Friday, July 17, 2015

The Country Scent Shack: Inaugural Opening

Mrs. Carol from Candles From The Keeping Room has groomed her longest employed Elf, Melissa Cook, to create wax tarts using many of Carol's methods and formula. Melissa opened her own Etsy store, The Country Scent Shack, and has begun to sell her tarts. I zipped on over to her store and grabbed a small order in some scents that stuck out the most. Can you tell I have fall on the brain?!

The tarts are sold in packs of four and cost $3.75 per pack. You will recognize some of the shapes but new ones as well. The wax came packaged rolled in paper and secured with a rubber band. She also included two samples with my order. I am sure TAT is normally fast since it is RTS. But mine got lost in the mail and took its jolly good time to reach me (which is no fault of the owner). I ordered June 25th and it arrived July 6th. Not a long TAT by any means but folks were getting their orders from the second opening by the time I got mine from the first. 

Melissa's scent descriptions are in italics with my thoughts following. 

Autumn Harvest- Crisp apples, vanilla, nutmeg, sweet pumpkin and cinnamon.
The pumpkin and apple combo perked my ears up on this one. It is so good. Apple cinnamon is obvious at first sniff but then the vanilla and fresh pumpkins appear! Surprise! A faint olfactive image of soil and hay  left on the fat bottomed pumpkin,s that reminds me of hayride,s lingers as an after taste. I think it comes from the nutmeg.

Brisk Autumn Night- You are taking a walk through the woods on a brisk autumn night, taking in the fresh air and the aroma of nutmeg and cinnamon layered with applewood and cedar. 
How could I pass up spice and woods? I can never never pass up spice and woods. Ever. And I am so glad I did not pass this one up. On first inhale it smells like a well perfumed man. But then the notes become individuals. Applewood and cedar smell like cousins to mahogany and teakwood. Only country bumpkins instead of hipsters. The cinnamon comes from the bark instead of the bakery and all the while fresh air on a cold night. My nostrils actually feel cooler when I inhale this. A puff of camphor? Eucalyptus? Maybe. 

Sweet Caramel Pumpkin Cookie- Sweet pumpkin cookie with a topping of sticky caramel.
A creamy sweet pumpkin pie filling with a rich buttery cookie used as the pie crust. Like Paula Deen's Gooey Butter Pumpkin Cake I make at Thanksgiving for my sisters. I would say there is the lightest bite of spice. But this makes me happy as I am ever so fond of spice. Spice haters might even like it since it is just a pinch. I placed one cookie in the living room warmer and it threw very strong all around the house: kitchen, bathroom, living area. It started out slow but after about 20 minutes it let loose. So give it some time. Really decadent scent for chilly fall evenings.

Free Samples:

Pistachio Coconut Fluff- Can I admit something? My husband thought this loaf looked a little.... naughty. This fragrance oil is the ultra perfumy pistachio coconut fluff I encountered from iheartwax that I had a hard time getting along with. Just not my thing.

Banana Nut Bread- Mmmm! Interesting! The bread doesn't have a zucchini sliver in sight. No banana Laffy Taffy either. Winning! It just literally smells like a banana nut muffin. And it LOOKS like a muffin! Double the fun!

I am really excited about this new vendor!! I think she will do fabulously and I look forward to more orders with Melissa. I am going to need Brisk Autumn Night by the metric ton.


  1. Looking forward to my first order arriving.....I also chose autumn harvest and pumpkin caramel cookies (and several others). Thanks for your review!

    1. How exciting Jennifer!! I adore Autumn Harvest. Any others you ordered that you are excited about? I am looking forward to trying her Autumn Woods and Fireside.

  2. ok, so I received my order today and I my first impression is good! Really loved the autumn harvest and the pumpkin caramel sugar cookie (thankfully the caramel is not too prominent, sometimes caramel can be cloying to me). As far as Cornucopia I couldn't tell much on cold sniff.....I did not detect much if any spice, and it maybe has a bit of bakery or vanilla note to it. I will have to melt it to know for sure.The VBN pastry has the classic BBW VBN scent to it, the Cider Craze is like Cider Lane, and the Crisp Autumn Leaves is a pretty good ringer for Leaves. I do, on a few of the scents, detect some undertone like the plastic bags or wax or something....I think it will probably go away when melted. I like what I got enough that I would order again. :)

    1. Yay!!! I am so glad you are liking your order! My second order came in today and I am excited about it too. I hope cornucopia is yummy. A lot of times the paraffin is way better melted. I need to get some VBN, Leaves and Cider Lane dupes! Nice! It's funny you mention an undertone. For me it's the slightest bit earthy. I don't mind it though and it faded when melted.

  3. Wanted to update you on the Cornucopia- unfortunately it's a dud. I have now melted two of the scents (cornucopia and vbn pastry)....and less than impressive throw. Now these both had the lowest throw on cold sniff as well, so we'll see what the other items smell like on warm....but I'm not in a hurry to repurchase from this vendor as of now. I wonder if performance has anything to do with Carol revoking her 'blesssing' recently.......

    1. That stinks Jennifer. Mine were spicy bakery so maybe that is why mine are doing ok. Yeah, the Carol and Missy situation is sad and I probably won't repurchase.