Friday, July 3, 2015

Southbound Soap Company: 4th of July Order

Southbound Soap Company is a vendor I discovered from a friend's feed on Instagram. I joined Southbound's Facebook group and learned of the next opening. I waited too long to get on the site and nine minutes into the opening everything was long gone or in carts. There was a ten minute cart hold so I figured I would stick around for a few minutes refreshing to see if anything would pop back in stock. Sure enough, three chunky muffins did so I scooped them up. 

The package arrived about a week later. The muffins were $3.25 each with $6.90 shipping. I did not realize it was a 4th of July themed opening until the package arrived. How festive!

Her labels include pleasant fonts, brand name, scent name, pour date, and web address. 

Strawberry Mango Key Lime Pie- When I melted this tart its aroma was the tangy sour and sweet filling of a key lime pie. No crust or whipped cream. Maybe a touch of mango. I really didn't get much strawberry but it could have been adding the sweetness. The throw was excellent, at about medium-strong. 

Sweet Pink Bake Shop- Pink Sugar and cookies, cakes, light spice and vanilla all merge. The Pink Sugar does have a slight plastic lean to it but that very well may disappear when melted. 

Milk & Cookies- My desperation is showing because I so do not order milk anything. Ew. But everything else I wanted was out so I just grabbed. And this was one. I am actually looking forward to melting this wee beastie. Because it either falls that the cookies are really bready and lightly sweet while the milk smells like vanilla frosting or the cookies are really sweet and sugared and the milk is Cheerio leaning. I would assume the white overpour is milk but I hate to assume. 

Free Samples!:

Pink Laundry- Hoooooo!!! This tiny sunburst packs a wallop of scent! This smells like laundry for days. The pink is there but very minimal right now.

Carnival Time- The electric rainbow brittle and fun glitter really makes me smile. This carnival smells slightly different than most vendor's county fair/summer boardwalk/circus concession wax. It has a similar feel but less mac apple. I cant' quite put my finger on it. Maybe more cotton candy and caramel? If someone knows... do tell!

I will be melting these soon to do a throw and scent review. Have you ordered from here before? Any 4th of July plans? We might see some fireworks but not a whole lot going on really as of right now.


  1. I've never even heard of this vendor. Are they new? Or just, well, one I've never heard of? lol

    No big plans for the 4th here either. We're able to see fireworks if we go down the road a ways from our house. One of the perks of living in the country amongst several communities. We can look up and see several 'local' fireworks. =)


    1. I didn't hear about them either until IG. I guess she has been around for at least a year or so.

      We decided to go downtown tonight and try to catch some fireworks if it doesn't rain. I bet you get the best displays though... Sounded by peaceful country and multiple firework shows! I hope you have a nice evening!

  2. I like her packaging! And the free rainbow sample is too cute.

    I didnt know you didnt like milk scents lol its funny how different we are sometimes because that was the one that I thought would be the best when I read them all!

    1. I will cut it in half and let you try it. These babies a nice and hefty <3

      I hope you have a fun and safe trip this weekend! Take lots of pics! Can I link your blog to my site?

    2. Aw thanks sis! Thats sweet of you. Cant wait to try it.

      And I will! Ya'll have fun at Red White and Kaboom. Make sure mom goes! And of course :)