Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Melting Basket 94

Wax from the last basket I would buy again consists of: LSC Winter White Cake, Sweet Kisses and Mint Mallow Creme, TBG Blackberry Fudge, Breaking Violet, Frolic and Blueberry Lavender Sugar Cake, MooScents Strawberry Dreams and Bohemian Velvet, CFTKR Molasses Cookies, SMT Buttercream Sprinkles/Sugared Violet, VCS Bluebird Cafe.

Sniff My Tarts- Pink Sugar
Sniff My Tarts- Pink Stiletto/Salt Water Taffy/Vanilla Cake Pops
Sassy Girl Aroma- Fall Yoga Pants By The Fireside
Sassy Girl Aroma- Pink Sugar/Serene Waters/Rainforest Sugarcane
Sassy Girl Aroma- Sisters In Pink Ocean Breeze
Sassy Girl Aroma- Blue Sugar Shaving Cream
Dessa's- Vanilla Butter Fudge
Dessa's- Apples & Evergreen
Dessa's- Fresh Raspberry Sauce
Destination: Wax- Black + Black
Destination: Wax- Honey:Honeysuckle
Destination: Wax- Lavender:Rosemary
Ten Digit Creations- Eucalyptus and Dirty Diana (Lush Dirty)
Ten Digit Creations- Pink Sugar/Creamy Coconut/Sandalwood Marshmallow
House of Phoebe- Forest Fairy
House of Phoebe- Ygritte
Mainstays- Tranquil Island
Mainstays- Sweet Sangria
Purple Fox- Pillow Mint
L3- Claire (herbs, bergamot, vanilla)
Scentsy- Hemingway
Southbound- Baja Blossom
Wonderberry- Cinnamon Cider
Ramble On- Bee Sting Tea
CFTKR- Buttercream Sprinkles
Candy Panda- Cinnamon Stix
The Melting Duck- Violent Violet
Jamianne's Wax Creations- Happy Kamper
Vintage Chic Scents- Imagene's Serendipity Cream Pie
Hayden Rowe Candle Co- Italian Biscotti
Rosegirls- Lavender, Orchids, and Violets

All of these tarts are either gifts from friends or samples from vendors. This is probably the largest vendor selection I have had in a long time! I am stoked to melt such an array of scents and vendors. If you would like for me to review any of these scents in depth, I would love to! But do please keep in mind, as most are gifts, I do not know the age of some and that may affect performance. 

Saturday morning I found myself bitten by the cleaning bug. My closet floor piled high with clothing and scattered with shoes, my wax drawers in disarray, my nightstand a catch-all for letters, lotions and all sundry hair bits and bobs, so I set to work tossing, organizing and putting away. In the process I found a 40 by 40 list I wrote with NaLonda more than 5 years ago while we were staying at a bed and breakfast in Mount Dora. It was fun to read and check off items now that I am more than half way to 40. 

Things I crossed off:
-seeing snow
-a Chanel lipgloss
-running a 5k (back in 2012 LOL!)
-homemade laundry detergent
-paint the living room
-firefly catching
-vacation with just Adam
-make a blueberry cheesecake
-grow strawberries
-get a job (have done that twice over since then)
-watch a movie at the Polk Theater (it was Gone With The Wind, and Sunday I went and saw Colossal there too)
-train ride
-buy a bike
-visit IKEA
-watch Gone With The Wind (well that was two birds with one stone)
-camping with the kids (boy did I have no idea back then what I was asking for)

Things I had listed but have not done yet, but I do still have 3 1/2 years left...
-knit a cashmere scarf (am I ever going to do this?!)
-can fresh veggies/fruits
-laser hair removal
-mission trip
-make a king sized quilt
-ride in a hot air balloon
-swim with dolphins
-RV with the kids
-Yellowstone Park
-lose 50 pounds
-own a designer pair of jeans
-play poker
-scuba dive
-Disney Cruise with the kids
-white water rafting
-Cape Cod
-winter in Colorado

