Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Candles From The Keeping Room: July Order on Etsy

Carol recently decided it was time to fix some of the website issues that have plagued CFTKR since her popularity has exploded to mammoth proportions in the last couple of years. In the interim she has moved over to Etsy where heavy hitting traffic seems to be more readily handled. She opened up shop at Etsy July 8th and I was refreshing like a certified mad woman that morning. I picked up so much great smelly stuff it is hardly fathomable. I was pleasantly surprised how long the store stayed stocked. She had about 1,200 bags of tarts listed and it stayed stocked for several hours. 

Lime Leaf & Lily- Lauren has posted this one on Instagram before and it caught my eye. I am so glad I picked it up because it is one awesome lime scent. Larger than life lime with a sprinkle of salt and soft quiet white lowers. 

Weekend in Maui- All the exotic notes combine to create a sweet fruity floral that is smooth and silky. Not jarring at all. It reminds me a touch of Bath & Body Works old Plumeria scent. Tropical and musky. 

Fresh Picked Strawberry- Repurchase.

Jill's Strawberry Cream Jelly Roll- Lynda gave me a sample of this and I fell in love. It is full of delicious strawberry preserves and vanilla cream with fluffy white cake. A million times better when melted with a great throw. 

Strawberry Marshmallow- I still have my candle in this scent waiting in my closet. Will I ever be able to burn it? I don't know. But now I have these yummy tarts to tide me over with their Fresh Picked Strawberry and thick gooey marshmallow teasings. 

Sweet Strawberry Taffy- My new favorite strawberry scent. After melting my sample I knew I needed a bag of this. Or three. Or a dozen. I honestly do not get the weird taffy note most Salt Water Taffy tarts I have sampled contain. It smells more like the most delicious strawberry cotton candy created. 

Blackberry & Bay (Jo Malone type)- This is my favorite Jo Malone perfume and the minute I saw this pop up on Carol's remake list I knew I would do whatever I could to get a bag. This is not going to be a scent for everyone. It is very green and herbal with the bay and brambles. The blackberries are not the star of the show but they are there as a tangy sweetness that keeps the whole blend from veering into the astringent territory. I have a feeling it will throw like an Olympic discus athlete. 

Oakmoss & Sandalwood- An elegant mixture that wafts out of the bag like blonde woods. This will make a beautiful home fragrance. 

Blackberry Musk- The blackberries are ripe and sweet and make a gorgeous pairing with the white musk. 

Spiced Cranberry- Lynda told me to get this and I am so glad I did. Burgundy cranberries popping with juice in the pot, generous helpings of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. A steaming pot of potpourri drifting in comforting tendrils around a holiday home, twinkling with cheerful lights. 

Autumn Morn- This lone bag of leaves has been sitting in the fall section with Autumn Lodge for the past several openings. I always went and peeked but never got around to getting it. Then last time I picked up Autumn Lodge instead of this one by accident. I became determined to get Autumn Morn. And sure enough, it popped up on Etsy. And became mine. The cinnamon, nutmeg and clove are sharp and festive but the kicker is the mound of orange and yellow and brown crispy leaves and moist fall earth that can be detected. Like a hayride with hot apple cider. A brisk autumn walk with a mug of chai tea. Spices and earth. Unique and evocative. 

Warm Welcome- I am torn on this one. It is a cherry centric scent that I thought would be more spiced craft store but it isn't. There is some spice but the cherry is heavy with almond leanings and I just can't do cherry almond. 

Apple Dumpling- Super strong cinnamon and yummy baked apples create an apple cinnamon combo that knocks me flat. So yummy. Not for spice haters. Definitely for spice lovers. Red hot and in your face cinnamon. Big Red style. 

Autumn Harvest- I love this lightly spiced pumpkin and apple combo. It is sweet and cozy and full of cheer. 

Free Samples- Top Row L to R:
Queen's Berry Fluff (very nice berries and cream), Tea and Cake (same oil as RG Tea and Cake, almond and lemon present), Pink Ombre Cak , Berry Bundt Cake, Wildberry Crisp

Bottom Row L to R:
Fuji Apple (really sweet), Strawberry Melon (nice! a honeydew lean), Pomegranate and Sweet Melon, Berry Vanilla Fluff Cake (really like this one on cold).

Blissful Blackberry (grapey), Cup of Tea (AMAZINGNESS- I want more), American Cream (smells light and waxy on cold but will probably bloom), Cotton Candy Frosted Cake (double yum, gonna be a hot one!), Caramel Pumpkin Swirl.

I am really happy with my huge, ginormous, ridiculously lush order. I rarely go this big but I only placed two wax orders in July so I did this one mega huge. The other was The Country Scent Shack because I needed to try that fireplace scent. Did you get in on the Etsy opening? Have you seen the new list of remakes for the next opening? So many wonderful fall scents coming out! 


  1. I'm so sad I missed this restock. It was right as I was getting into wax and I'm kicking myself for not catching on a bit quicker. I hope she restocks soon - I really want to try CFTKR!

    1. Hey V<3!!! Carol mentioned an August opening so it shouldn't be too much longer :-) I really love her wax. Crossing my fingers you get what you want next opening! Tokyo Nights is top on my list for next time. Welcome to wax! It is a fun smelly hobby :-)

  2. I was mildly excited to hear she's opened an Etsy shop, but if it's still going to require stalking and games of chance then nah, I'm still not interested. *sigh*


    1. It won't take stalking I don't think. I just stalked because I wanted those elusive strawberry scents. There were plenty of great ones left hours after I had checked out.

  3. I love how gorgeous all the wax from this vendor is!!! it's like it's almost too pretty to melt... but then I smell Warm Welcome & it's game over!! lol. thank you again for my wax!!

    1. Her shapes and colors are great! I am so glad you liked Warm Welcome. Plus it is fitting as a hostess gift as you indeed gave me a Warm Welcome!!! Xoxo

  4. Oh my, that is an order indeed! How is Cup of Tea, does it have a lemony note?

    1. It was a little girthy but at least it will have a long shelf life! I do detect a very nice lemon note in cup of tea. Like an Armold Palmer. Yummm!!

    2. Honey too. Sweet. A touch perfumy.