Thursday, April 2, 2015

Order of the Odor: Volume 8

We hope your spring is blooming with beautiful weather and happy circumstance.

Have you been craving any particular scents this month?

Yes! Sweet florals and punchy fruity blends are what I have been reaching for as of late. Some favorites include: Sugared Jasmine & Gillgan's Brew, Serendipity anything, Spun Rainbow Sherbet, and Sea Salt & Yuzu. 

Are you a seasonal melter?

I am a seasonal melter for the most part. Spring and Summer I crave fresh, floral, fruity and tropical scents with maybe some vanillas and light bakery. In the Fall and Winter I want heavy spices, stewed fruits like cranberry and apple, along with pumpkins, and heavier bakery. But throughout the whole year I love to melt mints, Pink Sugar and cinnamon blends. 

Please share with us your answers to these questions in the comments and see what is going on in the following waxy blogs:

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As waxies, we are probably all familiar with Scentsy, but what are some of Julie's top Scentsy picks that stand out from the vendor crowd? 


  1. I've really been wanting to grab the lighter, brighter scents lately. I know I have a couple happy fruity scents set aside in my 'summer' stash that I'm anxious to get to.

    Do your sophisticated scents get mixed in year round, or do you find there are times you crave those types more?


    1. The woodsy/amber/leather blends do get more mileage in fall or winter but pop up throughout the year-so year 'round but more in cooler months. The perfumy florals spring and summer for sure with occasional fall/winter. I love my Lush dupes year round too.

      I am finding my bright and fruity drawer is dwindling rapidly. Glad I sprung for the LSC sampler now since it had lots of fruity.

  2. Serendipity anything, LOL. I know what you mean! There are just certain scents or scent blends that are good any time of year. I know I use Lavender Vanilla a lot for an evening type scent just because it's so relaxing and helps me calm down for sleep.
    This month is going to be horrible for wax. It's like all the vendors knew my birthday was tomorrow and decided to make April a month of sales!

    1. Serendipity is a year round fav of mine for sure! But now it is just on point.

      YES! My pockets are shriveling with all these killer openings :-( what is a waxy money tight gal to doooooooo?!

  3. Sweet florals is a great suggestion for spring! Punchy fruits? YUM! The two combined: genius?!?! Serendipity is the ultimate spring scent. Love sea salt in spring, too. Excellent choices. Fall and Winter heavy spices are my jam, we are so similar in our tastes, lol! Pink sugar anytime, spring summer fall and winter. Yesssssssss!

    1. We are scent twins on a lot of stuff! We must share nose buds. <3