Friday, August 12, 2016

Influenster: Kat Von D VoxBox

This product was provided free from Influenster for testing purposes.

Kat Von D's Lock-It Tattoo Foundation is my current foundation for full coverage when I wish to apply a full face for special events or need that extra bit of coverage for bad skin days. Influenster sent me this wonderful box with two full sized newly released Kat Von D Lock-It concealer cremes, full sized Lock-It setting powder and two wicked brushes. Just in the nick of time, as I was desperately squeezing out my last drops of mediocre concealer.

The goods.

I am not sure how they chose my shades, as I did see some people received different ones, but I am happy I can use what they sent. I will say the shade range offered is huge. Quite the spectrum. 

The top shade is Light 9 Neutral which is very light with a slightly pink tone. I plan to use this on my under eye area, though I do wish it was a tad more dark. 

The second shade is Medium 17 Warm and fits my skin tone a bit better and will use on my acne scarring and discoloration. It does lean a bit more yellow/orange but I like that for my skin rather than the pink.

Swatched: Medium 17 Warm on top and Light 9 Neutral on bottom. The applicator is squishy and picks up a nice amount of product. The concealer has a thicker texture with high pigmentation.

It blends beautifully. As you can the see Medium 17 almost blends right into my skin perfectly, the Light 9 is nice for cancelling out blue tones. It did not sit into creases or clump. 

The Lock-It setting powder come in a large 19gram size. It is a translucent loose powder that has a glowy matte finish. The mica in there does impart a very slight sheen. It did not leave me with a ghostly face and I appreciate that.

Two makeup brushes were included in the box: a #20 setting powder brush and #40 edge concealer brush. 

Both are super soft with fluffy yet sturdy bristles that pick up product well and provide an airbrushed look. I enjoy how sleek they look.

I posted a photo on my Instagram account that shows a before and after of my face using these products. I find I enjoy quite a few offerings from Kat Von D, foundation, these concealers, brushes, setting powder and eyeliners. I have yet to try her lip products. Have you tried Kat Von D? Do you have a holy grail concealer you swear by? Please share! 


  1. I love, love, love her Everlasting Lipstick. I usually wear only balmy sorts of lipstick because I find most too drying, so I'm shocked that this liquid finish doesn't leave my lips like the Sahara. Favorite shade is Lolita. Holy grail concealer is Guerlain Lingerie de Peau. Perfection.

    1. I take it that it is matte? I have a hard time finding non-drying matte lippies too. I do kind of like Nars lip pencil matte shades. I will look into Lolita. I do find matte lips on me only bring out my oily complexion more. But maybe one day that will change. Or maybe it is in my head and something I need to get over. I have been wanting to try Guerlain's foundation for ages. I have a reason to now since you love the concealer so much. Thank you!

  2. Great review, Julie! Love your honesty on the products. I have always been a little weary of the brand given Kat's personal history (accused of antisemitism among other things) but her latest quarrel with Jeffree Star completely turned me off. Some of the products are cult favs (like the foundation) and I appreciate the wide spectrum of shades that she carries as you mentioned, but I like my makeup to be drama free. The liquid lipsticks are, as mentioned above, a great choice though. My favourite concealer (since you asked!) is MUFE's HD; it can crease a little on some people, but it's great consistency and blends like a dream.

    1. Thank you, Gil. You know I really am sometimes abysmally out of the loop with pop culture and especially celebrities. I knew nothing about Kat Von D until quite recently, and only saw that because my sister-in-law showed me an article. And I agree, it is awful to support people who are not tolerant of other races and ethnicities and religious beliefs. I did my best to review this based solely on merit of actual product and not the person behind it. I really still don't know enough about her to feel like I can accurately state anything about the drama. But the fact there is drama says enough. I LOVE MUFE's HD finishing powder. I like it better than Kat Von D's because it is matte on me more so than the sheen that KVD's gives my skin. I will definitely sample their concealer and give it a test drive. Thank you for letting me know!