Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ebb & Flow: May

The highs and lows of the month.

Arcana The Kraken

Haus of Gloi Ploughman pumpkin butter

Wonderberry Sinus Relief

Handmade in Florida Spa Time Essential Oil Clay bar

Lasting Scent Candles Bliss

Diptyque Le Roi Sapin (thank you Jacqui!)

Tatcha Sunscreen

Too Faced Sun Bunny bronzer

Still chugging along with the homemade kefir. I love it blended with strawberries and honey.

Kitchen Sink salads, you know just throw anything in there and chow down. Really digging the heirloom and yellow tomatoes in them.

The Kate Daniels series from Ilona Andrews, starts with Magic Bites. Onto the second one now.

The Tudors thanks to Deb. On season three.

Harry Potter soundtrack

Having to squash my ordering for a couple months this summer. I need to find a way to avoid the temptation of wax and perfume while I get ready for some trips.

The fresh start that summer brings. I will be planning healthier meals and more activity. 

Handcrafted Honeybee All Natural Smarty Pits probiotic deodorant

I was all stoked about my Keurig but now I am not so sure. Is it just me or does the coffee always come out tasting like plastic? I tried some K-cups and then got a filter so I could use my Starbucks ground coffee but everything tastes just a little "off." Granted I have only drank about a week's worth of coffee in it so maybe I just need to let the system run a bit. But I am already missing my old percolator. This might turn around, but for me right now this is a little bit of a miss. 

Not really a low but I did find out what is making my woman time so very painful and awful. I have cysts on my ovary and my uterus. I will be back at the doc in July to further look into it. She wants me on birth control but I am going to try some of the more natural suggestions I have been generously given by friends. The increased stroke risk from oral contraceptives makes me nervous since that is what both my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother passed from. So knowing what is behind it all is good but I am hoping I can come up with some better long term solutions. Thank you all for your love and prayers and good thoughts.

A wonderful end to a school year, a fabulous 3 year blog anniversary celebration, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with my family and wonderful books read.

How was your May? Did it fly by like mine did? What were some of your favorite experiences, news or products? Any bummers? Do share, please!


  1. May was drama and a slip back to my dark funk but I've already whined your ear off about that.

    We didn't like our Keurig either and ended up selling it to my sister, who loves it. Hubby is a coffee drinker. I am not but thought it would so handy for both of us because I'd seen you can also do hot chocolate and tea in there. Nah, we just found all the 'convenience' to be somehow inconvenient. Hubby likes to brew a big pot in the morning and drink from it throughout the day. He just found it easier to do that than brewing a new cup each time. We had mild concerns about the amount of little plastic cups in the garbage, and bigger concerns about the water that can't be fully drained out if you don't use the machine for a while. Yeah, the Keurig was a total fail for us.


    1. You weren't whining and I am here to listen. You certainly do the same when I need it.

      Funny how polarizing this machine can be. I am missing that second half cup I normally have too. I drink like 3/4 of my cup then refill it a little more and it is the perfect amount. The garbage for sure with the little cups. I feel bad enough with the scent shot cups I use for wax as it is. Don't need to add coffee to it. Hoping your June is better. <3 And the Jezebel moves on.

  2. May flew by for me, too. I finally decided to just bite the bullet and purchase a new mattress. I just ordered it yesterday, but I'm hoping that my hip and back pain will lessen once it arrives. I've had good success with acupuncture for my hip and back...I wonder if it can be used to treat cysts or help alleviate your symptoms? I hope June brings you some relief.

    1. New mattress?! NICE! That is always a nice thing. I hope it helps you too. What kind did you get? My daughter has one of those foam ones and it feels so good but we still have the old school spring one and even with rotating it, our bodies have left valleys in it. Acupuncture huh? Do you have sciatica? I may look into that. I am trying to be more open minded about health care options. Thank you. I hope June brings you some too with your new mattress! You must takes lots of naps to break it in. ;-)

  3. So sorry to hear about the cysts but I hope it was a relief to know what the problem was. I do hope some of the remedies you've mentioned are helpful. As far as contraceptives and their side effects, that certainly is an important factor. I will say I've been on Ortho-Trycyclin for nearly a decade with no known ill effects. My cycle is regular, as well as lighter, shorter and more comfortable, so for me it was the right decision. My grandmother also ultimately passed from two strokes so family history is a concern, but one important thing is to avoid developing blood clots. If I'm going to be sitting for a long period I shuffle my feet in place and rotate my ankles.

