Sunday, April 5, 2015

Q & A: Amber Harper at Ten Digit Creations

Amber Harper (pictured here with Husband, Ken), of Ten Digit Creations, graciously fit in an interview with me recently. Ten Digit Creations has a fabulous reputation for quality fragrances, expansive products, affordable prices, and speedy delivery. Amber lets us in on a little bit of her background and and how TDC operates.

1. How long have you been working with wax? Soap? Handmade goods?
My wax obsession began in 2006. I spent a little over a year testing different ones until I was able to blend a formula that met my expectations. We launched Ten Digit Creations on January 1st, 2008. The soap didn't come until later, after we realized we wanted to expand TDC further than just candles and wax melts. I gave Ken (hubby) the job of researching the soap. Next thing I knew, he was playing mad scientist. I was happy to give him those reigns, as soaping reminds me of cooking... and I hate cooking : P Little by little we've added things here and there. Now we have a full line including wax melts, cold process soap, liquid hand soap, body wash, room spray, incense, lotion, body butter, sugar scrub, lip balm, hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, solid perfume, perfume oil, body mist, body spray, and fur refreshner. 

2. Other than yourself, are there other faces and digits in the workshop that contribute to your company?
Yes :) Ken is my hubby and co-owner. Although he has a separate full-time job, he continues to work with me daily in some aspect of the business. I also hired an assistant, Brittany Collins, about nine months ago. Most days I wondered how I ever made it without her. 

3. Ten Digit Creations has been booming in business lately, to what do you attribute this blossoming? How are you keeping up with all these orders with a still phenomenal TAT (turn around time)?
At first I thought it was because of my charming personality ;) In all seriousness though, I believe several factors have attributed to the recent boom. We purchased a new home three years ago with a full basement to be used as our workshop. That has allowed us to really expand the business, from the addition of new products to a much larger scent list (we now offer 400 fragrances). Social media had also played a vital role in our success. We have the standard Facebook business page, but once I created the "closed group" for our business, everything changed. Our customers get to interact with me every day. I answer questions, inform them of updates and changes, get their opinions of various things, and they get to post honest reviews of scents and/or products without being chastised. Some have even mentioned how surprised they are that I'm so involved. It actually surprises me that others aren't. Offering great products is a must, yes, but it can't stop there. Great customer service goes a long way!As for our TAT, this business is my passion and my life! I have the pleasure of it being my full-time job. You can find me in the workshop at least 10 hours per day, 7 days a week. That is how I keep up with all of the orders :) Lately, however, I did finally change our TAT to 2-5 business days so I could squeeze some "me" time in there. We fluctuate between being slammed and just busy, but I leave the TAT as is so it becomes an added bonus to the customer if they receive their shipping information sooner than expected. :)

4. As a unique scent lover, I really appreciate your wide variety of scents. What inspires your scent blending and choices for new additions?
I am obsessed with fragrance! My favorite smells are pouring rain on hot pavement, Band-aids, and Scotch tape... none of which I've ever been able to replicate :D I actually didn't know I was a lover of earthy scents until I started this business. I tend to gravitate to them the most, but I also know the importance of appealing to all crowds. Bakery scents are my least favorite (I'm not a sweet eater), so it is harder adding those to the line-up. I just stick with ones that don't turn my stomach too much ;) I let our customers guide our scent selections. I keep a "scent request" post in our Facebook group. It's a collection of everything they want. They know I can't possibly carry everything requested, but I do consider all requests. My own personal taste guides that list too--- hence lots of earthy blends ;) 

5. What is your favorite part of your job?
My commute. I walk down a flight of stairs--- I get great gas mileage!! :P You'll have to pardon my sense of humor. It just pops up randomly :) My favorite part is definitely the wax melts. Those are the little boogers that started this whole thing! Too bad I didn't have some type of product-counter over the years. I would love to know just how many I've poured since 2008!

6. What job aspect is your bane?
Lack of time. It does get frustrating to have all these ideas and future projects, but not enough time to do it all. There are simply not enough hours in my day. I need nine days in a week, then maybe I could implement everything that's in my head.

7. What are your personal favorite fragrances for your home and body?
I have so many favorites, but these are some of my top favorite: Purple Sandalwood, Pink Sugar, Green Tea & Willow, Cashmere & Lace, Bohemian Sunrise, Black Widow, Twisted Lime, Mandarin Cranberry, and ANYTHING with patchouli and/or sandalwood :)

8. What is your vision for Ten Digit Creations?
People often tell me I should open up a brick & mortar store. Nope. I never wanted that for TDC. Part of what I love about this business is the ability to work from home (my dogs and cats appreciate that part), and to stay active in the whole process (from making the products to packaging the orders to keeping personal relationship I have with our customers). I never wanted to be the person who sits behind a mahogany desk while everyone else does the work. I want TDC to continue to grow, but never grow beyond the capability of being able to remain an active participant. 