Not sure if I still have the urge to do some of those things anymore... after all... it was a long time ago I wrote that but they are still all worthy of attempting. I definitely doubt the London/Scotland trip within three years, but I will still be saving my pennies for it. And really... I buy my jeans at Target now. So I won't be aiming for an expensive pair of jeans, more like an expensive bottle of perfume. And nope on the scuba diving. Snorkeling is just fine with me. With dolphins. :-)

Pretty soon here I will be making my summer time list of things to accomplish and do with the girls. Are you a list maker? Do you have a 30 by 30 or 40 by 40 or a 50 by 50 list? What things would you have on it?


  1. Such a wonderful assortment of goodies to melt! All the SGA blends are some of my favorites and the Southbound Baja Blossom is wonderful too. Please let me know how you like the DW and HR scents; anything I sent you is from the last couple months.

    It's exciting to see how many goals you've accomplished and how many fun things you still have left to experience!

    1. Thank you for helping to make it so great! You always have such a nice variety of vendors... I get stuck in my these-are-my-faves rut and forget to venture out sometimes. That Southbound Baja smells AMAZING on cold!!! I will review the DW and HR for you. I am looking forward to melting them! I have had a few people recommend DW but when I go on the site I get stumped. So maybe this will be what puts me over the edge and into an order. :-)

      I was surprised too, to be honest. Especially since I had lost the list for a few years. I guess some of the things I wanted to do were still in the back of my head.

  2. What an excellent basket! Many many different vendors and scents to pick from. I would like to hear about any of the Destination Wax as I am pondering up an order maybe soon, SGA Fall Yoga Pants By The Fireside, Pillow Mint & Bee Sting Tea.

    1. Thanks! I will review the DW for you! I keep browsing their website but just have not put anything into a cart yet. Maybe this will spur me on too. SGA Fall Yoga Pants (which smells like heaven) and the others I will review for you too. Many of these are first time melts from these vendors so I am thrilled to try some. <3 My wax stash does lack variety. I must admit I have been sticking to tried and true a lot lately.

  3. OOh, I love seeing fuzzy octopus again, he/she? has such great taste in wax. Ditto on the Bee Sting Tea review request, it's from a Black Friday 2016 sale, poured Nov 2016 and when I saw Matcha tea was a fragrance, I naturally thought of you;) Oh, let's throw the RG floral up too, is it a flower bomb, or what?
    Congrats on completing so many goals, I have a list somewhere from when Shel and I first got married and I wonder if we've accomplished anything from it... I'm a big list maker, but not a bucket list type, maybe I'll join you on a summer list as it's just about too late for the '40 by 40' for me. Hey, I realized I'll get to NYC before my 40th! (1 whole day before)
    Also, Hot air balloons FREAK me out, so I'll be avoiding that post summary if you do it. No way, uh-uh, hands over eyes. I'm down with that Scotland/London trip though,passport in hand.

    1. LOL! Fuzzy octopus DOES have great taste in wax!! Matcha?! I had a few matcha blends I was dreaming up last year and I think I still have the oil. How cool! I will be all corny and brew myself a cup of matcha and then drink it while I smell this tart melting. :-) I do things like that sometimes. And the RG one is gorgeous. Absolutely lovely. I will put aside a chunk for you if you think you want to smell it... there are 3 in there so it will be left over.

      Thanks! I am a list maker too. Big time. I make shopping lists, to do lists, Christmas lists, budgets, goals, anything. It helps me focus and at least cross some things off. Otherwise I forget and float about in a haze. I am still so excited for you about your trip!!!! I cannot wait to read all about it. And if you eat anything that is TDF, please let me know!

      Hot air balloons look fun but are crazy expensive. Adam won't go with me but I think Scarlette will. I think Scotland/London will be the most amazing thing to achieve on the list. Lifelong dream. It keeps getting pushed back... but when it happens it will be just that much sweeter. I just know it.