    I'm not much of a black coffee drinker and have only tasted beverages from a Keurig a couple times but didn't detect anything odd. I do hope that off taste goes away; what a bummer if it doesn't! My hubby loves the idea of a Keurig but they make me paranoid because of all the things I saw online about how the internal parts can grow mold. *shudders*

    My May also flew by really quickly and honestly I hope the next few months do the same because there are some exciting events I'm looking forward to. I'll be kicking off summer next week by going to the county fair with my parents. What will be your first summer activity?

    1. It was relief. Relief to know it wasn't just all in my head. I am not sure why I have a hard time with non-diagnosis. It bothers me so much. I did take Ortho as a teen but it made my hair fall out and skin act insane. :-( Crazy how different bodies react to medications. I like your idea of keeping your blood flowing though when sitting. I should have done more of that yesterday during jury duty.

      Yes. Those water reservoirs were problematic. Thankfully this one has been redesigned and it is removable so the tank can be cleaned.

      You have so many amazing things on deck!!! I hope you have the time of your life this summer. I am so stinking excited for you, Amanda!!! I think our first activity will be to watch Spirited Away with my girls. <3

  4. Overall it sounds like a good month! My daughter solely uses the Keurig/ I've tried but it's just not as good as my previous method. I may be the last person I know that still drinks instant coffee. I'm sorry you are a rough time with your cysts, cycle and all the crap that goes with it. I will be 49 in August and my period stopped last year. Now I get to enjoy personal summers throughout each day. I guess there is a trade off. Another note- do you think that Dyptique candles are worth the cost? I have been working on going through my candles/ it's been satisfying. I love watching empty videos on YouTube . Talk to you soon, Ellisa

    1. I love instant coffee! My mom had me hooked on those International Delight ones and now Starbucks Via are pretty good too.

      Always a trade-off on our bodies isn't there? Hoping your symptoms ease for you soon.

      You know... I think they are if you can get them on a deal or with a nice gift with purchase deal. I am burning the pine one now and I can smell it beautifully and well and I love it. I may buy one full priced when I go to NYC just as a token but they are probably not a candle I could justify having in copious amounts or to burn on the regular. But as treats, yes, of course. What candles do you enjoy? I am using my older Bath & Body Works ones too and it is a nice feeling. I would like to have a few nicer ones on hand though so I am thinking of going back to Olfactif and picking another one up in June.

  5. Aargh, I'm sorry to hear your medical issues are still being obstructionist (stupid obstructionist uterus.) Not that our bodies aren't always a total mystery, but man, some of the things that have gone on in the last's kinda frightening. I'm glad to hear your doctor's got some solutions, but also that you're looking at them with a critical eye, especially in light of your family history. Sending you positive, healing thoughts.

    I love my Keurig, but I may also - and I hesitate to put this down in writing, because that's the surest way to make something NOT happen - have the only Keurig in the world that actually works. They're terribly touchy things (my parents, who perhaps use it once every day or every couple of days, are on their third; two Keurigs and then I think a Kitchenaid one that is slightly better.) I use mine once a day. Tons of concerns about those little plastic cups, so you're right to go with the reusable one, but so weird about that plastic taste. I'd expect that maybe the first one or two uses, but not for it to persist.

    May was lame - sick for nearly three weeks and right the crap out of it for a day or two there that I simply can't account for! And it's been raining. So pretty sucky. :(

    1. Thank you , Sandra. I am going to try and do my best to get my butt in gear and be more healthy too and I am sure that will help. As I believe overweight women produce more estrogen? Something like that. Anyway, I need to regardless.

