Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Warmed Wax: Everything Under the Sun

I will try to keep these as concise as possible... whole lotta reviewing going on...

Ramble On Wax Bee Sting Tea- I have no idea about the notes on this one but it threw a medium strength honeyed tea scent in my bedroom. It almost had a woodsy tone to it. Lovely. Would repurchase.

Sassy Girl Aroma Fall Yoga Pants by the Fireside- I am sure there is a whole lot going on here in the notes but I mainly picked up some apples, caramel, pumpkin and a bready note at a medium throw. Now that I look at my old blog posts I see that it is Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. I think I have gone off PPW a little or maybe because I melted it during 90 degree weather... either way, it would probably not be a repurchase for me at the moment.

Sassy Girl Aroma Blue Sugar Shaving Cream- Super strong throw! It flowed way out of my bedroom. Woods and anise filled Blue Sugar with Barbasol shaving cream. Great scent. A little goes a long way. Repurchase. 

Destination: Wax Honey:Honeysuckle- Strong throw. A pot full of honey, powdery sweet and a little lemony. Add in the sweet and almost jamine leaning honeysuckle and a summer night is made. Repurchase.

Destination: Wax Black+Black-  Strong throw. Powdery masculine. A cross between Stetson and Emeraude is what it smells like to me. It is a black pepper and black vanilla blend. Unique but probably not a repurchase for me.

Destination: Wax Lavender:Rosemary- Medium-strong scent that smelled mostly of a sweet perfumy lavender to my nose. I didn't pick up much rosemary or sage. Not herbal to me but definitely musky sweet and floral. Again, unique but not sure if I would buy it. 

Hayden Rowe Italian Biscotti- A deliciously strong vanilla crunch type of scent. Repurchase.

Purple Fox Pillow Mint- Medium-light throw of soft spearmint and mint leaves. Powdery clean and airy. Not sure if I would repurchase... on the fence with this one. 

Candy Panda Cinnamon Styx- Light throwing, sweet cinnamon with a bit of vanilla. Probably better for a smaller space. Not a repurchase.

House of Phoebe Forest Fairy- Medium-light scent of woods and greenery and oakmoss with bergamot. I have no idea at all if these notes are in there as I cannot find much online, but that is what it smells like to me. An elegant scent but probably not a repurchase. Too light and a little sharp. 

House of Phoebe Ygritte- Medium scent of sweet musk and blonde woods. A cashmere and sweet amber type of scent. Would probably repurchase. 

Based on melting all these motley scents, I would love to look into trying more Purple Fox, House of Phoebe, Ramble On Wax and Hayden Rowe. Destination:Wax has some great blends but I just wish the ordering was more intuitive. I will have to browse around a bit on there and see how I want to approach it. 

Guys. I am ready for summer. Summer melting too. I think I will make my next basket full of fruity scents. It has been a while since I went that route. I still have a few more scents to go through in this basket but wanted to go ahead and get some of these up. What scents are you craving? 


  1. Ahh, I like how you worded that about Destination Wax as I also am not sure how I would like to approach it if I do decide to order. Of course I will have to put off ordering for awhile as we had some unexpected bills arise but maybe in the near future. Her scents are very sophisticated yet on at least two that I have tried I do get a more powdery fragrance that you mentioned above. Love her little cubes though
    As of right now, I am a little down and out so its just making me..dare I say blah with my melting? Not really craving or excited about anything at the moment. Sad really but hopefully when I get my RG order in that will be something to brighten up my summer melting as I picked up some more fruitier blends.

    1. You are totally right. There is a powdery note to all the ones I have tried. Hoping things look up for you soon. Thinking about you.

      I understand about not wanting to melt when not feeling well. When the spark is missing, the things we enjoy are not as alluring. Praying for you, sweet friend.

  2. Glad you found some new scents you liked; thanks for the reviews!

    1. Thank you for sharing so many great new vendors with me! <3

  3. Oh good, glad so many were winners. That was some wax sampling basket. Bee Sting Tea is raw honey, lavender, matcha and earl grey tea, apples; really unique. I enjoyed HoP's Forest Fairy, but found it oddly minty. Notes are French lavender, lush green earth, sage, and eucalyptus. Don't know where the mint comes in.
    Re: SGA Blue Sugar/Shaving cream, I know! And I think it's a perfect blend. The PS/Rainforest also threw well, only the Lav Mist I got was slightly weak, SGA is one of my fave hauls this year. Enjoy your fruity melts, it's getting crazy hot here for May, I'll be adjusting with Rosemary Mints, Cucumber, Honeydew and maybe a lil fruit, Rosegirls basically☺
    I have an SMT ? unrelated to this post. I noticed the drop down menu was updated but didn't see any sandalwood, or Indian sandalwood. Do you know if it's still going to be offered for customs? Thanks and for fulfilling all your friends'review wishes!

    1. They were! I had a hard time not saying I would buy them all. Thank you for the Bee Sting Tea notes. I really liked that one. Hoping Ramble On restocks some wax soon. It is getting hot here too. Hot and dry with lots of wildfire warnings. We desperately need rain here. I hear Sandra has an over abundance... maybe she will send me some.

      Amy said she was going to add the sandalwoods. If she doesn't by Friday afternoon I am going to message her and ask nicely. I know they have it.

    2. Great thank you, I'm excited to blend up some sandalwood/shaving cream.
      If only Sandra, Queen of the North could blow some rain your way...stay safe.

    3. Also, I believe Ramble On is restocking tomorrow at noon.

    4. Sandalwood shaving cream. Oh my goodness yes. You seriously have me wanting all the shaving cream blends. And thank you for the Ramble On info. I will try and follow them more closely.