Sunday, May 28, 2017

Melting Basket 96: Summer Dreams

Fruity juicy wax from the last basket I would scoop up again: CFTKR Orange Tarocco and Blueberry Cream Type and Twisted Mermaid, Lasting Scent Candles Blackberry Ren Ten, Rosegirls Raspberry/Mango/Gilligan.

The Bathing Garden- Pink Sands
The Bathing Garden- Gardenia Coconut Cream
The Bathing Garden- RingMaster's Paramour
CFTKR- Sun Kissed Sugarcane
CFTKR- Mahogany Coconut
Rosegirls- Peppermint/Shaving Cream/Gilligan's Brew
Rosegirls- Green Apple and Honeydew <3 gift
Lasting Scent Candles- Manuka Lavender
Lasting Scent Candles- Amber Lights
Glitterati- Tropical Soda
L3- Coconut Citrus Pomegranate Sorbet <3 gift
House of Phoebe- Shadow <3 gift
Cosmic Cleanse- Caribou Lou

If you would like any of these reviewed please let me know in the comments.

It is time for my annual list of summer activities! The girls and I brainstormed some things we would like to try and experience this summer so we aren't stuck around the house too much. Here is what we came up with so far.

Summer 2017 Wishes:
- Clearwater Aquarium to see Winter the dolphin
-Kids make dinner nights
- Sunset pirate cruise with Captain Memo on Clearwater Beach
-Tubing down the Ichetucknee Springs
-Homemade ice cream
-Visit the Everglades National Park
-Swim at Lithia Springs
-Beach days!
-Typhoon Lagoon Water Park for Father's Day/Anniversary
-Downtown Disney
-Hobbit movie marathon
-Eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company at City Walk
-Bird watching and trail hiking at Highlands Hammock State Park
- Catch a free movie at Cobb Theater
-Fishing at Tenoroc
-Tennessee vacation

...and one just for me.
-Yoga hostel in St. Augustine with Giffe' and Stephanie

Of course all these things may not happen but it will be fun to try and squeeze them in! There will be days full of nothing but pj's and TV and books and snuggles. 


  1. I love your list!!! But - are you sure the Everglades is for summer? I know you're Floridian and all ;) - but the bugs!!! I went in January and still got over 40 bites on one short hike while wearing deet!!!!

    Yoga hostel - perfect <3

    I hope you guys have an amazing summer!!!

    1. Yeah you're right. I should probably rethink that one. Sometimes my native Floridian alligator brain gets the best of me.

      I am excited about the yoga trip. I need to boonit this week so we can still go. I will blog it if you want.

      Have a great summer too Nancy! Do you have any holidays during it??

  2. Oh my, I thought you were holding some sort of appetizer there! I was like, "What yummy, tomato sauce-adorned nummy does Julie have there?" before I realized it was a crustacean and I've pretty much turned into the crazy French chef from The Little Mermaid.

    I'm a big time list-maker, so I approve of your summer preparedness plan, with wiggle room. Sounds like you have tons of fun things ahead - enjoy!

    1. Lol!!! Poor hermit crab! I have no idea if they are delicious. We love wading onto sandbars and capturing all the sea critters we can find.

      You know me and lists.... I figure if I write it down I am more likely to accomplish at least some.