Sunday, July 5, 2015

Country Mermaids Mermail: Jewelry Subscription

Country Mermaids came known to me via Instagram. I kept seeing some really cute photos of whimsical and colorful earrings in my feed from various people so I started following Country Mermaids.

Mermail is their subscription service that sends out a least three items from their shop once a month for $10 shipped. This is a nice deal since the average cost of a pair of earrings is $5. Other perks include:
- Early access to pre-orders.
- Earn points for purchases towards free items.
- Mermail members only sales.
- Monthly drawings for members to win extra items.

I did take advantage of a member only pre-sale for the 4th of July to pick a few pairs of earrings before I even received my first Mermail.

I signed up the last day of the month and my package arrived two days later. I was stoked. 

The earrings are poked into a packing peanut and include rubber earring backs.

The earrings I ended up with are all very much to my liking. The pink ones on the left have a shorter post which my girls and I appreciate since our ears are closer to our heads. The other ones have rather long posts. I can see them being bothersome when talking on the phone or laying down. I may see if I can snip them. 

These aqua flower beauties are the largest at about the diameter of a dime. 

The purple faux drusy hearts are made of plastic but still look really cute on the ear.

These were Savanna's favorite. She said they look like pink and orange flowers and woods. She wore them right away. The back kept falling off on her though, so we will have to improvise. The backs don't really work for me either and kept popping off, but new earring backs are not a problem to get at all. 

For scale. These were the smallest earrings. They are really cute. 

I am excited about getting Mermail. I mean, how could I not be?! The name, the colors, the exciting and whimsical earrings and the stellar price. If I could fix anything it would be to shorten the earring posts on the really long ones, and get better backs for the earrings. 

Do you wear costume jewelry? Is it even still called that? 


  1. Wow, so cute and what a deal. I love all of them and the colors are very beachy and work with your skin tone. The resin topped pair triggered a memory of the faux rhinestone earring stickers of my youth for some reason. Ah, the celebration of color!

    1. It is a nice little deal! I am excited to see what comes next month already. I think it is great too since the girls and I can share. I totally get what you're saying about the sticker earrings!! I loved those things and my ears have always been pierced! The colors are so happy and cheerful! I think I may have exhausted my use of exclamation points for the day in my excitement. LoL Have a great Sunday Jean!

    2. Unrelated to earrings but while I'm taking a trip down memory lane, how bout those liquid crystal stickers that changed color when you touched them? I didn't know they had a name but the internet says Oilies? Ooh, loved their mermish colors.

    3. I don't remember those! No fair! I didcoect the scratch 'n sniff stickers and the puffy plastic ones with googly eyes. And LisaFrank. It was fun being achild of the80's and 90's.

  2. They are very retro-looking, reminds me of my Mum's collection of earrings of studs! Those aqua flowers really are pretty!

    1. The aqua flowers are my favorite <3 They DO look retro don't they? I am liking studs more in my older age. The dangles just get caught in my hair.

  3. Mermail!? I LOVE IT!!!! and $10 is a steal!! what a neat subscription! oh look, ive become overwhelmed by exclamation points!!! lol.. buts its soooo kawaii!!!!! :-P

    1. I thought $10 was great too! Especially with shipping. I got overwhelmed with exclamation points earlier too... Don't feel bad! I thought they were pretty kawaii too! <3