Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy Candles: Custom Order

If you crave instant gratification and desire to tinker with custom blending (combining a few scents to create a fragrance new and unique), Sugar & Spice can fill that need. They are also a great wax company to do split orders with since they sell their custom blended scent shots in packs of 3 ($5.25) or 4 ($7.00). My sister Darby and I did just that. She blended 3 scents and I blended three scents, we pick the 4 cup option and split them down the middle so we each got two shots of all the scents. We ordered Sunday night and they arrived Friday, 5 days later. Amazing TAT!

Blonde Moment/Peach Margarita- The ultimate frozen concoction to grace a beach blanket. Dripping sweet peaches, tart limes and fizzy sweet effervescence. A summer treat for sure.

Blackberry Coconut/Blackberry Marshmallow Fluff/Blackberry- Blackberry pie filling layered on top of a creamy foundation of vanilla pudding folded into Cool Whip. Delicious.

Apple Butter Caramel/Celtic Moonspice- Caramel drenched apple dumpling sprinkled with cinnamon. Gooey, sticky and indulgent.

Marshmallow Fireside/Marshmallow Noel- The puff of unmistakable sweet air from opening that ubiquitous bag of Jet Puffed, sitting by the fire pit, long sticks in hand. 

Rosemary Mint Aveda/Peppermint- The Disney cruise line tiled spa/sauna room. Nasal dilating, pore cleansing, eye fluttering coolness.

Pink/Lavender Mint/Peppermint- Sweet infant skin, soft and graced with powdery lavender oil. A baby so fresh and newly arrived a minty-ness hangs about her in a halo.

Free Samples!

Shanna does something fun that not many vendors do- Mystery tarts!

Mystery tart 1- fruity bakery all the way. With four layers of scent, that is about all I can nail down.

Mystery tart 2- This reminds me of all my crazy coconut/Waikiki blending I did with Sugar & Spice last year. 

Mystery tart 3- Another tropical delight. More sunscreen than fruity.

Boo Berry- Blueberry laced cereal.

Down in the Islands- I very much like this one! My favorite of the free samples and the only one I kept for myself. Carmen Miranda's fruit heavy headpiece tango dancing its way into my warmer.

I am excitedly plotting another Sugar & Spice split order for next month. Pink Rainbow Bridge and Pumpkins in the Fire Marshmallow Fireside are calling to me! Have you tried Sugar & Spice? How do you feel about making your own custom blends?


  1. I still need to order for myself one of these days. I've enjoyed the S&S tarts others have shared with me but since the RTS singles (?) are always sold out or picked over when I go look, I just keep putting off placing an order of my own.

    I'm not big on blending for myself. All the things I come up with are things that are already made. It's fun to see what others come up with, and maybe copy those ideas if need be. lol


    1. You can pick single scents from the drop down list. And the TAT is just as fast as RTS of most companies :-D

      Copying- ain't no shame in that game. I copy blends I think sound great too.

  2. I am sooo excited about ordering!!! you know tomato leaf/(something) will be on my list.. although I'm not sure what goes with tomato leaf... lol.
    I love the idea of blending, but I'm pretty terrified I'll make stinky wax! maybe not horrible stinky, just weird stink..

    1. Lol! Well she has raspberry tomato lead as a blend so I bet that is good. I think lemon would go well with tomato leaf or lilac, lavender, apricot, summer fresh, citrus explosion, or clean green. I bet lots of things would go well with tomato leaf. And sometimes things work or they don't. I have had tons of bombs but it was fun and a learning process. :-) I think anything you mix will be fun! I am excited about it!

  3. You know, timing my return to blogging with my attempts to downsize my stash doesn't seem to've worked out so well with me.
    Not only have I bought more wax, I've re-delved into other hobbies I thought I had dropped. Oops!
    Pink/Lavender Mint/Peppermint sounds like a fantastic blending combo. I may have to borrow this for a future order :)

    1. Uh oh! But I can relate. My most recent Cult Nails order shows me that.

      The minty pink lavender is really nice and soft. I can't wait to melt it.

  4. Your posting so fast I can't keep up. I'm not sure how I missed this one but this is my favorite vendor for strong bakery. I hope she adds a few new scents to her list. Here's a blend I'm currently loving warm vanilla sugar, coconut cream pie, vanilla bean noel is AMAZING. Also can also rotate any of those with a satsuma. So good.

    1. Hi Yasmine! I hope you have been doing well! One post a day is a bit much but I can't seem to help myself. I get in a groove and then it sticks. Totally writing that scent down. I took your rose bakery and did it at this last Rosegirls opening. I love your blends. Thank you Yasmine!