Thursday, June 18, 2015

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.: Spring Release 2015

Here are some wonderful pieces from FuturePrimitive's Spring collection. Tiggy sent these products of her choosing in exchange for photographs. I love a wonderful barter and I most certainly got the better end of the deal. I hope you don't mind me sharing them with you. All opinions of the products are my own and honest as always. 

Clotted Peach Cream Three in One Whipped Cream Soap smells like summertime. An evening of Breyer's peach ice cream on a backporch swing with a touch of southern night blooming flowers. I use the Three in One Whipped Soap as shampoo and shave cream mostly, it makes for a wonderful soap too but I end up using bar soap personally. 

Clotted Peach Cream Conditioning Hair Rinse smells just as wonderful as the Whipped Soap. My love for FP conditioner is just as strong as ever. My fine curls don't get weighed down and it is slick enough for me to finger comb in the shower with it in. 

Gossamer Ghost Olfactory Bathing Grains came just in the nick of time. I used up all my Shadow Show apothecary jar grains and it stands hollow and alone. Gossamer Ghost as described by Tiggy: A whisper of Victorian cologne dabbed onto the neck of a broken hearted girl. Neroli accord entwined with yellow grapefruit zest and sweet coriander seed. 

The grapefruit is the star here. Unlike most sweet Ruby Red grapefruit scents I have been smelling in wax lately, this one is not sugary. The clean sharp bite of coriander mixed with the white heady neroli takes the yellow grapefruit into almost a salty territory. Like the tears the broken hearted girl is shedding. I enjoy this and cannot stop smelling it.

The Ancients The Scent: A circle of stones rests upon a hill in deepest Oxfordshire. Handkerchief wishes hang from a Cananga tree, dried mandarin peelings from spells cast long ago sit inside the King stone, and patchouli leaf softly smoulders in an earthenware bowl casting a trail of aromatic smoke across the countryside. 
Not only can Tiggy craft a soap, she can craft a story that the soap then takes you right inside.The soap does smell timeless. Of stones, herbs, countryside, mosses, patchouli leaves, and longing. How does she do it? I don't know. 

FuturePrimitive's summer release will be launched around June 21st hopefully. Tiggy posted some photos of the labels on Instagram and I saw Indian Attar Temple in there. Swoon! I just love that scent. What fragrances do you gravitate towards during the hot summer months?


  1. Clotted Peach Cream sounds like such a divine scent, and even in food it would be good! Juicy peaches, dripping cream...mmmmmmm. I can seriously smell this from here because of your alluring description! These photos are gorgeous, Tiggy will be so pleased!! THAT. SOAP. *swoon*

    1. You know. I want to eat some clotted peach cream in real life. Peaches are in season here too. Those sweet fat Georgia peaches. I think I will browse some recipes today. Thank you! I hope she was happy too. I adore this soap Lauren. I can't get enough of her earthy scents. Do you like earthy??

  2. Clotted peach cream does sound really great! The bars of soap look amazing too!

    1. It is such a wonderful summer scent! I never realized how much I enjoy peachy scents. Makes me feel like a Southern Belle.