Monday, April 6, 2015

Vintage Chic Scents: Fresh Springtime Sampler

Kirby's Fresh Springtime sampler caught my eye after I had placed my first order containing the Blossom Bag and Flower 3-Pack I posted about a few days ago. Even though the flat rate shipping is a little steep for smaller orders ($7.99) I went ahead and bit the bullet. 

Million Dollar Mermaid- Fresh ocean water with sea berries, bergamot, and a hint of white musk.
The name and color alone are enough to make me fall in love, but the scent is pretty great too. The sea berries come across more floral and herbal than sweet and fruity. Beautiful spa scent.

Glass Slippers- Watermelon spearmint snow taffy.
This one threw me for a loop. Every time I opened it to smell, I kept getting licorice. My sister Darby didn't, so it could very well be me.

Mamma Mia!- Gardenia coconut cream pie.
I think you know how I feel about this. TOTALLY AWESOME!

Breathless in Provence- A warm citrus spa scent: sage, lemon, and lavender.
Gorgeous combination, where all three notes can be detected. 

Cheryl's Stormy Weather- Fresh ocean rain and fresh rain.
Pretty oceanic ozone type scent that is well executed. Strong and clear.

Curse of the Bambino- Citrus fresh grass.
The fresh grass holds a sweetness to it, like hay. The citrus feels more like oranges specifically. Nice blending.

Erma's Clothesline- Lavender vanilla clean cotton.
Soft and sweet like dryer sheets. Very nice!

Cape Cod- Salty sea spray, weathered driftwood, and water lily.
One of my favorites that I purchased from Kirby's very first opening that I knew I wanted more of eventually. It smells just as nice now! Perfect beach house scent full of crushed shells, woods and sea air. 

Free samples in:

Vaudeville- Strawberry Raspberry Guava, Wildberry Mousse, Cotton Candy. It smells like yummy grape candy to me.

Little Briar Rose- Green Apple, Pomegranate, Cotton Candy Frosting. Again, my nose must be off... I swear it smells like candied strawberries to me. Yummy for sure, but strawberry was the first thing that popped into my head. I must be getting candle nose.

How do you feel about samplers? Are you a fan or do you find more misses than hits? 


  1. I like samplers because it forces me to melt outside of my comfort zone and try out several new to me scents and blends without committing to huge amounts of that scent. I'm more willing to buy a new scent if I don't have to spend a whole lot on that single item.
    For me I haven't had a bad sampler experience. There might've been one or two individual scents I didn't care for, but overall the whole experience is great!

    1. I agree Liz. I love samplers.... But I was also that kid who loved buying mystery grab bags at stores because the idea of unknown treasures excited me. I have discovered lots of unexpected favorites in samplers. I have to say SMT makes one of my favorite mystery boxes simply due to the crazy blend combos that result. This VCSsampler was a hit for me. Who has some of your fav samplers/mystery boxes?

    2. Before my incident with RG, I'd had great luck getting their samplers! It opened my eyes to brand new blends! It was great!
      Whenever I order from FP I also pick up a sampler or two if they're available. If I don't like a scent I can usually blend it with something and make it more bearable/completely awesome!

  2. I got the springtime sampler too! I kind of wish I had bought two, I really love Breathless in Provence, Cape Cod and Curse of the Bambino. I rarely get samplers because generally I would rather pick out individual scents, but I've liked the ones I've gotten.

    1. I loved this sampler too Jen! I was surprised how much I like Breathless and Bambino. I probably would have passed on those if I was just ordering single scents but I would have been missing out for sure. What other samplers have you bought that you enjoyed? Have a nice day Jen!

    2. I would have picked Bambino, but I'm so picky with lavender scents I tend to skip them if they're not from my ~trusted vendors so I never would have known how amazing Breathless in Provence was. I bought Tiffany Candles' winter sampler and it was worth it just for the introduction of some of my favorites from her, but I have a bunch leftover I've been meaning to destash.

    3. I was eyeballing that Tiffany sampler pretty hard but I never bit.

  3. Million Dollar Mermaid and Breathless in Provence SCREAM you! Cape Cod is excellent for cleaning days, so strong and pungent, in a good way, of course. $7.99 is a bit steep for a sampler, though! Awesome sampler, and Mamma Mia! WOOHOO!! Vaudeville has caught my eye.

    1. They doooooo!! I was pleasantly surprised to really love them. Cape Cod has some major throw and freshness. I think you would like Vaudeville! It is really good.