Monday, July 6, 2015

Super Tarts: Leon Day Sampler

Brandy busted out with a surprise Leon Day sampler on Thursday (6/25) and mine arrived Saturday (6/27). Talk about fast. I had no idea what Leon Day was until this popped up. Leon is Noel spelled backwards and celebrates the halfway point of Christmas.

The sampler cost $18.75 plus $6.50 shipping. It included 21 scents and one additional clamshell mystery cube as well as the scent descriptions for most of the scents. Brandy's descriptions will be in italics when included.

Hearts and Trees L to R:

Grandma's House- Fresh baked apple pie, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and creamy brown sugar. This is a great apple pie for those who dislike spice. The chestnuts and creamed brown sugar make it extra decadent. 

Bad Santa- Combining naughty cinnamon sticks, nice peppermint bites and satin sheets. I have discovered that I love Satin Sheets and here it is the star. The peppermint and cinnamon lend a spiced coolness to the perfumed blend. I love love love this.

PF Changs- Flaky pecan Rugalach cookies dusted with a hint of cinnamon, warm creamy Challah bread and a buttery brown sugar. First off. I want to go to PF Changs. I have never been. Second, this speaks of heavy, sweet and creamy bakery. Zucchini methinks. Very nice!

Holiday Latte- Crispy gingerbread cookies dunked in a freshly brewed latte. Strong, dark coffee and gingerbread. Simple as that! Coffees are iffy for me but my sister Darby quickly claimed it and that is perfect for me.

Gingerbread Men L to R:

Family Stone- Cinnamon glazed vanilla beans. The vanilla beans here are more perfumed than bakery on cold. I enjoy this variety of sweet clear vanilla and the cinnamon sends it into cozy territory.

Polar Express- Creamy slow simmered hot chocolate, topped with warm toasted marshmallows, raw cocoa dusted raspberries and served with Christmas tin butter cookies. Whoa! Lots going on here.Chocolate covered raspberries are the main notes that pull through the most. Unfortunately, chocolate and I only relate when I can eat it. Passing this one on. 

White Christmas- Peppermint frosted cranberries, serendipity and vanilla bean gelato. The cranberries are the candy type, no spice and they merge seamlessly with the serendipity. 

Frosty Windows & Flannel Sheets- At first whiff my minds flashes "clean laundry" but the longer I linger the more complex it becomes. Is that jasmine? Sage? Eucalyptus? It smells amazingly sexy and cuddly. And the name. Perfect.

Snowflakes L to R:

The Santa Clause- Creamy eggnog, spicy fireball, dusted with nutmeg with warm sugar cane cookies on the side. The eggnog and red hot cinnamon collide with a molasses note that comes from the sugar cane cookies. I bet this will really unfurl when melted. 

Winter Soldier- Eucalyptus and red mac apples. An interesting combination that really works. Like standing outside on a cool day surrounded by an apple filled orchard. Very cool.

Pink Peppermint Cookies- to my nose the peppermint is quiet right now but the pink cookies are as delicious as ever. 

Christmas Light Bulbs L to R:

Gingerbread Hazelnut Pie Crust- The ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg are highlighted by the rich crust. Hazelnut adds just a suggestion of a creamy coffee, much more my speed. ADORE.

Apple Butter Pumpkin Pecan Waffles- That familiar ultra creamy and buttery pumpkin bakery with an equal amount of spicy red apples. Perfection. 

Honeydew Tinsel- Tinsel consists of: pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, peppermint and vanilla. It comes around every Christmas season. The honeydew kinda of lays all over the tinsel and takes over.But I don't mind it that way because I am not sure if I am a Tinsel fan. 

Wonderful Life- Peppermint, frosted grapefruit, orange, pink sugar, and vanilla ice cream. Another bold blending! Creamy pink grapefruit waft out first, the mint clarifying it a bit. I think this will be melted before summer is over. 

Nightmare Before Christmas- Herbal lavender, sweet candy canes, and fluffy cotton candy. Highly anticipated this one. The lavender doesn't really smell herbal to me, but more a nice balance of sweet and clean. Add the touch of berry from the candy cane and cotton candy and it is wonderful! Just a hint of mint.

