Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dame Perfumery: Lime, Gardenia, & Benzoin

I did it. I bought a full bottle of Lime, Gardenia & Benzoin from Dame Perfumery using my $18 discount from my Olfactif subscription. The original price is $65 for a full 100 ml bottle. The perfumer, Jeffrey Dame, sent it beautifully packaged and with a generous amount of samples from his line. These are brief first impressions of the samples, by no means comprehensive.

Passion Fruit, Orange Blossom & Vetiver: A softer vertiver that I was just asking recommendations for, how marvelous! The passion fruit faintly sweetens the white orange blossoms and green vetiver. It's a tropical delight on my skin.

Herb Man Cologne: Created for men, but I enjoyed wearing it very much. It smelled like sage feels, soft green and tactile. 

Black Flower Mexican Vanilla: Dark and fuzzy like cuddling an ebony bunny. Vanilla and woods mixture that embodies slight powdery facets and and warmth. 

Dark Horse: Smooth sweet woods. Easy to wear and gender neutral. I do wish it would linger a tad longer and stronger but nice as a "come close to me" scent. 

Desert Rose: A beautiful rose fragrance that has some chewy juiciness to it. The dry down features a lovely musk filled pink rose. I can see myself purchasing a full bottle.

If you mail Jeffrey a postcard with your address on it, you can request a free sample. He has many beautiful sounding three note perfumes that I am wanting to try: Mandarin, Neroli & Cedar, Peach Blossom, Violet & Vanilla? Yum! They sound perfect for summer. 

Have you found a new fragrance to love lately? 

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  1. How wonderful Julie. Thank you for taking the time to write a few words. I'm thrilled you are enjoying your Lime, Gardenia & Benzoin and your other perfumes. Lovely.

    1. Thank you kindly. I sincerely apologize for misspelling your name at first. I hope you will forgive me. I have been wearing this beauty for days straight and that is a rarity for me. I look forward to exploring your lovely line. They are immensely wearable. Perfume for all! Cheers!

  2. how exciting!!! I'm crossing my fingers my post card will arrive safely... I asked for a sample of Dark Horse. Im thinking about ordering Herb Man for Hubby. :)

    1. I hope it arrives too! I think you will like Dark Horse and may even steal some Herb Man from Daniel ;-) I really like Herb Man.