  4. Wow, that's a great assortment of wax. I'd love to hear your thoughts on DW Black + Black. I've been contemplating ordering that one. Also, I've never heard of House of Phoebe so I'd love to hear your thoughts for those. Candy Panda doesn't quite work for me throw-wise sometimes so I'm also curious how it works for you. Reading through your list makes me realize I need to make one too. I think of all of these goals/dreams in my head and it gets overwhelming sometimes so I think writing it all down on paper and checking them off would be so therapeutic. Have a great day Julie!

    1. Thanks! I am actually pretty pumped about it. I feel like I am giving all my wax love to a few tried and true vendors and missing out on some gems. I will be more than happy to review those for you. I have read about CP not being a good thrower for several people. The ones I used to melt several months ago were good but it has been forever since I have melted any. I do have her pre-order coming and I am anxious to see if they throw. Writing them down to plan and ponder and check off IS therapeutic for me. It gives me something to look forward to when I am down. Thank you, Renee! I hope you have a great rest of your week pretty lady!

  5. Camping with the kids literally made me lol. I also want to can fruit, knit a scarf (will we ever? Lol), and a mission trip. I would love for us to do one together. Maybe with Highland park?

    1. Right?! It was a hilariously terrifying experience. And I will therefore remember it forever. Let's can something, knit something and go on a mission trip together. Adam is finally getting close to ready for the mission trip. He said 2018. So maybe we can all do it together.

  6. Mount Dora! THAT's where I saw the crazy two-headed bug, which may have actually been two bugs mating. Crazy Florida. Highest elevation in the state, if I'm not mistaken. Not exactly mountainous, but then again, Florida's not really known for its mountains! Just its two-headed death insects.

    I'm super curious about that raspberry Dessa scent - always on the lookout for one that comes close to Rosegirls' tartness. If you could swing an opinion on that tart, I'd love it, thank you. :)

    I love your 40 before 40 list! There's some fabulous stuff on there, even if your priorities have shifted a bit or you've come to realize that camping truly is hell. ;) I try to keep my dreams loose, and I often don't talk about them at all for fear of making them somehow disappear, you know? But extended stays at Disney World and Universal usually factor in there somewhere!

    1. LOL!!! Lovebugs!!! So gross but harmless. Yes, I do think it is the highest elevation... and definitely not worthy of the title "Mount" more like "Hill" Dora but still cute and tall for us none the less, especially since we are sea level throughout most of the state. Just treading that fine line of existence.. maybe that is what makes Floridians so weird and reckless.... knowing at the slightest melt of a polar ice cap we are plunged back into pre-historic times and will be swallowed up like Pompeii.

      I just melted that one yesterday! That Dessa raspberry is really good. Strong, sweet and bright with just a little nod to liqueur to it. I would say RG version is a little darker and thicker while this one is more bright and boozy. But I love it! It would make a fabulous blender too. Tartness... I think it is nicely tart. For sure. It isn't cloyingly sweet.

      I would whole heartedly agree about Disney and Universal trips... so much fun!!! And who knows, maybe by the time you come back down to make one of those dreams a reality, we will have moved to Orlando and you guys can come over for dinner and we can meet up. Or take you guys somewhere fun.

    2. Oh holy crow, speaking of melt, a quarter of my city and a large portion of the city in the province across the way (Quebec, right next door; actually literally right across the river) were recently - and still kind of are - under water. Spring flooding gone very, very wrong. So I actually know all about living in a floodplain!

      Thank you for your thoughts on the Dessa raspberry. Always on the lookout for one that isn't that Black Raspberry Vanilla dupe from Victoria's Secret, I guess? I just want the fruity bits!

      Oh my gosh, adult fun time trip to Orlando's finest, I'm so in! That sounded a little more dirty than I had intended, sorry - I just mean adults at the amusement park fun. Ahem. :/