Sunday, August 14, 2016

FuturePrimitive: Summer Clearance

I picked up a couple of Conditioning Hair Rinses and Bathing Grains from FuturePrimitive's Summer Sale/Clearance a few weeks ago. I debated on whether to post about them or not, but once I opened up Dusty Dogwood and started using I figured I better let you guys know how great it smelled. Then I figured I may as well show the whole order. These scents have sold out but when and if they return next summer I wanted you to know how they smell. Tiggy is working on her Fall/Halloween releases right now. She is well stocked on General Catalog scents. 

You guys probably know that FuturePrimitive Conditioning Hair Rinse is my holy grail conditioner. Love the stuff. 

Dusty Dogwood is a scent I have never tried before. Tiggy's description: Inside Dusty Dogwood's flour mill and bakery, gooseberry and elderflower puddings are the order of the day with lashings of toasted coconut cream.
This is such a cool scent. The gooseberry and elderflower have a sweet muscadine grape and lemony tart vibe going on. Yet this is more deep than a fruity scent. The coconut cream has a burnished feel, almost like amber and there is a dustiness like musk going on in there. I will be buying this again. I am loving it for my summer to fall transition.

Cold Pillow- Another first for me. Tiggy's description: A cool, cotton pillow filled with Cotswold lavender buds, scented geranium leaves and Indian vetiver grass. The perfect place to rest your head on a hot summer's afternoon.
Yes. Herbs, fresh and dried and hanging by colored threads from wooden rafter breams. Dusky lavender, sharp green geranium paired with lemony woods from the vetiver. It feels clean and fresh to the nose but wholly natural. Perfect all the year through. But I can see the cooling effect with the airy herbs. Love. 

The Warrior Olfactory Bathing Grains smells pretty much like the soap and less sweet and more woody than the Hair Rinse. The Bathing Grains are highly fragrant and do foam and a fizz and lightly bubble but mainly scent the water and add skin softening ingredients. Basically super nice bath salts. 

How could I pass up my beloved Indian Temple Attar on discount in the Bathing Grain format? Same great scent but made for lazing in the bath. Love. I usually get 3-5 uses with these depending on how crazy I feel when pouring. 

The pound to dollar conversion is still pretty low and more favorable for us than it has been in the past. It makes it a nice time to splurge on some FuturePrimitive. I did buy a limited edition soap and bath milk tea last week ($17) and the shipping was $10. Not too bad for overseas. I am on pins and needles waiting for her autumn goodies. 


  1. I want to try this vendor so bad but the shipping steers me away... Maybe for a really special treat!

    1. Sure! I get that. But with the pound being weak right now, it is a good time to try. This one was $10 to ship which is on par with a lot of the vendors going to $9 flat rate shipping so it wasn't too much of a stretch for me. But yes, I do think of FP as a special treat <3