Monday, August 22, 2016

Dame Perfumery: Chocolate Man

Jeffrey Dame offered a free 5 ml sample of his newest release, Chocolate Man, during the 4th of July. Thankfully my friend Valerie tagged me in his post and I caught it in time. Dame Perfumery offers many beautiful fragrances that I adore, including the full bottle of Lime, Gardenia & Benzoin that I wear regularly. In his usual generous way he sent many other samples as well. 

Chocolate Man is utterly decadent. Powdery dark chocolate resonating with coffee bean depth and a drop of booze morph into dusky woods and crunchy cocoa nibs. As intoxicating as staring into deep brown eyes that always seem to hold a bit more of the soul in them than any other color, a swirling chocolate liqueur surrounding the inky dark patchouli pupil. I will easily wear the rest of this with glee in the coming fall and winter. A scent for closeness.

I have reviewed the other samples that were included with this order but these two are new to me:

Soliflore Mimosa- Apricot and peach, fuzz and flesh, honeysuckle headiness tempered by green leaves. The soft spray of tufted yellow mimosa blooms. Dreamy.

Verbena, Freesia & Musk- This was one of his eau de toilette for women scents that I had been eyeing. The verbena and freesia merge into the skin with elegance and a classic feel. This is one I will wear easily at work; green, fresh, powdery musk and purple stalks of freesia that almost remind me of paperwhites and hyacinths. Spring on the skin.

If you have not had a chance to try Dame Perfumery, you should sample some of Jeffrey's fragrances. I particularly love Herb man, Dark Horse, Black Flower Mexican Vanilla and of course Lime, Gardenia & Benzoin. He has an excellent sampling offering of his scents in 5 ml sprays for $8.50 to $10.00 each and free shipping. I want to sample Cassis, Rose & Sandalwood, Peach Blossom, Violet & Vanilla and his New Musk Man. Which of his offerings would you want to try?


  1. I wonder if my hubby would like this? He is not easily impressed by scents, lol. Would you consider it unisex?
    Jeff is a wonderful parfumer! I've tried samples of some of his fragrances and my favorites are Mexican Vanilla and Dark Horse. Glad you enjoyed his latest fragrance!

    1. Does he like darker scents? Like woods and patchouli? I really, really love Herb Man and could see it smelling amazing on men (of course). Has he worn that one? Chocolate Man in definitely unisex but I think all scents can be really. It is made specifically for men but I will wear it.

    2. He loves ambers and woods. Axe Dark Temptation is his everyday scent. Neither of us liked the wax Herb Man smelled at all though.

    3. He might like Chocolate Man then. Herb Man is light and fresh.