Unicorn Ashes are basically loose bath bomb powder infused with CBD for relaxing bath time bliss. I poured between a 1/4 and 1/2 cup into running bath water. It didn't fizzy much but did provide a silky and fragrant bathing experience. My body was relaxed and my skin felt like satin when I emerged. I plan on purchasing the bigger size next go 'round.

The massage oil came in a 4oz bottle for $9, I chose the peppermint fragrance oil blend. I assumed this was an infused product too like the ashes, but I was wrong. Mine is not infused, sadly. The sticker tells the tale. But I will make sure next time to double check my options. I enjoy using this on my skin all over after showing or bathing before I go to bed. It feels amazing on the skin, soaks in well and smells minty fresh, though the scent fades rather quickly. It surprisingly doesn't tingle a whole lot but maybe that is because it is a fragrance oil and not an essential oil? I plan on getting the same scent again but infused next time it is offered.

And wax! It is my duty as a fragrance blogger to test the wax too. My friend Liz created this wax sampler called The Playlist and out of all the samplers it had most of the scents I was interested in trying. It contained eight 2oz scent shots for $14.00 and came in a lovely drawstring bag. I enjoy the unicorn wearing headphones and jamming to some magical tunes on the label as well as the scent description and pour date. These scent shots are liberally sprinkled with glitter.

So let's check out what is on the unicorn's playlist:

Edge of Seventeen- Salt water taffy and cotton candy.
I surprisingly love this blend. Normally, salt water taffy is not my favorite scent note but blended with a strawberry and cherry heavy cotton candy makes it extra thick and sticky. It threw medium-strong in my bedroom warmer.

Caribou Lou- Pineapple juice, coconut and rum.
A pineapple heavy pina colada with a dash of spiced rum. The coconut is shy in this one. I will melt it but pineapple is iffy for me. 

Fell On Black Days- Fresh rain, ocean air, sea grass and sandalwood. 
A nice ozonic aquatic scent that is dominantly rain and ocean. Nice for a summer cleaning day.

Little Amsterdam- Raspberry tea and cakes.
Sometimes it is nice to try a scent you normally do not enjoy just to make sure you really feel that way... I sadly still cannot do tea and cakes. I wish I could as so many people love it and it is hugely popular right now. It is a well done tea and cakes, however. Strong almond cakes with sweet lemon tea and bobbing raspberries. 

Speed of Sound- Vanilla salted caramel mocha with whipped cream.
A classic latte scent. Strong coffee, a touch of hazelnuts and chocolate with cream and caramel. 

Set Fire To The Rain- Pink Sugar, shaving cream and leather.
The leather in this one whips the shaving cream and Pink Sugar into shape with a loud crack and a sting on the rump. Timidly quivering in the background is the soft fluffy shaving cream and the mellow sweet Pink Sugar. A unique and interesting take on leather. I quite like it.

Radioactive- Green apple fizzy pop.
A sour green apple Jolly Rancher in a Sprite. The green apple has a slight plastic tone to it but still pretty vibrant none the less.

Lakini's Juice- Pistachio pudding cake and pineapple.
Strong on both! Full blast cherry-almond and pineapple.

The glitterrrrrrr!

I think out of The Playlist sampler I enjoy the Edge of Seventeen, Set Fire to the Rain, and Fell on Black Days the best. 

Overall, I am very happy with my Cosmic Cleanse Scent Sations order and will be back for more in the future. I particularly enjoy the Miracle Budders, Original Sugar Scrub, and Unicorn Ashes.

Have you tried Cosmic Cleanse Scent Sations? What are your favorite products and scents?  


  1. I have not tried anything from this vendor yet. I have heard time and time again how amazingly wonderful they are! I've also had the suggestion to try their miracle budders to relieve some of the pains that I go through. I would have to read more about it before the next restock comes along to see if I too should jump on the band wagon.
    That wax though! Glitter, Glitter, Glitter! Would make any Unicorn proud!
    Very nice haul and beautiful pictures as always!

    1. Yes! I had kept hearing about how the CBD infused Miracle Budders were great for pain too. I looked up a little research on the CBD but so much of it is inconclusive and highly depends on how it is sourced. It is not clear how to determine if it is quality CBD or hemp based (which is decidedly not quality) and I have not really had a chance to try mine out yet in that manner. But I am thrilled to have it on hand for when that time comes. I am greatly enjoying using my un-infused Hoochie's Palace before bed. As a body butter on its own it is very nice. Yes... the wax is chock full of glitter. I am not the bggest fan of this type of huge indie nail polish-esque glitter bomb but it is what it is. Thank you, Jessica! And thank you for my box! I got it yesterday and all the wax smells SO GOOD!!!! You are very kind and I am blessed to have you as a friend.

  2. I have heard many great things about this vendor; glad to read your thorough reviews! My main question though is infused with what? What are the ingredients that are supposed to help with pain relief? These products all sound delightful but I'm not quite understanding the infused part.

    1. I wrote about it in the very first paragraph. The products are infused with CBD, or cannabidiol. Weed is composed of various chemicals, the most common one people know about is THC, the compound that causes the "high" and then there is this CBD compound which is touted to relieve pains among other medicinal uses. My suggestion is for you to research it a little yourself before you decide whether it is something you wish to try of not as I cannot offer you that advice. :-)

  3. Yaaaassssss girl! Thank you for your review on The Playlist! I'm patiently waiting to smell them all myself!

    1. You know I had to get it!!! YOU created it!!! <3 I know your haul is going to be epic. I cannot wait to see it. Hope you have a great weekend pretty lady.