Thursday, July 2, 2015

Order of the Odor: Volume 11

Happy Summer! We here at the Order hope your days are bright and sunny and the wax is melting in the warmers and not the mail boxes. Please join us in answering this month's questions:

If you could create any theme for a wax tart collection what would it be? What three scents would you have in this themed collection?

This was a doozy! I have so many ideas in my brain of themed releases I would love to see but my latest obsession won out:

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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department- Surrounded by a forest of Douglas Firs, their resinous perfume wafting through the front door with each visitor, vanilla frosted cinnamon donuts piled dozens deep with meticulous care, and the ever present acorns that dangle from Lucy's neck. 

Agent Cooper Room 315- Cedar lined walls and redwood bedposts, the best black coffee darker than a moonless midnight sky cooling on the nightstand, and wood-smoke clinging to blue flannel linens.

Norma's Double R Diner- The best cherry and huckleberry pie in the tri-county area, topped with ice cream, accented by leather booth seats and Norma's come hither light musk perfume and violet scented red lips. 

Deb melted a tart from Dessa's recently that was so good, so strong that she is even saving it to melt and reuse again! It is a delicious fruity bakery that she thinks you need to try before she scoops them all up for herself. You've been warned.

Sunnee's Rosegirls sampler came this past month and it will full of brightly colored and highly fragrant chunks of happiness. See which ones stood out as her favorites and which just didn't make the cut. Get ready to feast your eyes!

Flaming Star Scents used to be Pic, Petals and Scents and Liz recently melted a nice huge chunk from PPS that has had plenty of cure time! So how did this old wax perform? And what has Liz been up to lately?

Subscription box popularity is going as strong as ever. Lauren bought a box recently that any waxy home fragrance lover would enjoy. It comes with three tiers of price points, amazing packaging and high quality candles to boot. Ready to be enabled?

Thirty Street Crafts creates a fun themed wax release about every month. June's release was built around a circus theme. Julie scooped up an order of her very favorite wax tart shape to date... any guesses?

Who doesn't love a "Favorites" post?! Michelle lays it out for us and lists her all time Top 5 Vendors for us and why in her most recent post. The best part? You can order from almost all of them right now!


  1. Twin Peaks! Oh, that's awesome! And some interesting blends too.


    1. Lol!!! Obvious choice for me I guess right now! I almost did One Eyed Jacks but it was kinda skanky. This was fun to ponder though. I loved reading everyone's ideas! Games, movies, shows. Only books weren't covered.

  2. this is a test lol

  3. I don't normally do coffee but Agent Cooper Room 315 sounds really comforting!

    1. I don't care for most coffees either but I wanted something really dark and almost chocolate but really really soft, hence the cooling part. I way over think! Lol! Hope your trip down under is going great! I am loving your photos!

  4. JULIE J. OH EM GEE. Your descriptions are SPOT ON for Twin Peaks. I LOVE THEM!!! What a treat it would be to smell these beauties. Muffin club?!!? ;)

    (Sorry this is so late, I apologize for slacking with all of my comments on all of your OOTO posts!!)

    1. It would be so fun to make these for muffin club! Saffron and cedar would be a nice substitute for the wood in Room 315. I miss Muffin Club!!!!!