Friday, May 12, 2017

Japan Crate: Umai Crate

My friend Marie on FB (used to run a fabulous blog called Nails&Noms) posted a photo of some kick butt looking ramen and I had to know where it came from... ended up being a subscription box called the Umai Crate, run by the Japan Crate crew. I placed my order on February 28th and I got this April box the first week of May. It does take a bit to kick in and then get the order since it does ship from Japan. I got worried at week 5 after getting the shipping notice but it came the next day. And it was pretty darn big. It is $25 per month and includes 7-8 noodle meals plus an extra surprise gift. 

I got 7 various noodle meals, many of which were large enough to share with another person (that other person being Savanna as she is my Asian food lover). This month featured a few vegetarian ramen meals, a super cute bowl featuring Japan's unofficial mascot, , an S&B white pepper packet and a pink stretchy lid man who keeps the ramen lid down for you so your soup doesn't get cold. 

I have had a great time embellishing my ramen meals with homemade momofuku eggs (recipe here), nori, enoki mushrooms, seasame seeds and oil and more. I have consumed 3 of the noodle packages so far and loved them all. I do have next month's crate coming but I canceled after that because I wanted to try the Japan Crate Premium that sends candies and snacks. But I would not hesitate to sign up for this crate again. It give me a nice variety for my lunches and quick dinners.

Do you have a subscription box you are loving? Do you enjoy Japanese goodies?


  1. Sounds like an adventure. Japanese food isn't my favorite but I do enjoy a good noodle bowl! Are you able to decipher the ingredients at all on the packages using a translator or something? I'd have to know what fungi or funky stuff I was shoveling in with my noodles.

    1. It totally is an adventure. Japanese foods can be a little polarizing. I wasn't really a fan until I went there. But now I crave it. I do use Google Translate app for some of the Japanese things I try. Especially if there are steps involved or I want to know what I am eating or putting on my face. But with these I am content to just eat them. Some were vegetarian so couldn't be too crazy (maybe?) but they taste great! Loved the vegetarian noodle bowl I ate for lunch yesterday. Now... the candy box will be a true adventure. I remember seeing salmon flavored bubble gum in Tokyo so who knows what will be in there.