Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nene's Kitchen Melts: Inventory Sale Order

Nene's Kitchen Melts has been around for quite a while, at least for the wax vendor world, since 2005. Michelle messaged a group of us that Nene's was having a summer inventory sale and you know I had to pop over to Nene's and check it out. I was on my phone and must mention that her mobile site layout is not very user friendly. The photos of the tarts don't show up and the scent descriptions weren't working. I bought all these based on name alone. The desktop version displays rather nicely though. The inventory sale is still going. One ounce scent shots are marked down to $0.80 each from the original $1.10 price. I ordered 29 scent shots and paid $6.50 in shipping. The TAT was insanely fast. I ordered Wednesday after 9pm and it arrived Saturday. It was packaged very nicely. The ribbon confetti enhanced the experience and delighted my daughter.

Since there are a ton of scents I am doing quick and dirty scent impressions. ***= great **= good * = ok as far as scent, plus I added some melting impressions if I melted it. 

Family Gatherings- rich cider, apple heavy ***

Mulled Cider- apple cider and pipe tobacco ***

Spiced Apples & Peaches- sweet apple and cinnamon, touch of peach, strong throw ***

Rustic Blend- brightly sweet spiced oranges **

Country Cabin- spiced oranges with more depth ***

Welcome Home- mulberry and spice **

Holiday Homecoming- spiced bakery, ala Streuselkuchen ***

Home for the Holidays- spiced apples and oranges, a candy undertone *

Holiday Cheer- ginger ale and/or elf sweat *

I'll Be Home for Christmas- creamy cherry almond, medium-light throw *

Christmas Market- vanilla musk and spiced fruits, warmed it has a smokey fire tone but threw light **

Christmas Fantasy- candied fruits and slight cinnamon, bubblegum vibe *

Comfort & Joy- vanilla and orange * 

All Ye Faithful- celtic moonspice ***

Mulberry- grapey mulberry *

Vanilla Frosted Pine- creamy evergreen **

Balsam & Cinnamon- sweet spiced Christmas tree, touch of fruits *

Sweet Snow Pine- sweet minty pine, light on mint ***

Vanille Abricot type- candy sweet vanilla, perfume dupe **

Vaiglia del Madagascar- vanilla ice cream, perfume dupe-seems really light on cold *

Stormwatch- musky clean aquatic, Yankee dupe **

Harvest Moon- celtic moonspice ***

Applesauce Spice Cake- apples and cinnamon with vanilla, medium throw ***

Autumn Spice Blend- cinnamon and leaves ***

Frosted Pumpkin type- pumpkins and caramel, medium-strong throw ***

Pumpkin Nutmeg- deep earthy pumpkin and spice **

Pumpkin Pie Spice- strong cinnamon, dash of pumpkin ***

As you can see most are for fall and winter. I have melted about half a dozen and find that the throw is mainly medium with a few outliers (light and strong). I do want to note that some had a shorter longevity (about 3 hours) while some were average (5-6 hours). Overall, I can see myself ordering a few during a sale again. Have you tried Nene's before? What are your thoughts? Favorite scents? 


  1. Christmas scents already?!?! LOL! Wow, that's a lot of scents!! :)

    1. Lol!! I know!!! I try to start prepping a season ahead. This is a much larger order than I would normally make but a sale plus tons of spicy scents equaled a bigger order. Gotta get ready for fall! Miss you!

  2. I am here to help with the wax buying! But this was a bigger haul than I was led to believe, lol! Hope you enjoy them!

    1. Thank you for letting me know! Oops! I didn't mean to make it sound like I had only grabbed a few! I do like their tiny size. Like Crabby Candle. <3

  3. Nene's Kitchen Melts has been one of my top three wax vendors for several years now. The winter and fresh fragrance selections are incredible. When I introduce wax melts to friends, this is always the vendor they gravitate towards for future orders. Fast TAT, good prices, a very comprehensive scent selection...what's not to like? Oh, Missy is among the nicest vendors I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!!

    1. Hi Kevin! Hope you are well! I agree, Nene's scent selection was awesome! As you can see I found tons of holiday scents to try out. I melted two more last night and loved them. I can see why Nene's would be a go-to vendor. It really is great for newbies too. Very easy to order plus all the perks you mentioned. What are your favorite fresh scents from her?

  4. Here are some "fresh" scents I really like from Nene's (though not every one is actually categorized as a "fresh" scent): Malaia (Hollister-type, very light, refreshing citrus cologne fragrance), Lavender Cream (smells just like a top-notch barber shop, ladies really like this one), Kai Halulu (spot-on oceanic fragrance), Beach Front (ocean waters with a touch of sand), Senorita Margarita (when friends smell this it's a guaranteed 'I want one!'; VERY authentic margarita fragrance) and Citrus Linen (I typically can't deal with laundry smells but this is nicely balanced with citrus, recommended for those who find laundry scents too overpowering). That's just a few favorites I'm enjoying. I really wish Nene's was more popular with waxies out there, some really outstanding product and excellent customer service! Thanks so much for the review!!

    1. I am going to scout out these scents next time I order. Thank you for sharing! Citrus Laundry, Lavender Cream and the beachy scents all sound incredible. Can't wait!