9. Do you have any new products or innovations coming down the pike for TDC?
Of course! Can I tell you what they are? No. Keeping secrets is my specialty... gotta get my fun where I can :) Any new products, of course, are indicative of that time thing I mentioned earlier. Testing new products/formulas requires time, so while I can't get new products added as quickly as I'd like, they'll make their appearance some day.

10. Please share with us your Top 3 Favorite TV shows or books.
I'm an avid reader (when time allows). I prefer the paranormal genre. My favorite series bar none is the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. I will warn you, once you read those, you'll always use those to compare everything else to. None will come close. I also enjoyed the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. My third favorite has to be the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward. As for TV shows, we never actually watch TV-- we wait for everything on Netflix (I hate commercials). My favorites? Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, and Sons of Anarchy. Still gotta throw in Scandal and Revenge as favorites!

11. Is there anything you "fangirl" over?
If Ian Somerhalder and Jason Statham constitute fangirl status, then yes :)

12. How do you splurge on yourself?
I rarely splurge on myself, but I did recently (less than a week ago) splurge on a 2015 4-door Rubicon <3 I had a Jeep Liberty for 10 years and loved it. I NEEDED the 4-door Rubicon!! :) Aside from that, my splurges consist of buying used books! Yes, I love my Kindle, but I equally find comfort in being able to turn an actual page. 

Ten Digit Creations operates from their own website as well as Etsy. Amber is generously giving my readers a code for 10% off their order through the month of April! Use code Mermaid10 at check out and click recalculate (valid only on their actual website- NOT Etsy!) You will receive 10% off all regular priced items. The coupon excludes: clearance items, daily specials, monthly specials, scent of the month. Thank you Amber on behalf of myself and readers. Some of my personal favorites include: Black Magic, Honey Lemon, Rosewood & Amber, Vintage Vanilla, Patchouli Passion, Desert Moon, and Marshmallow Fireside. Happy Easter!


  1. Great interview. A successful self-employent story is inspiring. I am wondering what there is left for her to make, she almost does it all!

    Happy Easter! I was going to send this to you on Friday, gospel music for the holiday. I came in around number 10, it is moving. Not light hearted stuff but true to the story.

    1. Thank you Jean! I enjoy other people's success stories too <3 And TDC is certainly thriving! She really does cover a lot of bath and body bases.

      Thank you Jean. I will listen to this after the guests leave and I get a little Easter quiet reflection time. I just know I will love it. Thank you. Happy Easter sweet friend!

  2. Awesome post. I've been aware of TDC from all the way back in my own soap making days but it's only been in this past year that I've finally placed a few small orders. I *love* their lightning fast TAT. Sometimes it's difficult to find scents I'm interested, and now that I've read she's not a bakery fan but is a patchouli/sandalwood fan, I had to laugh. That is complete opposite of me and now explains so much. LOL

    I'm off to browse the site now since they've generously offered the coupon code. =)


    1. Ok, wow. I take back that 'difficult to find scents I'm interested in' part of my comment. Browsing the list now and there are easily a bajillion and one I'd like to get! =)


    2. Thanks Deb! I had fun doing this with Amber <3

      Their scent list is unlike any other! Tons of choices!! I would to hear what you decide to try :-) happy Easter my sister!

  3. What a great interview, I am really loving this series! TDC has been one of my favourite vendors since 2012, and I am so happy they are doing so well now. I frequent their website all the time just to browse but it looks like I might have to buy some now with that 10% off and the new scents!

    1. Thank you Michelle! I have been loving all the unique scents and exploring their massive scent range. I really need to try their other products. I hope you can make use of the code and grab some goodies <3

      Have a beautiful week!

  4. What an awesome interview! I adore TDC. They are definitely one of my fave companies! I am completely obsessed with their Lavender Coconut -- it's one of my fave scents I've had from them, and one of my fave ever wax melts I've tried. I also love it in their body butter. Some of my other fave scents from them are: their Avobath dupe, Lilacs & Lemonade, Mums & Marigolds (smells exactly like a Crabtee & Evelyn Carnation eau de toilette I used to wear in the late 1980s), Orange & Almond Tea Cakes, their Rose Jam dupe, Wine & Roses, Wild Honey, and Cucumber Cilantro. I also really enjoy their facebook group -- Amber is really good at keeping an upbeat atmosphere, but it's not just a big cheerleading site, which has annoyed me with some other vendors. Thank you for the discount code!!!

    1. Thank you Nancy! Your favorites are going on my to buy list. You make a great point point about her FB group. I like that honest reviews are welcome and even encouraged. Thank you for supporting my blog <3

  5. Great interview! I've been a fan of TDC for a few years now and have always appreciated the CS and the earthy scents - I'm one that adores patchouli. Thanks for the code, will definitely be put to use this month!

    1. I love hearing about more earthy scent fans!! Patchouli gets a lot of flak but I am happy to find another patch lover. Thank you for reading and commenting and being a part of my blog. I can't wait to hear what you pick up. Do you have any TDC favorites or new ones you have been wanting to try?