      You go the lucky one then, huh? I told Adam if this doesn't work for me then I will just go pick up another cheap drip machine at Walmart. They are super cheap and last ages. But good to hear you like yours. I am not ready to give up by any means. Just maybe surprised I am not immediately sold like I expected to be. Maybe it will come later.

      Your May was awful. I am so sorry you had to deal with illness and brain fog and deluge. Since May blew Satan's nuts, then June has to be bloody brilliant, right?

  6. So relieved to hear you've figured out what's causing your pain and discomfort! Hopefully you can hit on a solution that will help alleviate the symptoms without resorting to birth control.

    My mom's had a Keurig for years and really likes it, but she also has guests frequently so it works pretty well for that. We also have one in our small office where making a full pot in only one person wants coffee is wasteful. I've noticed some blends do seem to have a slightly different taste than regular brewed, but I'm dumping a lot of fake creamer in them anyway since regular nut milk would go bad too quickly, so it already tastes odd :D I definitely have qualms about the packaging.

    May here was meh. Our weather is all over the place so it hasn't really felt like summer is on its way yet. I am still dealing with plantar faciitis so I can't run and am feeling very fat!

    1. Thank you, Kate. I am hoping so too. I found some herbal pills from a health food store. Going to try those.

      I can see how a Keurig would be perfect for entertaining! I am the only one in the house who enjoys coffee, well, the girls do too but only in the smallest amounts. Gah! Fake creamer! I remember those days. I used to drink it when I worked at a golf course for many, many years. Why does everything convenient have to use so much packaging nowadays? Is that inherently what makes it easy?

      I am sorry you are dealing with poor weather and foot problems. That is awfully painful isn't it?? I hope you can find a way to be active soon so you can get those endorphins pumping again. I am missing being active myself. But I will be changing that once school is out.

  7. Very sorry to hear of the cysts, but at least now you have answers and can plan for treatment to get you on the mend. I'll be keeping you in my prayers that all goes well. I just saw your Cosmic Cleanse post...have those products been helping at all? They're great for pain relief.

    So you're watching The Tudors? I just finished rewatching for the umpteenth time a few days ago. That series never gets old and the acting was phenomenal (well, aside from wife #5). I'm now watching The White Queen on Amazon Prime and it's about Henry's grandmother. Not as good as The Tudors but it's catchy.

    1. Wife #5 and horrible acting? That had to be the highly annoying 'Am I 12?' floozie! Hated everything about her.

      Are you watching White Princess at all? I'm kinda liking it more than White Queen, which surprised me.

      Okay, sorry for butting in. :P


    2. Answers are a big deal for sure. Thankful to have some! I have been using the Cosmic Cleanse and it does help take the edge off while waiting for the Tylenol or Advil to kick in.

      I am! My sweet friend Deb sent me all the DVDs and I have been binge watching like crazy! It is so great. I love the costuming, the acting the scenes, everything. I was bummed they changed Lady Jane but in the end I liked the new one better than the first one. So sad how broken King Henry's heart was at her death. I had always read he loved her best. I want to watch both the White Queen and the White Princess after Tudors.

      Is the 5th wife Katherine Howard? She was related to Anne Boleyn right?

    3. Not butting in at all, Deb! I think it's her acting in general. She was in Salem and irritated me in that one, too. But her portrayal of Catherine Howard was spot on. I always thought of their relationship being like Hef and his Playboy bunnies. She was young, immature and not at all prepared to be Queen, especially to a cantankerous old man that Henry was at that point in his life. He was preoccupied with politics and the ulcer on his leg, so she looked for affection elsewhere. I want to watch The White Princess, but don't get the Starz channel. I need to see if I can watch it online after finishing this series. It's about Elizabeth of York, right?

      Julie, don't forget the handsome actors! =P yes I was sad that they replaced Jane. He referred to her as his "true wife" for giving him a male heir and is buried beside her. Sadly their son died when he was ~16 in 1553ish after ruling for six years. Katherine Howard is the fifth wife and was Anne's cousin. I believe Anne's mother and Katherine's father were siblings. I thought I read that all of the wives were distantly related.

