Sunday, July 26, 2015

Guest Post: Jean Reviews Epically Epic Sugar Scrub

This is a guest post written by my friend and blogger Jean from In Lieu of a Coffee Habit. Jean is one of my soapy friends who keeps me in the loop and we have great fun swapping sudsy boxes back and forth. Thank you Jean for contributing while I am away!

Epically Epic Sugar Scrub

I recently received my first order from Epically Epic, a bath and body shop with colorful wares that has been on my "someday" list since I became a soap fanatic five years ago.  Around that time I sent the owner, Allison, a question about one of her soaps and at the end of my note I jokingly mentioned (somewhat) if she was ever looking for an assistant to let me know, as she is based in Sante Fe, NM, and I love the rocky red desert landscape.  She responded that her dream was to find a house in the mountains to rent with room for a gigantic soap lab and that maybe she would need help when that day came.  I didn't end up ordering at that time but was charmed enough to figure I would be back. 

This year I went back to my someday list, since I missed the feeling of exploration of the early days.  I ordered a scrub in Jasmine and Smokey Vanilla.  TAT was one day, much faster than the minimum estimate listed.

Containing jasmine absolute, in the jar the scent is straight jasmine to me.  I used a small amount on my hands as a test.  Since this scrub contains liquid soap I assumed it would work like a typical cleansing scrub but after rinsing the emollient oils remained on my skin.  I imagine this can also be used like an in-shower moisturizer.

After toweling off, the jasmine lingered, and a week later I can still detect the scent on my towel, where I notice the base notes of the scent more.  The best way I can describe this is as a light woodsy musk, which may be the smokiness.  It has an alluring evening vibe to it.

What do you think about scrubs?  Are there well-known vendors that you have been eyeing from afar but haven't tried because of the size of your collection?

p.s.  This month I am looking forward to attending a soap camp taught by Kenna Cote, a guru in the soapmaking community.  If I'm ever in New Mexico again, maybe I will submit my résumé to Allison.


  1. p.p.s. And coincidentally Allison posted soapmaking pics to her blog yesterday, which is updated every now and again.

    1. How cool! I love the idea of this scent. So delicious! A smokey jasmine. Mmmmmm.