Monday, May 8, 2017

Warmed Wax: SMT, TBG & TDC

Ten Digit Creations Bleeding Heart- Threw medium in my bedroom with a bordeaux wine and dried rose duet, touched my a helping of cotton candy. A touch of soft musk and earthiness could be detected from the Dragon's Blood. A unique blend but probably not a repurchase for me. I think the cotton candy frosting throws it off for me.  

Ten Digit Creations Lavender Sage- Strong throw of herbal clean and fresh lavender, almost detergent leaning but great for freshening the home, and green sage. Probably not a repurchase. 

The Bathing Garden Golden Egg- Medium-strong throwing marzipan. I still mainly get that Lush Snowcake vibe, which I don't like. Not a repurchase.

The Bathing Garden Breaking Violet- Woodsy violets and a dark anise liqueur that threw strong in the large living area and kitchen. Unique and different. Might repurchase to have on hand a again, but not one I could melt all the time. It almost has a Lush Ultraviolet lean. 

The Bathing Garden Frolic- Strong throwing blood orange and patchouli blend that replicates Lush Karma in a wonderful way. I love it. Repurchase, and I did. Bought a clamshell of it. 

Sniff My Tarts Buttercream Sprinkles and Sugared Violets- Medium-strong throwing in my living area and kitchen, this blend is wonderful. Vanilla filled buttercream and deep, sweet violets with an almost woodsy lean. I would create this blend for sure but I have a few more of these cute minipies so I might not this next opening... only because I have a ton of violet blends I want to attempt. 

Current pending pre-orders: Cosmic Cleanse Unicorns (good grief, I think I tried to buy one of everything), a Candy Panda Sampler from March, The Bathing Garden Alice Collection, Arcane Bunny Society virgin order, and a small MoonaLisa order (hello... candle! needed that). I also have my first ever Alkemia and Sixteen92 and Possets scents coming to me. I picked one from each perfumer and look forward to trying them. 

Are you waiting on anything exciting to arrive? Hey. Guess what? I have over 20 items from vendors/artisans/companies purchased and donated fresh for my 3 Year Blogiversary, My Favorite Things Giveaway! And each items is truly one of my favorite things. Want a sneak peek? Here is a tiny tease...

Hope you plan on entering! The giveaway will be announced in full on May 22nd. So stay tuned. 


  1. The giveaway sounds like quite a big shebang!

    I'm only waiting on some crafty things at the moment, nothing waxy. Still fun for me though, hehe!


    1. I am so stinking excited about it!!! I was going to post it on the actual anniversary (29th) but I can't wait that long. So I am posting is the 22nd and then announcing the winner on the 29th. I think that works. And satisfies my impatience.

      Crafty things are fun! I am trying to not want anything waxy right now but it can be hard. I really want perfumes right now but I also need to save for Adam's Father's Day/Anniversary gift. I want to get him something nice.

      Can't wait to see your crafty hauls!!

  2. Such a tease you! I am so excited for you Julie!!
    I am currently waiting on my Rose pre-order, Rose Girls Flash Sale order, first The Bathing Garden order, Sniff My Tarts RTS and I want to say that is all.. I don't think I am forgetting anything ha-ha.
    I think since I was able to grab a few scents from SMT RTS that I will probably sit out this opening and enjoy what I have and maybe learn what of hers I like so that I will be ready to order next time.

    1. Thank you! I am excited too. I think I went a little crazy with this one but I had enough kind hearted friends share their wares that I was able to go all out. I cannot wait to see your RG pre-order! And you got a flash sale too?? What was it? Congrats! I hope you love your TBG order. I am excited about mine too. It was big one since I had a hard time narrowing down my Alice desires. Looking forward to seeing what you nabbed from the SMT RTS. I have yet to pick anything up form there but that is because I am waiting for the customs. I don't blame you for waiting. It can be overwhelming to think up blends sometimes. <3

  3. Julie's favorite things...better than Oprah!
    No bueno on the Golden Egg, huh? I thought as much since you aren't into the marzipan, lushcake part, but man it's a hit around here. After gifting some to my sis, she's been asking, Got anymore almond scents? It was so good! Maybe I'll dip into my Frolic clam soon, sounds festive and spicy.
    I have no incoming wax, but am trying to talk my aforementioned sis to team up with me on TBG's summer release. At the very least, she might be able to grab more Golden Egg!

    1. LOL!! I wish I was giving out $300 Egyptian cotton towels and brand new cars. But alas... I must make due with spreading the smell good love. It's the small things right? The Golden Egg was not terrible, definitely an improvement upon Cinderella Would Be Jealous! But still not my fave. I must admit, I am awfully picky about almond scents. I don't think I have found one yet that I love. Hm. But I do keep trying. Gotta give me that.

      I hope you guys can collaborate on a TBG order!! That would be fun! Splitting the samples and having a big old smell fest is so much fun. I miss doing that with my sister. And then you can split up cubes and share scents too. <3

  4. I am currently waiting on a Super Tart Mouse Ears Sampler (which should be here today or tomorrow). Also, I have a small order from the Bathing Garden coming in the next week. I snagged some of your recommendations, such as, Frolic, Oh lala, and Bunny whiskers! I am anxiously awaiting the new newsletter from Shannon at The Bathing Garden. Julie, you and I alone will probably fund her a Bahama's vacation off our "Take Me To The Sea" orders....being the mermaid and sea lovers that we are.

    1. Nice!!! I am loving Super Tarts a lot lately. Please let me know what you think of your TBG order. Those are some great scents! And YES!!!! We will be funding her vacation between the two of us!! LOL! You know we LOVE out Take Me To The Sea collection! This time I plan on going whole hog. I need one of each. Let's be bad together. Isn't the newsletter coming out soon? I feel like I need to browse the website soon. Check out if there is anything I am missing before it goes away.