Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lasting Scent Candles: June Opening

Lasting Scent Candles opened again June 16th. This opening featured a Pink Sugar Sampler, Pink Sugar blends in two section clamshells and various single scents.

I only grabbed a few single scents:

Sugar Sparkle- Vanilla cookie, caramel and lemon. An amazing scent. Already wish I had more than one. 

Sweet Earth- Patchouli, clover, sandalwood, oakmoss, bergamot, and musk. A soft silky patchouli that I am also kicking myself for only getting one of... I must have been really trying to behave. Darn.

Satsuma Sunset- *Free Sample* Satsuma, oranges, guava, strawberries, pineapple, and lime. I am glad I got this one because I would have never picked it on my own. Pineapple scares me in wax. So many nasty pineapple oils out there. This screams tropics and luaus and umbrella garnished drinks. Amazing.

Key Lime Wedding Cake- Repurchase.

These scent shots from here on out were part of the Pink Sugar Sampler. I love LSC's Pink Sugar and have purchased their Pink Sugar Sampler in the past and knew it would not disappoint me. 

Pink Petit Fours- White cake, pink sugar, buttercream. The vanilla buttercream features here.

Pink Clouds- Pink sugar, pink fluffy marshmallows, sprinkled with sugar. Marshmallow stands out really nicely. 

Pink Sheets- A sweet & sexy fragrance is the description. Smells like Satin Sheets and Pink Sugar. Very pretty.

Fuzzy Pink Slippers- Pink sugar and comforting clean. I love melting this one. It is clean certainly, but not harsh at all. The pink sugar stands out more and that is a feat when blending with laundry scents. 

Pink Sugar Buns- Pink sugar and bakery shop. This one is my least favorite in the bunch. The bakery is way too zucchini for me. If it were more creamy vanilla and pink sugar I would love it more. I will mix this with a marshmallow or Vanilla Bean Noel. 

Pink Marshmallow Shortbread- Pink sugar, toasted marshmallow, shortbread and magic. This pink bakery is perfect for my nose. It smells plastic-like on cold, but when melted, that note vanishes and it is pink sugar bakery bliss. 

Coco Pink- Coconut and pink sugar. Divine.

Pink Sugar Melons- Watermelon and pink sugar. Sweet and yummy.

Pink Ocean Air- Ocean breeze and pink sugar. Fresh!

Pink Sugar Vanilla- Pink sugar, vanilla beans and buttercream. Insanely decadent. I would love more.

Sweet Dreams- Pink sugar, lavender and marshmallows. I buy it every time I can. Every time.

Pink Lullaby- Lavender chamomile and pink sugar. More herbal with the added chamomile than Sweet Dreams but still lovely. 

These clamshells hold a little over 4 ounces of wax, divided into two sections. I will be cutting one bar in half to melt so I should get four melts out of these. These tart bars were $5.25 each. 

I am once again pleased with my Lasting Scent Candle order and look forward to another opening hopefully. If that happens I hope to see Sweet Earth and Sugar Sparkle available. Also wishing I had picked up Beach Babe, Blue Hortensia, Fuchsia Quay, High Tea, Just Beachy, and Serenity. Did you get to order last opening? 


  1. Oh wow, Sugar Sparkle sounds YUM!


    1. Deb. I thought of you as soon as I smelled it! Those lemons and caramel are so darn delicious!!!!! I don't know how I can even melt it. I don't want it to be over.