Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Moonalisa: 20th Anniversary Order

May 31st Moonalisa celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a huge release of multiple fragrance collections, many that were retro or discontinued scents. I placed a small order for a few perfumes. They arrived August 4th.

Field of Dreams- Notes: (Formerly Lavender Fields) Amber, Lavender Kashmir, lavender absolute and lavender (Lavendula augustifolia Moldova)

Beautifully rendered composition of lavender and amber. All the steely, herbal tendencies of the medicinal lavender age and sweeten under a burnished haze of amber. The scent holds nuances of vanilla and patchouli and cashmere plushness. A fragrance for meditation, star gazing, pushing the reset button. Very much loving it and glad I picked it up.

3 ml dauber bottle was $12.95

Scorned- Notes: Amber, icy sugared spruce woods, frankincense tears.

Frankincense resin perched between my fingers, rubbed and releasing that timeless scent of copper and bark and sap, life blood of forest. It twangs with starkness then mellows as vanillic amber and sugary evergreen resins drip into the aroma. Scorned then forgiven. Harsh then relenting. Another one I am happy with buying blind. And I love the peacocks on the cobalt blue bottle.

5 ml roll-on bottle was $12.95

Salome's Secret- Notes: Amber resins and vanilla absolute.

Jean gifted me a bottle of conditioner in this scent last year and I fell hard for Salome. She remains the same boozy and resinous queen. In the perfume oil my nose gathers more incense threads that amp up the whisky in that first shot of scent. Gradually a silken stream of vanilla flows into the fragrance, eroding some of the sharp resinous edges. I can see dousing myself in this amber beauty come fall, quite frequently. 

5 ml roll-on bottle was $12.95

Free Sample:
Twisted Carnival Part One Butter Rich Cream- Notes: (I think this is the right description- it seems to fit at any rate) Funnel cakes, ooey gooey toppings, fairground hay, smoky resins.
I do not believe I have had the pleasure of trying Moonalisa's Butter Rich Cream. A thick custard texture slides on the skin with a bit of waxiness that keeps it from soaking in rapidly. With a few swipes it sinks in the flesh, leaving it quenched and soft but not shiny. The scent is a festive carnival scent for sure. The funnel cake and toppings remind me of the berry flavored Capt'n Crunch and a bag full of random candies many of them vanilla and caramel flavored. I think maybe this is a different scent from the description as I do not really pick up on any smoky resins or much hay. But perhaps that is just how my skin and nose interpret it. I do like it, which is a surprise for me given my shyness of cereal/bakery. 

I loved the packaging with the electric embossed foil wrapped around a snug cardboard tubes for protection. The box was full of aqua crinkles and silver star confetti. The freebie came housed in a printed muslin drawstring sack. Shipping was only $2.86. I am much more impressed with this Moonalisa experience then I have been with some in the past. I can see myself ordering again for sure. Do you have any Moonlisa favorites? Did you partake in their 20th Anniversary sale? I did try for some wax tarts but none of them were speaking to me. Did you grab any?


  1. Gorgeous!! I'm a huge moonalisa fan but sat this opening out. I have so many favorites but I think Halloween hayride is my absolute favorite from moonalisa.
    Your descriptions are beautiful and have me curious about the scents you ordered, I'm going to have to try them one day.

    1. Halloween Hayride! I will have to see if she has that one up. Salome is my fave out of the three. Scorned took me while to warm up to.