Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Melting Basket 40

Wax tarts I would spend my money on to have again from the last week's basket include: Super Tarts Blossom, UTC American Cream/Pink/Mallow Noel, Alamo Santiago Blackberry, CFTKR OJ Cake, LCP Pomegranate Honeydew Cotton Candy Frosting, Streetman Salt & Lime.

Beezy- Strip & Go Naked <3 gift
Glitterati- La Vida Juicy Chardonnay
LSC- Watermelon Wedding Cake
LSC- Garden Tango
LSC- Jubilant
Front Porch- Pink Sugar <3 gift
Rosegirls- Strawberry Shortcake
Rosegirls- Huckleberry
Rosegirls- Kaelyn's Berry Patch
Rosegirls- Donkey Kong Destruction
Rosegirls- Monkey Business Fluff Puffs
Rosegirls- Vanilla Bean Noel/Strawberry Raspberry Guava/Marilyn (Blonde Moment) muffin
Rosegilrs- Mango/Strawberry Raspberry Guava/Margarita muffin
CFTKR- Coconut Strawberry Cake
CFTKR- Fresh Picked Strawberries
CFTKR- Strawberry White Cake <3 gift
CFTKR- Summer Daze
CFTKR- Honeydew Melon & Marshmallow Parfait
CFTKR- Summer Strawberry Taffy
CFTKR-Blackberry & Tangerine <3 gift

If you would like to know more about any of these, please comment and I will melt and review it just for you.

Where is the time going? June is done. Mid-summer beckons with fireworks, BBQs and vacation. Now that July is here it will be wide open, full throttle, power take off for me. I will be gone from July 11th through the 30th pretty much. There will be some posts in the que as well as guest posts that I am excited about! I hope y'all don't mind some crickets every now and again though. You might need it because when I get back there will be a flood of photos from my travels.

In the mean time, here is the beginning of the wall art I am working on for our bedroom. The extra large embroidery hoop is a couple feet wide and comes from my grandmother's sister. I am excited to get started embroidering it. 

I took the girls to play in the water spouts at a local park recently. It is just so amazingly hot outside as usual in the central Florida summer.

But the views are nice and breezes graced us from time to time. 

What has your June looked like? Any fun plans on the horizon?


  1. I can't wait to see what the wall art looks like when it's done. I saw light pencil lines in the other pic you posted, so I think I have an idea of what it will be. =)

    June was very bleah for me but I'm hoping July perks up. Even if it doesn't though, we're just that much closer to . . . FALL! *super smile*


    1. I did let out a teaser! I am excited to finally have something replace the dust filled silk flower arrangement we used to have above our bed. It looked like a prop from the Haunted Mansion ride!

      I hope July perks up for you too. You have been in my mind. After July is August and then September when I get all the fall decor out of the attic! Wooooooo!!!!!

    2. We have one of those dusty haunted props in our living room. LOL It's an ancient swag that was so cool looking in it's day but now is just dusty and faded and looks like a bunch of sticks caught in the cobwebs. Yet I never replace it.......


    3. The swag I took down was ten years old. It was the first thing I made for our new home and my first flower arrangement like that. I am embarrassed at how much I spent making it. It was when we were DINKS (double income- no kids). This new one is free! All repurposed, in home items. Whew!