Squares L to R:

Zucchini Pancakes- Thick, heavy creamy zucchini bakery. 

Santa's Pipe & Donuts- Cherry pipe tobacco with a hint of dough. I am in love. Heavy on the cherry in the pipe.

Mexican Fried Ice Cream & Salted Caramel- An ultra buttery caramel gooey treat. Excellent.

Sweater Weather, Buttercream, Warm Welcome- I can't tell if my nose loves this or is just confused. Sweater Weather is heaviest with a creamy cherry almond note pulling along. Definitely unique. 

A Christmas Story- Hot orange danish, flaky pie crust, sweet cream and spicy cinnamon sticks. That classic orange juice scent of hot orange danish with added spices and vanilla. Yummy! 

Free Sample cube:

I get a bakery heavy blackberry jam and butter cookie scent that it quite nice. 

How cheerful! I am very happy with this order from Super Tarts. It has been about 8 months since I have ordered from Brandy and I can definitely see that she has streamlined her business quite effectively. Her TAT is stellar for RTS and she still manages to offer customs and new products. Have you ordered from Super Tarts lately? What is your new favorite scent she blends?


  1. Leon Day. Huh. I'd never heard of that either.

    I love all those cute Christmas shapes! Some yumminess in there for sure, but that Apple Butter Pumpkin Pecan Waffles is the one that really caught my attention.


    1. I hadn't either. I guess you are supposed to set up your tree and gift presents too but I can't do that.

      The shapes and colors are a lot of fun and you picked one of my favorites! I would love to try a blending of PPW, Hot Apple Pie and Celtic moonspice now.

    2. Are any of our RG muffins close to that? I don't even remember what's tucked away anymore.


    3. No... But didn't Kurth do a PPW and apple pie one? I feel like he did...
      The muffins I have left:
      Cranberry orange mallow cranberry marmalade
      Monster cookie creme brûlée pumpkin chai
      Caramel toffee apple donut
      Christmas past cranberry orange
      Apple puff mallow Celtic
      Pumpkin pie VBN wafers
      PPW blueberry CCF

      The last of the muffins!!!! I hope we can do it again one day.

    4. His uber blend was Hot Apple Pie / Pecan Waffles / Pie Crust.

      Are the scents you want available in mini melters? Probably still not as good as a RG blended muffin though. Mmmm.


    5. YES!!! I knew he did something like that!!!! My nose longs for it again.

      Yes I suppose I could but I just would rather have the muffins. Is it all my head? I don't know.

    6. Agreed, there is just something about muffins. Next opening is estimated when, 2017?


    7. You are bad! I am guessing they will be open at the new year 2016. Just going by the trend set so far.... January and summer seem to be the trend.

  2. I missed the entire Leon Day announcement.. and I've been wondering what the heck it was!! now I know :)
    you've never been to PF Chang's?!?! ooooh girl, we were frequent diners at the one in Tampa.
    I'm loving seeing all the fun samplers lately! My last SuperTarts order was the lavender sampler. I was extremely happy with it!

    1. I am bonkers over lavender. It's like catnip for me. Brandy's Lucky Charms and Pink Sugar samplers were really great looking too. All my fandoms were in the Lucky one.

      Yes I want to try PF Changs. It is right by Seasons 52 which I love! And right next to a place that sells Macarons. Mmmmmzzz!

  3. How adorable! I love Christmas in July, I think I still have all my festive LUSH soaps from December. Reminds me to get on that!

    1. I love Christmas in July too Gil! So does my sister. She watches the QVC Christmas in July special every year <3 you have leftover Lush holiday goodies?! How exciting! I used mine up but do have a golden egg and a FrenchKiss left over.

    2. I believe French Kiss is from the regular collection, but a little bird told me it's on its way out in the next few months - stock up, if you love it!

    3. Gil!!!!! NOOOOO!!! I thought it was a Valentine perk this year but now I realize it was the Twilight shower gel that was in the Relax gift box. Now I need to get more. Boo. That is my favorite bubble bar.

  4. If there ever was a sampler with my name on it �������� I need to smell these when I come over wendesday

    1. I thought of you just as soon as I saw this and bought it! I knew you would approve! And the smells!!! Oh the smells!!!! Looking forward to your thoughts on these!