    4. Yes! I am partial to Mr. Henry Cavill. Something about Jonathan's teeth bothers me... like they look fake? I am sure I am in the minority and being picky. Plus his crazy king laugh sounds super maniacal. I never remember which Catherine starts with a "c" or a "k." I guess most of the aristocracy was related somehow in oder to keep blood lines pure and maintain high born status. It fascinates me.

    5. I forgot she was in Salem! I didn't mind her in that, but *hated* her in The Tudors. Is Salem still going? I gave up after the first season.

      Yep, White Princess is about 'Lizzie' and Henry VII.


  8. I am so glad you liked Le Roi Saipin! It was not for me, it had too much of a medicinal-y eucalyptus vibe to my nose. The set it came in was stunning though, the colored glass is beautiful! My favorite from that collection was Un Incens Etoile, a stunning spicy incense scent. Got a backup of that one! Diptyque has okay for me, I actually find that I prefer the smaller candles to the large ones. They burn much better and in turn throw better for me as well.

    I need to try this natural deodorant! I was all natural before pregnancy but pregnancy hormones made me stink horribly lol, so I gave in and got back on the traditional deodorant train. I need to detox and go back to natural. I'm writing this one down and I'm excited to try it!

    Your kitchen sink salads sound delish! I'd love to see what you put in them! I'm getting bored of my salads and I need some inspiration to switch them up. I always do the same boring spinach, cucumber, broccoli and carrot with crispy onions and protein. And homemade vineagrette. Blah.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your health woes. I know the feels lady. One thing that helped me in that area immensely was diet and exercise. I know, it's so cliche in many ways but I found that when I eliminated gluten and other highly inflammatory foods from my diet, it helped every aspect of my health, especially that area. Pregnancy was something I wasn't sure could happen for me because of my PCOS and autoimmune issues. I found great help from a naturopathic physician. She helped me find foods that were contributing to my inflammation, as well as hormonal and mineral imbalances that she helped correct. Sometimes traditional doctors aren't very good at looking at root causes to our issues and only want to treat the symptoms. I wish you the best of luck with everything and hope you can find some relief!

    SO this Florida trip that we've been trying to take for 2 years now? It's happening in July!!! I hope we can meet up again =)

    Hope you have a wonderful June Julie!!

    1. And I hope I don't sound too preachy about the health stuff. I struggled for years and years with horrible, heavy periods and pain. I am bitter because no normal doctor had any solution for me other than birth control, so I understand the frustration for sure!!

    2. I am loving it! The throw is lovely. I like the smaller Diptyque ones too. I may look for a set when I go to the Diptyque store in NYC this fall. Thank you for your generosity!

      If you decide you want to try the Handmade Honeybee, go to their site and sign up for the newsletter. They will send you a link to try both the baking soda free and original formulas for only the cost of shipping which is $3 and some change. A great way to try them out. Lots of nice scents too.

      I love putting in the tomatoes, avocado, salami or some type of meat, aged white cheddar or shaved Parmesan, pickled vegetables, shredded beets, or a fruit based salad with berries, citrus and candied pecans. I like making my own dressings too. Olive oil, Trader Joe's Orange Muscat Champagne vinegar (IS AMAZING!!!), a dab of dijon and cracked pepper and sea salt is my current go-to.

      You are not too preachy at all. I value your opinion, knowing you have suffered some trials and have endured pain and bad health but come through with great results. I am all about trying to explore my options at this point. Thank you for your wise advice. I just bought the Whole30 book to read about healthy eating and I am planning on doing my favorite Jillian Michael's work out routines and walking more often again. The summer is great for me to get back on track since I have time and energy to focus on myself rather than my job. Teacher perks. I just need to carry it over into the new school year. And since last year I was battle getting fired and then hunting for a new job it wasn't exactly the easiest summer. I am in a better place to take care of myself right now.

      Yes? July?! Awesome!! I want to meet your little man. And Scarlette adores babies.

      Thank you for your well wishes! I hope you have a nice June too! Take care my friend!! xoxo